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Monday, November 11, 2013

Things You've Missed While I've Been Gone

#1 I gave up coffee.  I'm drinking tea instead.  
#2 Kid, 3 weeks after a bad cold/flu which she came down with just 2 weeks after E. coli poisoning, has now been battling pneumonia for a week.  
She's missed more school this year than all other years combined.
#3 The only upside is that I was able to rest along with her last week, and I finally feel 100% better from my E.coli infection.  
#4 We are NOT going to WDW for Thanksgiving.  I don't know.  I was kind of dreading the drive & feeling cheap.  Plus, with Kid missing so much school recently, I just didn't want to do something that would require so much work (on my part) and more missed days for her.
#5 We are going skiing for Thanksgiving.  This is a ground breaking trip.  I've never downhill skied and either have the girls.  Mr F has never skied in the time I've known him.  So... hopefully we don't all break our legs.  We're heading Up North just for the long weekend to the resort we visited this summer.    We're excited.  And scared.
#6  I've been watching The Paradise on PBS.  It's good peeps.  You can catch all the episodes on if you don't have TV service, like me.  
#7 I also watched ALL of the Call the Midwives episodes on Netflix.  I don't know why I didn't get into the first time I tried... I loved it.  Surprisingly funny (at times)
#8  I am totally into flossing, now.  I don't know why it took me nearly 40 years.  I mean, how did I ever think my teeth were clean before?!  Floss, people!  
#9  Major organization projects have been underway.  I did successfully clean off the kitchen counters. (even the dreaded home office peninsula which acts as a super powerful paper magnet)
Craft cabinet... I'm coming for you.
#10 I'm taking down our Halloween decorations (Kid's pneumonia kind slowed me down on that front)... and putting up Christmas.  Deal with it.  I'm going for it!!! Last year I waited too long.  
That's about it.
Photos for your perusal:  

The girls bowling:
 Awesome form, Baby!
 Yo!  Kid's limbs are really LONG.  She is 5 feet tall now & wears a 7.5-8 shoe... she just turned 11.
She can't even fit forward in the car seat (Ha!)
She looks amused, doesn't she?
Still reading like it's her job.

Pumpkin carving:
 Do not fool yourselves... these losers didn't do a damn thing to help carve those!  Will they ever?!?

Baby's super AWESOME school picture:
Hmm... if you tilt your head you might see who she takes after:
(although I'll happily admit she is much prettier than I ever was!)

Speaking of which, I laughably started thinking I had reached the age which required more effort into my appearance & decided to start wearing makeup:
(This could also be a strong reflection on having more time on my hands)
Well, about a week into it, a mom from school stopped me and asked me what was wrong.  She said I just looked so stressed & tired lately.  ha!  So, long story short: I'm not wearing makeup anymore.
(But also, yes, I'm older than when you last saw me)

Baby is still.... Baby.  
 And she still, inexplicably, loves doing yard work:

 Kid turned 11 on Halloween:
 She had our traditional family birthday breakfast (Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants).  
We're never going to quit you, chocolate croissants!

This year's Halloween costumes:
 Kid was a Victorian ghost (which, just take my word for it, was better in person... she even had glow in the dark face paint... which considering our trick-or-treat hours was sadly never in full effect).  
Baby graciously agreed to wear her million dollar dance recital get up while it still fit.
 My mom and stepdad escorted them out in their collaborative costumes.  Popi sporting the ultimate in men's ballerina attire, and my mom was (obviously) a ghostbuster.  
Popi was pretty much famous by the end of the block.

Kid is kind of growing up and too cool to give me any input about things like cakes.
(Baby, by the way, is not... I completely disregarded the 7 page manual she drew up for how she thought I should decorate Kid's cake this year) 
I just did a simple cake that wouldn't offend her sensibilities:
 She didn't even notice I wrote anything on it.  I'm not kidding.  

All she wanted for her birthday was a set of high quality dominos:
 Barnes & Noble in case you need some.  They weren't very easy to find.


 The cats have a lot of work to do, today:
Chippy (our resident chipmunk) is out there LOADING up on maple seeds.  
I think it is going to be a harsh winter.

Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm still here.  Thought I'd be here more often, but alas it is not meant to be.

You just don't get more time to yourself as your kids get older.  You just don't.  So stop thinking it.

The new school is going GREAT.  Baby is very happy that she made the switch.  It is so much more developmentally appropriate.  I really hope that Kid can get a spot for middle school next year.

The two schools 20 miles apart starting and ending at the same time thing? ... yeah... ROUGH.  I'm making it work but it is definitely down to the minute and reasonably stressful for me.  If I could get a carpool for Baby that would help tremendously.

I'm working out. I am successfully alternating the 90 min & 60 min workouts and letting the days that I can't do it go.  This is a major step in my usual all or nothing routine.

I'm still following the 5:2 (reduced carb version), I'm only on like week 2ish and I haven't weighed so I don't know if it is working... except... that it is totally working... in that at least 2 days a week I am eating an ideal diet and it isn't making me crazy (at all).  This might be the first thing I've ever done that I would consider a true lifestyle change and if I lose weight... bonus.... and if I just don't gain weight... awesome.  That is success.  Again, look at me not being totally all or nothing on the food front.

Am I evolving?  Or just too tired to do anything consistently?  Ha!  Either way...

Because let's face it, I am EXHAUSTED... possible result of needing to get up even earlier and it being dark in the AM, etc, that tends to really mess with me.  I think I went through this last year... I can't remember if it ever resolved itself.  If not, it's a long way until summer.  If you run into me at Meijer... please note that I haven't showered or had coffee, yet... I look better after noon.  If it is after noon... that is as good as it gets.  I blame the early menopause.  And the lack of a full length mirror.  And the fact that I grew my hair out... which looks like I decided to bushwhack through a bunch of burrs and then have a dog try and chew them out for me.  That's what it's like, folks.... on a good day. It is all kinds of crazy. Which is why you will never see it down.

Also, I hate making lunches.  pathologically.  I consider it a form of torture that could successfully break war criminals.  That's how much I hate it.  Considering the one billion blogs devoted to lunches, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.  I've got a system that works, but between cooking/packing in the AM, cleaning out in the PM, and packing up what I can before bed... I feel like I am ALWAYS packing lunch.  Gah!

And, yeah... all of the organizational projects I thought I'd just whip through now that they are both in school full time... are... exactly where they were 3 weeks ago (or 3 months ago... or in many cases 3 years ago).  I am finding that I am strangely less productive.  Again maybe the exhaustion.  But, also, I am committed to making the working out a priority and I just need to focus on that right now.  The stuff on the counter isn't going anywhere (literally).

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things You've Missed...

Mr F looking like this:

 Baby throwing a fashion show with required judging.  She wrote out score cards and set them up on the piano bench.  Mr F joined in with a more techno savvy approach.

On May Day it was unseasonably hot out and Baby and I had our first picnic.  She is as into picnics as she is into tea parties.  I think it had actually snowed here just 4 days before this picture:
 Then we walked downtown for our first Dairy Queen of the season:

 A week later our yard was in full bloom. This has to have been the most breathtakingly beautiful spring I can ever remember.  Maybe the long winter helped, because everything bloomed at once.  Forsynthia, apples, cherries, red bud, crabs, lilacs, viburnum.  Our yard is spectacular and smells heavenly:

(this is the hill where the tornado hit and took out several big trees, 
one year later, 4 new crabs in full bloom to go with our big old one)

Monday, March 18, 2013

I've Got New Things (and Old) To Recommend

#1  I was listening to Diane Rehm the other day and heard this segment with Dr. Michael Mosley about his diet/longevity research and self experiment.  It's kinda a big deal in the UK.  Well, I'm on board.  The documentary will be airing on PBS in April, but I found a link to it HERE.  Fascinating.  It seems  that this diet is very successful with men, and maybe less so with women (there is not a lot of research) but I'm giving it a go.  I'll report back.  I did one fast day last Thursday and it was completely manageable... especially considering the fact that I was accidentally drinking decaf that day... so there is hope my end of the day bad mood was in part exasperated by the caffeine situation.  Today is my second fast day.  I really think I can do this.  Mr F is going to start soon, in large part for the overall health benefits, which with his family health history and his age, are IMPORTANT.

#2  How had I never heard of The Bath School Disaster.  Not only is this relatively close to where we live, but it is still the country's deadliest school massacre... and it happened in 1927.  Until the Oklahoma City bombing, it was the worst act of domestic terrorism.  I spent most of the weekend researching it.  The perp was a psychopath.  He plotted this act for at least a year and had intended to kill every child in the school and then drive up and take out all of the first responders.  The town had only 300 residents.  One woman lost three children in the school explosion and had two more injured by the car bomb.  I still can't believe that this has been forgotten - or - never known by the majority of us.  HERE is a short book written by a neighbor and first responder a few months after the disaster.

#3  We watched this AWESOME Little House on the Prairie mini-series with the girls this weekend.  Mr F and I watched this years ago when it was on TV, and it is such a great depiction.  We both loved it then, and loved it again.  It isn't sugar coated... and it is nothing like the original TV series.  Our kids are finally old enough to handle the intensity of it and it made for a great weekend.  At one point during the movie one of the girls said "Men had to do all the stuff back then, now women do it."  Hahahahahahahahaha.  I kind of think Mr F and I could have pulled off the whole pioneer, wagon train, homesteading thing.

#4  We got word that Baby did not get into the charter school this year.  I was pretty devastated since as her learning style becomes more apparent I really would like to get her in a more open/creative setting.  The charter school focuses on project based learning and I think that would be such a great fit for her.  No word on Kid... which could mean she did... which only makes this school decision harder!  Although, if Kid does get in, Baby will be bumped up the wait list and there is a remote chance she could still get in for the Fall.  I hope things line up in the next few months and I can make a decision I feel confident in.  I just know we need a situation that has a better life/school balance.  And I'd LOVE to eliminate this commute.  We have to travel on some of the most dangerous sections of highway many times a day... and I don't feel good about that.

#5  St. Patrick's Day happened.  In the late of night Mr F and I pulled this off:

A whole house rainbow leading from their bedrooms to a Pot of Gold (rolos and gold coins).

Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast... always a hit.  

If there is one parenting tip I can impart it is: STREAMERS.  People, they cost a dollar.  You can get them in every grocery store, dollar store, and discount store.  They instantly make every holiday festive and special and all you need is some scotch tape, a dollar, and a couple of minutes.  I swag them around for birthdays, Valentine's Day... you name a small holiday and streamers will be there for you, people.  My favorite way to make a holiday feel special with just a  little effort (especially on school days) is to tape some up while they are sleeping.  Oh and for birthdays?  Just get a pack of regular blow up yourself balloons (less than 2 dollars) and tie them to your dining room chairs and hang them from your curtain rods.... that plus streams equals party time.  Three dollars, people... and I swear to God it looks fantastic.  Best part is, you can have this stuff on hand and always pull a holiday off with very little notice or effort.  Stock up.  When you are done with your party just roll the streamers back up and USE IT AGAIN.  Oh, I love streamers.  My mom even uses them as ribbon on gifts and it makes big impressive bows.  Go crazy.  

#6  Oh, wait, one more thing!  I forgot to mention that I just booked a trip to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break with the girls.  We'll be doing the Busch Gardens/Colonial Williamsburg thing for 6 days.  I'm a little nervous about the amusement park since it will just be me and the girls and I don't know what the ride situation will be (can 3 people ride at once?)... so if you have experience/tips please share.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's freezing this morning.  In fact it is a good 35 degrees BELOW freezing.  This is the first time I've had to have the girls wear their full on snow pants for driving to school IN THE CAR:
(she's always zesty)

It is so cold out that the snow was squeaky, if you know what I mean.  I'm contemplating shoveling, since it is pure powder and the easiest possible shoveling conditions... but... I'm afraid my heart might stop beating.  The girls sat around the table moaning about how cold they were at breakfast; I had to keep reminding them that it was FACTUALLY the same temperature inside as it always is.  ;)  

This weekend we drove back out to Philly to visit with my Nana.  She turned 100 on January, 9th. 
She is doing extremely well.  She is handling the death of my grandfather in a zen like manner.  She is not in denial, nor is she in mourning.  She is moving forward, quick to share a remembrance, often acknowledging his absence, but not in a sad or depressed way.  Maybe you need to be 100 in order to put everything in perspective so well, to really except the cycle of life.  She is very much determined to keep on living.  And is quite disgruntled that she can no longer dine with their male friends because it would seem improper.  I told her I thought 100 was beyond reproach... but she assured me that under the watchful eye of the retirement village gossip and politics no one was beyond reproach.

My grandmother received these kitchen shears as a wedding gift from her mother.  She has had them for 72 years and they've never been sharpened!  I figured there was no better endorsement than that!

They are Wiss brand 1KS kitchen shears.  They still make them!  They are about $25 now, and clearly worth the money.  They are still made from the finest quality cutlery steel and made in the USA.  

 We stopped in here again (twice).  Check it out next time you are rolling through Clearfield, PA!
 This will be more meaningful to our FB friends... but... suffice it to say this place has proven to be the most quotable travel center in the Universe. And while the bathrooms are very clean, the other occupants... well, they are prone to shout out loud, bizarre, disconcerting statements.  You kind of want to go there just to hear what is going to be said... and.... then again, you kind of don't.  It's exciting!

We got our new fridge right (and I mean minutes) before we left for our trip on Friday.  There were only 3 different models (seriously) that we could chose from that would fit in our built in cabinets.  It was a nightmare and our fridge is even smaller than our old one (!).  I can't wait to start having to wipe off fingerprints again...

How long do you think our old fridge will stay in the middle of the room?  Keep in mind it has all of our food still in it, and is still plugged in? (I'm thinking in terms of weeks).
On the upside, look at how efficient my work triangle is!  

As soon as we got home, guess who's tummy started hurting again?  She was fine the entire time we were away.  It is really sad and disconcerting, she is in tremendous pain and can't eat she feels so sick.

I'm trying to figure out if this is because of school work stress, or her friend leaving.  Her friend has her last day of school next Thursday.  (I've done everything I can think of on that front... we've got her email and mailing addresses, we ordered best friend necklaces, Mr F is going in to school to shoot a class photo we can give her friend to take home, we are bringing in cupcakes with little US and S.Korean flags on them on her last day, etc.)  I just don't think we can live through this level of upset very much longer, to be honest.  She has so much work to do, and she can't do it when she is this sick.  If she isn't better this afternoon, I'm going to take her to her pediatrician just to rule out a physical cause we might be overlooking (doubt it).  If there is no physical cause we are going to try and make it through next Thursday, then see if it gets better after her friend goes back to Korea.  If it doesn't, then we are going to take her out of school for a week and do her assignments from home, and see if that makes it better.  Then we'll know if it is something at school that is stressing her out, or the work itself.  I'd take her out now, but she doesn't want to miss her friend's last few days at school.  I don't know, people, it's hard to verbalize how badly she is doing all of a sudden.  She has had issues before (obviously) but they haven't manifested themselves in such a debilitating physical sickness before.  She really wants to stay in school (not just now but always... and she will cry when she feels like she can't handle it, for whatever reason because all she wants to is to just go to school like a *normal* kid)  So, we need to figure out how to make that doable, if we can.  If we can't figure out what is at the root of this (I really suspect it is the friend, and am hopeful she'll feel better once her friend has moved) we'll have to think about homeschooling again, and maybe trying school again in the Fall.  Maybe this school is just too much pressure.  Although we have gone through this more or less at every school and we have tried every type of school out there!  It is a complicated decision.  She will tell you that she knows she felt better homeschooling, but that she does like school and being at school and being around all the kids.  We have to figure out how we can manage it, and ultimately what is a healthy choice.  I know most people cannot wrap their minds around school being a toxic choice for their child... and most people are very uncomfortable with homeschooling... but if your kid was allergic to peanuts you wouldn't enroll them in a school that had no peanut allergy protocol.  If your child hated carseats... you'd still make them ride in one... because it is dangerous not to.  I live in a weird vortex, where the thing my child wants and likes is a normal part of life but it makes her sick and it is hard to say "You can't go to school because it is not healthy for you."and get anyone to understand.  It's hard. And I don't know what to do.  No ten year old should suffer this much, just to get through the day.  (Yes, we are open to medication... but, you all know, that is a bit of nerve-wrenching decision making process and she is going through puberty and it makes it harder to get doses right and makes me more concerned... plus eliminating the stressor by homeschooling also eliminated the need to medicate her (which kind of seems important to keep in mind)  we will be trying to find a new in-network psychiatrist, since we switched healthcare companies, to work with us, now.)  There is more to it, obviously, then I can get into.  She has self soothing compulsions she will develop and some of them are harmful to her body (picking skin off her finger, etc.)... nothing crazy right now but it does concern me and I don't want it to be something that escalates... AND she didn't do any of them when she homeschooled... but... she has always had some kind of physical soothing compulsion (I'll call it a tick) when she is in school.  Always.  I just think it is too much stress for her.  It's confounding because she does so well academically.

How is that for an uplifting last thought?!  Enjoy!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things That Have Conspired Against Me

(I am trying to type this up on my iPad... Whoa annoying... fortunately I have a good two hours to kill at the damn auto glass repair shop)

#1 Unbelievably (or believably) Kid came home from school on Friday with a sprained ankle! Gah!! She is obviously trying to bankrupt us. At least she didn't break it, like she did last year... Or like her arm 3 freaking months ago! I never would have guessed that Kid would be our injury kid... Hopefully this is just per-adolescent clumsy & not lifetime clumsy. Or weird brittle bone disease or something.

#2 I noticed what I really hoped was a bug on my windshield on Friday (yes, I realize that would have been unlikely in winter in Michigan... I was feeling optimistic). Well the cold snap this weekend cracked it all to hell and now I get to spend the next two hours here with you.

#3 Kid had her play date with her Korean friend this weekend. It went well but also made her friend's eminent return to South Korea very real & very sad. Oh man, this is not what we had in mind when decided to send Kid to this school... The point was to be able to foster ongoing friendships not set her up for more loss and grief. The fact that we just discovered her friend's mother had passed away last year, which prompted her coming to the US for school, makes it so much harder. We can no longer believe that she is going back to her family and while it is sad for Kid it is better for her friend. Now there is another much more complicated and devastating reason for her time here and it is overwhelming for Kid. Yes, we will do Skype and email, but the real sorrow is coming more from an overwhelming empathy for her friend's loss. Kid is very depressed and is having a hard time this week. At the playdate her friend told her it was the best day of her life... And Kid is taking that as her truth and it has thrown her off the deep end of despair feeling some responsibility or longing to be able to make this girl's life happier. God, it could make me cry (it does!).

It told her how proud I was of her for befriending the Korean girls and making them a part of her group. She is the first (& only) to do that, and she has made their time here so much better than it would have been. She has given them real friendship & fun in a time that can be very lonely and challenging.

#4 I woke up Saturday with one of the worst sore throats I've ever had. I was choking it was so swollen. Poor little Baby had had it earlier but, since she didn't have a fever and it wasn't strep I did not really take it all that seriously. I apologized profusely. She said "I just tried not to swallow." So, anyway, my workouts have been derailed since then. I'll get back on it tomorrow... Finally feeling better.

#5. Mr. F got stuck in an obsessive cycle about our new appliances and ended up cancelling our dishwasher. Unfortunately that effectively cancelled our installation appointment... For our fridge as well. Unbeknownst to us. So Saturday came and no freaking fridge. Now we have already disconnected our ice maker and pulled our fridge into the middle of the room... Where it has to stay for the time being. We then spent the entire weekend figuring out the mess and ultimately returning and repurchasing our fridge at another Best Buy so we could get a new delivery date. I'm over Best Buy... This whole thing has been a major 3 week debacle... If I'm forking over this kind of money I want real appliance specialists!

#6. Kid's teacher decided to do another one of her schedule every conceivable test in one week ordeals. That is (as always) on top of any regular homework. Weeks like this are on the verge of undoable. And torture. She has a history test on the War of 1812 which includes having to write (on the spot with no reference material) a 5 paragraph essay covering the who, what, where, when, and why of the conflict. I'm sorry... I thought they were in 4th grade.... What kind of alternate universe did we stumble into?!

Ok, car is fixed. I've got to run.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear World

This is why blogging is difficult:

Any time I try to use my laptop he sits on it and puts his face in my face. He's the size of a bobcat and when he says "look at me"... you do it.

#1  I have not been working out and I feel terrible about it. Ever since the mousescapades I can't go on my treadmill.  Mr F tried to pretend that they magically disappeared when he removed their habitat (insulation)... but I knew better.  By now there are probably an entire nation of them and they are plotting their extensive upstairs infiltration plan as we speak.

#2A School has been on an upswing.  I'm really not sure what we'll do next year, though.  Kid is getting all As which is fantastic, but we still have 2 hours of homework a night and at least one weekly breakdown (usually on Memory test prep night).  The fact is that this is only 4th grade and the homework situation is only going to get worse next year.  For the most part I'm cool with the academics, but the teacher is not a good teacher and I still have to reteach her everything after school.  Add to that the fact that next year Baby will also have homework and I just don't know that this is a feasible situation.  Kid currently leaves the house for school at 7:35 AM and is done with homework at 6:00 PM... between school, commuting, and homework she is putting in 10 hours and 25 minutes toward school every single day.  She is only awake for 14 hours.  You know?  It just isn't a good life balance.  Plus, she doesn't have weekends off... we have 2 hours of homework to do on Saturday AND Sunday every single weekend.  Plus, while she has made 2 good friends, they are Korean exchange students that are going back to Korea next semester.  That whole thing is very interesting, and telling.  It is not a coincidence that she chose them.  As she said "It's like playing with deaf kids that don't know sign language."  Which means, it's fun and light and superficial.  There is no drama, there are no feelings getting hurt, there are no playdates, or disappointments.  I said "You know, I wonder if you would have liked being a boy.  They seem to be able to just play at recess without it being a big deal."  "Yes!!!" She said.  Being a girl (especially these days, and especially at this age) is different, there are a lot of politics and it just doesn't appeal to her.  I actually respect and am in awe of her ability to avoid and disengage from that.  I still can't do it.  She created with the Koreans exactly what she was looking for... fun with no strings attached.  They love her and she loves them and there is never any drama.
(I actually wonder if her boy craziness is in large part an interest and wish to be part of their fun and playing... I do wish girls could have that freedom more)

 #2B  Baby loves school and is enjoying her Lutheran indoctrination (and I'm not joking... she digs it).  She is doing well and has made good friends and fits in well socially.  BUT She was identified (by them) as "very gifted in higher order thinking" in their Kindergarten testing for conferences and this school couldn't be a worse fit for that.  It is a great fit for a shy anxiety prone middle schooler that likes things very organized and cookie cutter so she can more easily manage ... but... not so much for a think-outside-the-box creative type.  I think I mentioned her ability to draw and write (without any compromise in detail or ability) upside down or to a sideways orientation if she wants?  Yeah, something is going on in that noggin.  She has a fantastic teacher that is actually teaching her things and a wonderfully small class (7 kids), but next year she'd be funneled into a 24 kids 1st grade and have to sit in her desk all day.  There is a school for the gifted in Ann Arbor BUT it's twice what we are paying now for both girls to attend this school... which makes it, technically, 4 times what we can realistically afford on an ongoing basis.  Gah!

#3 I'm looking at homeschooling again, which will allow us to pursue the things that are more stimulating to her (and be able to afford and have time for extracurriculars).  But as I said to the girls... "if we are homeschooling next year we are homeschooling for excellence".  Baby now likes to chime in with "for excellence!" anytime I say homeschooling, now.  Which may mean the use of specialized tutors for some subjects.  Now that I know what Kid is capable of... we're going for it.  There are a lot of great advantages to homeschooling including some awesome programs that allow you to finish an Associate's degree by the time you graduate high school.  Plus, this school they're in is a small school.  We could try homeschooling next year (my first year juggling two curriculums) and if it isn't great or if we don't think it is better than the school, we can always put them back in.  They can go in at anytime and they'll know everyone and it won't be starting back from scratch.  Kid is in favor of homeschooling, and I know when the Koreans go home she's going to really struggle to stay in until the end of the year (which we are 100% doing at this point).  Baby is willing to try it if it means she can participate in gymnastics and dance (which she'd have to give up if she went to 1st grade at St. Paul because of time constraints and cost).  So that is that.  I'm heavily researching different curriculum options which is something I find very interesting... so that's fun.

#4  We are trying to adopt!  A 25 year old!  Things might not pan out but we are hoping to be able to give a good safe place to land and start things over to someone we care about.  The kids are excited, and as I said to Mr F  "It'll be good practice for adopting".  Plus I could use the company, this lifestyle... of driving all over town all day long can get very lonely.  I actually thought about trying to train Big Boy to be my car companion.  Mr F told me that no cat would like that... but I've found plenty of YouTube evidence to prove otherwise!

#5  I have been listening to an old Tony Robbins motivational CD in the car.  People, he says some profound stuff.  And this was an OLD one... he's gotten his schtick much more refined.  Still this was the take away:

If you are in a negative interaction you can change your perception or change your participation.

People, that's Big Time.  I'm really working on that.

I'm also really working on my new catch phrase that I created for my real (but very much embellished for my own inspirational purposes) friend/ mentor (unbeknownst to her):

"That's a hot bed and I'm not going to lie in it"

I think that can catch on.... feel free to spread it around.  It's such a great visual.  I'm using that all the time.

More on my real/imaginary friend/mentor later.  Her name is Julie and she is really an amazing person.  But I've made her more amazing in my mind.  I don't think she'll mind.  I also like to pull a WWJD? with her when I know I'm entering a toxic situation.  Her name is Julie so the WWJD? works perfectly. Usually my imaginary Julie response is "That's a hot bed and I'm not going to lie in it!".  This makes me laugh hysterically... but you know.... she's on to something.  Try it.  That phrase is empowering.

Also, on a similar front I've spent an awful lot of time worrying about Kid and her social life.  And some of these revelations (the boy thing, the Koreans, my fake/real mentor and her fake slogan, Tony Robbins, etc) has all come together and made me think about my own projections.  Kid did not come out as a child.  She came out as a Julie!  She already knows a hot bed when she sees it and she sure as hell is not going to lie in it.  I on the other hand am still working on the impulse to ask the occupants to roll over so I can squeeze myself in.  Kid knows herself more and is more comfortable with herself than I've ever been.  She has had MANY social opportunities, and she does have friends, but more often than not (nearly 99.5% of the time) she doesn't like groups of girls (which at 10 is the option), doesn't like parties, or large gatherings where you don't know how to quite fit in, she doesn't like extracurricular meet ups or classes.  She likes to play anonymously on a playground, or at a 2 week summer camp where there are not huge emotional strings attached, or have a one on one playdate with a couple of kids she's invested in.  She's fulfilled by that.  And any need I think she has beyond that is not about her but about me.

Okay, that's a lot.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Bits O' Fury

#1 This cat never stops cracking me up.  He sleeps like a dog:


#2 These tree swings are set up at the farm we belong to for our CSA:

The girls are begging Mr F to install one at our house ASAP.

#3 Speaking of the farm share.... Oy... what have I gotten myself into?  On the plus side we have been eating 1000x our usual greens consumption.  On the negative our bacon consumption has gone up an equal measure.

#4 Baby and I may have played a good 20 rounds of this:

She's actually surprisingly good at it....(minus the few times she threw out some random "is your guy eating Nilla wafers?" or the "is your guy sitting next to a cat?" queries....  when I replied that none of them were, she returned "How would you know?  You can only see their heads." Ah... that's the Baby I know and love).

#5 A friend just dropped me off The Hunger Games trilogy.... I'm hoping the fact that I saw the movie first, doesn't ruin the first book for me.  I'm also hoping it will distract me from my Friday Night Lights addiction.

#6  Speaking of Friday Night Lights.... we cannot stop. Our mutual love of Riggins has brought us closer together.  I'm not even joking... it's like Sawyer all over again.

#7 We're easing back into our adoption quest (the tornado kind of put a wrench in that for a bit).  Currently thinking about carefully selected teenage girls that are about to age out of foster care.  Crazy?  Or awesome opportunity to enter the lives of kids that need it the most, and completely alter the trajectory of their life?  Believe it or not but Friday Night Lights has actually nudged us in this direction.
Mr F is surprisingly more comfortable with this idea than any of my past ones.

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