Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hop to all you "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" fans. This shit is for real.

Dear Aunt Jodi,
You rock.
Mrs F

Anyone who wants to stay up all night researching this further (not that I did that by the way...) might find this and this interesting.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sugar Daddy

"Do you want me to get you a treat?" Mr F asks after getting Kid to bed

"What kind of treat?" Mrs F inquires

"Something from the gas station... like a can have anything you want." Mr F clarifies

Mrs F laughs then replies "Anything I want?!!! Hey big spender!"

"Happy Anniversary" Mr F manages to get out with a laugh.


One thing there are a lot of down here are Christian stores. There was one in Ann Arbor but I don't know who went in there or why. I assumed it was creepy and that the people who worked there had the equivalent of "gaydar" for religiousness and they would stone you if you came in just to check it out.

Well there are lots of Christian stores down here... LOTS. I can't emphasize it enough. Today after returning to that Bad Place to make some returns (okay... okay and to buy some really CHEAP stuff) I decided to walk around the shopping plaza. That makes it sound like a quaint jaunt which it was not. Baby and I are probably the only people to ever walk this whole plaza from end to end. But I digress...

While heading back to the car I thought to myself "hey giant Christian store what are you all about?" and I headed in. My first reaction was "Boy is Kid missing out" then "I know where to get Kid a gift card for her birthday". It was like a Barnes and Noble... but more holy. So Baby and I walked around the perimeter taking in the religiousness of everything. And it immediately dawned on me... I know why so many Christian women read my blog... I am Christian.

Okay maybe I'm not but BOY could I go to town in the Christian depot. Beverly Lewis Amish novels? Check. Weird Hallmark Romance/Pioneer movies that only air on the Hallmark Channel (which of course I have seen all of...probably goes without saying)? Check. Willow Tree figurines (what?!... you know you can't resist them)? Check... up the wazoo. Biblical action figures? Check... okay I don't really love that myself but you know Kid would be all over that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It took me awhile but I'm finally all caught up on this week's comments. If you thought I missed yours... I'm sorry I was just slow to respond. Thanks again for everyone's presence in my life. I really do feel very blessed to have found such a great community of friends.

P.S. I'm pretty sure I responded to everyone... if I missed yours I'm sorry. I promise I did read them all!

It's Not The First Day That's Hard...

It's the second.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Left Behind

Baby spent the majority of the day donning Kid's old backpack and standing by the door...

Although, if you really want to cry, this is Baby one year ago...

If Mr F hadn't already been snipped I might be feeling the urge to get pregnant right about now ;)

First Day of Kindergarten

"Will Sissy miss me when I'm at Kindergarten all day?" Kid asks

"Oh yes... and Mommy will miss you too. We'll be very excited for you to come home." I replied

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Week The Plan

Better late then never.

Last week I ended up doing pretty well. I worked out and by the end of the week had gotten my stamina back up to doing 60 minutes. This week is going to be a bit more challenging with Kid starting school and Mr F attending photo shoots into the evening.


Monday - School orientation Mr F took the kids out

Tuesday - Cornflake crusted Tilapia, steamed broccoli

Wednesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, sesame ginger rice (it's a mix), asparagus

Thursday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Friday - pizza night

Saturday - Cookout w/ friends from Ann Arbor... yay!

Sunday - hamburgers & salad

Diet & Exercise:

I'm going to do 3 - 60 minute cardio workouts. I wish I could do more but with our schedule that won't happen and I'd be setting myself up for failure. Still calorie counting and shooting for 1700 calories.

Errands & Chores:

Tuesday - cleaned grown up bathroom, washed kitchen floors, cleaned stove, vacuum area rugs, oh and I grocery shopped too

Wednesday - Kid's 1st day of school.... weep... just kidding... clean off desk (it must happen)while Kid's gone and Baby sleeps (hopefully) I'm going to clean their room.

Thrusday - while Kid's gone and Baby sleeps (hopefully) I'm going to clean their room, unpack baking boxes

Friday - unpack 2 boxes

Kid's Lunches:

Wednesday - california roll (her fave & an easy 1st day since they're pre-made), hard boiled egg, grapes, milk

Thursday - veggie sandwich (avocado & tomato), smoked salmon, cheddar bunnies, grapes, milk

Friday - pb&j on organic white bread (that's right I'm thumbing my nose at the "man"), cheddar bunnies, grapes (only fruit she's consented too), milk

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Finally Done It... The Official In Law Update

That's Just The Beginning...
Oh Shoot My Battery Died! There's More...

Kind Of Stressing About Kindergarten

I'll be back with my weekly plan and such tomorrow... I need to unwind.

This Week The Plan

Bear with me Baby has not taken a nap today... so... um... no blogtime has made itself available.

Kid starts school on Wednesday morning. I'm trying not to panic. Tonight is parent orientation. I'm sure I'll have some interesting updates about that ;)

And while you are waiting for me to come up with a *fascinating* weekly plan go forth and explore this hilarious site.
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