Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Nightmare Continues

So What Would You Say...

If I told you the medication I'm giving Baby for thrush has these side effects:

Belly Pain
Nausea or vomiting

Hmmmm... coincidence?

She has been inconsolable again all day. She won't eat and is refusing the breast. She is obviously in gastric pain. I mean... really... I have never seen a kid so distraught for so long. She occasionally feels a little better and then it will come back.. some times she is crying hysterically. I'm also on the medicine which could explain why I have similar symptoms.

What would you do? Take her off the meds? You are supposed to finish the whole course of medication... but at what cost? The thrush has cleared up completely.

More Fashion Assistance Is Needed.. Stat

Here is the deal.. I have NO pants that fit. Seriously. I spent about an hour trying on pants a few weeks ago and went home with a pair of Calvin Klein jeans that are in reality too big.. recreating this classic look. Thankfully leggings are cheap and plentiful at Target. So until I can find good fitting pants these have kind of become a rotational staple.
The problem is they are cropped and it is freezing out. So what do I wear on my feet? I don't really have anything but these crazy (so 2 years ago) pink Uggs... And I know what you are all thinking "Mrs F if you got them on sale at TJ Maxx two years ago then they are so 3-4 years ago minimum and you look like an ass"It is possible I just look like a retard and the boots are the least of my problems... but there is really nothing new about that!

Friday, December 7, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Now You Decide

Well you all may remember the bathing suit debacle of last week.. my coveted suit did finally arrive...

Even on sale this suit is 100 bucks.. which is fine as I feel I've earned it.. but I don't want to keep it unless there is some kind of consensus that it looks the best. Go HERE to review my old suits.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Now That Is How We Do It Marital Bliss Style

So right after I flipped Mr F the bird, and after we stopped laughing about it, I was walking up the stairs when I heard
Mr F proclaim...

"ooh we're in love" while he chuckled softly to himself

I called back over my shoulder:
"You're in love with me!"

See Why I Fret?

This is Kid's stocking lovingly handcrafted by moi...

see the bead work?
and hand sewn appliques?
It took me many MANY hours to design, cut, layout, and hand sew Kid's stocking. This is probably my favorite artistic accomplishment. I mean lets face it... it is totally badass!

I have two and a half weeks to do something similar for Baby... or I'm one of those moms... you know who don't love their second kid as much as their first. You know those moms... like your mom... okay maybe just mine.

This is what I've got so far...

Believe It!

So when I woke up this morning this little number was waiting for me...

After a little digestion it seems I didn't gain ANY weight after all. Interestingly Mr F didn't gain any weight on our trip either.

So here is the take away from this... get a pedometer before your next vacation! Obviously it helped that Disney World allows for a pretty active vacation... but with a pedometer anyone can do this. Before we left I wore the pedometer around on my average day and then added in how far I walk during my workouts. For me this equaled 6.5 miles on my typical "workout" day. So I knew that in order to keep my weight in check, when I was most likely eating above my typical calorie limits, I would need to average at least 6.5 miles a day. Well it worked. Now if you are staying at a resort with an exercise facility you maybe able to keep your workouts going.. but if you are traveling about this was a super easy and effective way of staying aware and accountable for my activity. This is especially important when you know you won't have as much control (or want to) of your food. Keep in mind that you need to account for both your typical daily activity on top of your workout activity levels!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Let's start with The Good:
Yes... I weighed in at 113 on the day we left and came home less than a pound heavier! This makes me quite pleased. #1 it means that I can have an indiscretion or two (or 6 straight days) and not fall off the wagon. #2 it means that I probably am at a weight I can maintain as long as I keep my activity up. I have no problem having a weight range from 111 to 114.

Now for The Bad:
To mark our arrival back to the North it snowed last night. This sucks in a number of ways:
#1 It is really freaking cold out
#2 Even after warming up the car (yeah that's how we do it Michigan style) for 15 minutes it was still freezing in the car
#3 It takes a good 15 minutes longer to get both kids in their snowsuits and into the car (doubling the normal "getting ready" timing)

And onto The Ugly:
On top of the thrush that BOTH Baby and I have, which requires me to WRESTLE her to the floor... while she struggles and screams... to give her the medicine... But don't worry I only have to give it to her for NINE more days!..Baby has entered the phase of highchair eating that entails the purposeful dropping of food. Never mind that I spent a decent amount of time making her special buckwheat & pear waffles this morning. And sure that is what the splat mat is there for...
but she's got a pretty good arm on her!
Is it wrong to let her eat off the floor?!

Guess Who I Hate Most Right Now

This goddamn asshole:
And don't go feeling sorry for him. This is the same mother fucker who gets to sleep in a bed with humans at night. Who will steal your food off your plate while you are eating it! Who spends his free time trolling for Kleenex, un-flushed toilet paper (what?!?), socks, kids' stuffed animals. The same damn dog who spent his formative years having his own theme songs being sung to him while he slept on my damn pillow!

Well when I loaded up the kids and went to pick him up from the boarder (where we paid extra so he could sit on their damn laps while they worked at the computer... yes... I am serious!) I found out he hadn't been eating. No big surprise.. he is a total drama queen. And again do not pity him they bribed him to eat by filling his bowl with TREATS. Typical. He is such a manipulator!

Anyway... on the way home he was being a total spaz and was hunting down trash and Kid's leftover snacks while I tried to drive yelling "Kid don't let him get the chocolate cookies!!" (that happened before.. and believe me the results were NOT pretty.. you try pouring hydrogen peroxide down a dogs throat..twice!) Anyway the bastard insisted on sitting on my lap making difficult.. and that was pissing me off because the sun was setting and the roads aren't great and I just hate not driving as safely as frickin' possible. Well while prancing around the front seat the douche bag apparently knocked over my leftover coffee... which then spilled all over the floor (and you know how I feel about stains!) and got all over our new garage door manual (don't ask why it is in the car..) and some trash and fruit roll ups. As if my car doesn't smell bad enough already! And yeah I'm sure you don't (won't) let your kids eat in the car.. yeah I thought that too... and then I had a four year old who threw massive tantrums every damn day after school... well.. and that rule got amended pretty damn fast... so get back to me!

Back to the douche... so upon arriving home I had to rush to the kitchen (tracking snow ALL over the house!) to get some paper towels and try to quickly clean up the coffee before #1 the stain set and #2 the smell set. Meanwhile Kid traipses in, and since I was busy, decided to walk ALL through the house in her boots before taking them off in the living room. Once I get everything cleaned up as best as I can I attempt to transfer a sleeping Baby upstairs. Well what do you think that mother fucker did? Yes! He started barking incessantly (as per the norm) at nothing! I swear to God I could have rushed down the stairs and broken his legs! Welcome home you bastard!

Stats Revisited

miles walked: 5.45
Disney food expense: $78.33 (that's just dinner)

miles walked: 8.75
Disney food expense: $16.15 (breakfast)
$22.94 (lunch)
$75.13 (dinner)

miles walked: 10.2
Disney food expense: $12.92 (breakfast)
$31.95 (lunch)
$28.47 (dinner)
$9.53 (dessert)

miles walked: 6.72
Disney food expense: $14.63 (breakfast)
$11.17 (lunch)
$93.34 (dinner)

miles walked: 6.35
Disney food expense: $11.06 (breakfast)
$64.48 (lunch)
$33.72 (dinner)

miles walked: 7.13
Disney food expense: $13.18 (breakfast)
$27.97 (lunch)
$10.30 (snack)
$22.66 (dinner)
$3.08 (dessert)

miles walked: 5.22
Disney food expense: $60.00 (breakfast)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're Home!

Never fear the Furious Clan has arrived back in Ann Arbor safe and sound.
I will resume my near constant posting status ASAP!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's weigh-in.. should be interesting!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Long Awaited Hotel Organizational Tips

With these rules you too can have an anal vacation!

#1 behold the order and cleanliness of a clean slate..

#2 unpack... EVERYTHING... do not leave socks or floaties or what-have-you in the bottom of your bagverdict: Kid has complied!

#3 put all your toiletries in the bathroom... out of the Ziplocs you packed them in!verdict: guess who did NOT comply? hint: it was Mr F!

#5 everyone gets a drawer and the bottom drawer is for dirty clothes (when there is not enough drawers an empty bag placed in the bottom of a closet can be for dirty clothes)verdict: complied!

#6 shoes go in the closet!
verdict: complied

#7 if you are fortunate enough to have lots of drawers you need a little one for receipts (critical at Disney where you'll get one big bill)verdict: complied!

#8 like items should be stored in the same area!verdict: complied!
verdict: Baby is NOT complying!

#9 trash in the trash canverdict: complied!

#10 do not leave stuff on the floor! (yes I'm aware of the irony of this coming from me)verdict: Mr F has NOT complied!

Here's the deal... you've seen our house. When I'm on vacation what I don't want is a bunch of unseemly chaos. This causes a little bit of tension with Mr F who thinks we are on vacation. What he doesn't know is that this is a test. If we can't keep things picked up and orderly when we are only dealing with our essentials... have like 3 toys.. and don't have to cook then we are freaking doomed! I get a little psychotic about this. What Mr F doesn't like to face is the brutal truth... that he isn't the *clean* one. And trust me this fact is immediately apparent!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not So White Christmas

White towels have a lot of things going for them.
But maybe the best thing about them is that you can bleach them...

Uh oh... looks like SOMEONE will be getting THIS for Christmas!
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