Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holy Mother Of God

We just got our credit card bill. Let me just say... SWEET FUCKING JESUS! In the most horrible of all timings our Disney trip transaction didn't post until a few days after the end of our trip... which put it on the same bill as all of our Christmas expenses... BONUS! This brings this months bill to over two times our usual monthly bill. Oh did I mention that our mortgage needs to be paid at the same fucking time!

Clutter Control

The Long Awaited Before and Afters.

From This...

To this...

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

Any of my local readers will know how completely bogus that is. Winter in Michigan is miserable... and today is the worst kind of day. The sky is a dull dark grey... no sun... no way to discern if it is noon or dusk. There is no fresh snow and it is raining slush... seriously.... slush. It is disgusting out and we have about 5 more months to go. I'm not kidding... F-I-V-E.

But here is the good news. I'm feeling infinitely better than I did yesterday. We headed out to IKEA and came home with 3 new shelving units for the playroom.... that match our existing units that we had brought up from Mr F's old office set up perfectly pretty closely . So in a matter of hours we will actually have enough storage for all the new toys and books.... and get this.... we will even have enough room to put our winter hats and boots away too!

Tag You're It

"Okay Dude,
it is time for you
to watch both kids
and not just one

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Doldrums

Yesterday I was up and rearin' to go. I had even started a post about getting this ship back on course. So what happened? Today I've got to say I'm actually feeling a little depressed. I don't know if it the fact that my house looks worse than it ever has, or if it is because all the specialness and magic is over and we are just left with the trash and a dying tree, or if it is because it is Thursday and I have to *start* my week midway through (which never works out well). It could be that I have to go to the grocery store and get back to menu planning, or that Kid is off for another two freaking weeks. But either way I'm just not feeling it today. Today I'm longing for my child-free days when the days after Christmas meant sleeping in, visiting family, eating cookies, and lazing around reading for hours. When I didn't *have* to do anything.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas... It's A Wrap

After a week and a half of posts, believe me, I'm ready to move on from Christmas... and I'm sure you are too (especially those of you who don't even celebrate Christmas!)

But there are things that have been left unsaid (and unseen!) so here we go...

The Furious Christmas Wrap Up:

So What did Kid and Baby get in their stockings?
Kid: Wooden Jailhouse (so she wants to lock people up in a jail... what?!?... that doesn't mean anything)
Baby: 4 new pacies (you should have seen her shoving them all in her mouth... huge hit!)

When Your Best Friend is The Home Editor at Martha Stewart Living What Does She Give You For Christmas?
#1 personalized LL Bean Totes... yes mine says "Mrs Furious" and Mr F got "Mr Furious"

#2 filled with these adorable knit animals and books for the kids

#3 and ALL of this for the Mrs... Yes that is my face gracing the cover of all the Kathy Smith DVDs (God I love her!)

#4 Mr F got his HUGE tote filled with Audubon Bird Prints (for our living room), Life.Doc, Photo Album, and Graphic Stationary... Mr F is looking forward to filling up this bag when he goes to the library for his weekly fix of HUNDREDS of Cds and Magazines (no I'm not exaggerating)

When Kid Asks For A Furby EVERY Year For Christmas (even though she got one 2 years ago) What Do You Do?Like the genius that I am... you find it at the bottom of Kid's toy bin and give it to her again.... how did that play out? Perfectly! "Oh look... Santa must have known I lost my Furby!"

What Were The BIG Gifts To The Kids From Mr & Mrs F?
Baby: Ball Pit (seemed like a good idea at the time... but can you say broken ankle?)

Kid: Crazy expensive German wooden Stroller (guess who fits in it perfectly?)

What's That?"White Trash"
This is something our neighbors give us every year. But as of yesterday we still hadn't gotten any. Mr F was jonesing for it so badly that he went out to the store and bought all the fixins. This shit is so unbelievably good that you CANNOT stop eating it. You just want to shove your face into it and suck it up. Seriously. I cannot control myself around this. We brought some over to Christmas dinner at my brother's and then Mr F and I proceeded to eat all of it! I'm not kidding.... at dinner I wanted to hold back so I would have room for more "white trash" afterwards. When we got home I had a big hunk and then I had to pack it all up and threaten to throw it out if Mr F didn't hide it by his desk. I'm done with it. See you next year!

What Time Did Mr & Mrs F Go To Bed On Christmas Eve?
3:00 AM

Who Had To Pee In A Cup In The Car Because All The Gas Stations Were Closed On Christmas Eve?
Who do you think?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No... This Is Our Gift To You

Mr F finally opens one of last years presents....

First part: (don't worry they are VERY short!)
"The Presentation"

Second Part: "The Preparation"

Third Part: "Oh My GOD!"

Our Gift To You

As promised The Furious Family (okay just Kid and The Mrs) Preforms a Christmas Favorite...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's The Final Countdown

I'm not going to lie to you I've got a little bit left to do on that stocking. Keep in mind I said it would be done by tonight... so I haven't failed you all just yet!
In retrospect I should have just stayed up last night until it was done. I don't really have that much more to do but I've lost my motivation so in the meantime....

I Plan To:

Take a Shower
Cut Kid's Hair (always fun)
Put away the extra fabric, etc and find thread
Vacuum... damn needles!
Pay Bills (hey did anyone else forget that they still needed to do this?)
Wrap Up The Presents (not for Kid/Baby)
Re-wrap The Presents Baby Has Partially Unwrapped!
If I am a total Badass (and not too mad from the haircut) let Kid make a Gingerbread Train (yes I bought it people... cut me some slack!)

Haircut... The Discussion:

Before:Bangs & Front Shaping:Mrs F takes 4" of The Length:Finished Cut:
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