Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey Ho

Kid just got bumped up from her swimming lessons to a competitive swim team.

We're really proud of her and excited that she has found a sport (a lifetime one at that) that she really enjoys.

BUT I'm interested in hearing from any swim team parents about what this time commitment, etc., is like.

She's starting out with training 4 times a week.

Which, again, if she likes it... is just amazing year round exercise.

And while there are certainly costs, it seems that swimming is one of the cheaper sports (I may be grossly misinformed... let me know).

The good news for us, is that as homeschoolers, we can actually fit in the training without it being a stress time-wise.

The bad news is that this means four days a week of trying to find a way to entertain Baby while we wait out her lessons (which is a definite concern... that's a lot to ask out of a 4 year old).

Any swim team experience or insights would be greatly appreciated.

She won't start doing meets until the Fall... so I don't have to worry about that right now. But, I'd love to know what that will entail. Especially since parents are required to volunteer at a couple meets every year.

Also, price wise... we're looking at $50 a month for 4 times a week training. That seems really good to me... but are there costs that are going to come up once they are attending meets?

Okay... over and out.

Another Tax Season... Another Potential Trip To A Divorce Lawyer



Not only did I file our goddamn taxes last week...

Including various assorted complications with ...

a) having partial year residencies in two different states

b) Mr F having his own freelance business


c) Mr F being the one of the most disorganized, forgetful, fiscally irresponsible humans on the face of the Earth

I, also, got the pleasure of redoing all of them TODAY.

Filing amended returns to the Feds, Michigan, and North Carolina.

See various complications a-c with a heavy focus on c.

Doing the taxes the first fucking time was not fun.

Doing it all over again... is cause for some serious payback.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm sick of feeling like shit about myself.

I'm hoping I finally mean that.

I feel like I do... but... the motivation to actually stick with something beyond a handful of days has been elusive up to this point.

It turns out having your kids with you 24 hours a day, makes it even harder to put your needs first.

I'd really like to replace the amount of time I feel shame about my lack of effort...

with... pride at actually making a fucking effort.

So I'm just going to say I'm now trying to get into a 12 week challenge with myself.

To actually do what I know I should do.

And stop making nutella paninis (damn you Mario Batali!).

I started today.

I think I have to stick under 1400 calories now that I'm a) not breastfeeding and b)comprised of much more fat than I used to be.

I'm also going to do my "I think I might be having a heart attack" Cathe Fredrick step aerobics DVD (for real peeps... it's insane) 5 times a week.

One down.

Stay tuned.

I think I mean it this time.

12 weeks... 15 pounds... back to my glory

Monday, March 28, 2011

More Homeschooling Insights

"MOM! I need a permanent marker and your calendar! I have to cross out August and write "I HATE YOU, ROME!" Kid yells emphatically from the other room.

"I hate him for making Cleopatra kill herself!" Kid explains.

The kids also have our famous pink pony piled high with bean bags to represent Hannibal's war elephants crossing the Alps.

Then I remembered we had Gladiator and I was able to cue up a scene of the gladiator fight with Tigers (Don't worry! We stopped it before there was bloodshed!), so that she could get a better idea of what the gladiator fights were like.

She wasn't as impressed as she had been about the Assyrians fighting lions for sport... using humans to form the ring (okay they had shields... but still... crazy).

We're up to 14 AD.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

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