Saturday, September 29, 2007

Style Why Do You Elude Me?

So while I was at the airport the other day wearing these...

I knew they weren't fitting right when I had to hold on to 'em while I was running to keep them from falling off. But sweet jesus.. I looked really bad. It is kind of hard to tell from these pictures (hint: click on the pics for a better view) but the butt looked like a big empty jean sack you could have put at least one more butt into. And I know you are all like "oh boo frickin' hoo Mrs F!" well let me tell you it didn't look good. I looked FRUMPY.. like the very definition of frumpy. And to make matters worse we were flying on a weekday morning so every other woman was in some kind of fancy suit. So when we were in the car on our way home I said to Mr Furious while looking down at the jeans that were rippling in the front "God I look terrible in these". Mr F replies "What do you mean?" And so I pointed out the huge folds of fabric that bunched up while I sat there and told him about my bathroom mirror experience and he says "Yeah they don't really look that good"... Well thanks for the heads up! Thanks for letting me wear these all around two states! Jesus christ I looked like I was heading out to the barn!

So here I am in some better fitting jeans... see.. I look about 20 pounds thinner!

Unfortunately these are the only pants I have that fit. Today my mission is to go through all my boxed up pre-pregnancy clothes and try them on. I was watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style the other night and realized I have indeed been to hard on Missus Smarty Pants. Essentially they suggest the same thing.. establishing a basic wardrobe of "must haves" and then only a few trendy pieces. In theory I by into this idea... but I don't wear "slacks" or little black dresses. I actually get defecated on...daily. I don't do "dry clean only". And I don't have a thousand dollars to put into clothes that will look like they have gone to war by the end of the season. And by war I do mean if you went war with the Oompa loompas. The point is most of my clothes I buy in bulk from Target and Old Navy. If something fits I buy it in every color and yes I realize this makes me look like a grownup in Garanimals. This is why I need help. It isn't like I look like a complete abomination... it is just that I don't look good either. So what is a practical stay-at-home mom to do if she wants to look stylish? I mean isn't there some type of in between look out there? Are my choices really looking like I do or like I'm heading for work in a law office? Sure I could go to J Crew or The Gap and buy an outfit... I'm not that helpless.... but I want to have my own actual style that is geared toward my body... and I honestly don't really know what that is.


katieo said...

Oh I love this post. I totally get it. I can't do the pulled together, tailored look anymore. Not with the kidlets.

I think the "must-have's and a few trendy pieces" rule applies to moms of young children too. Just not little black things that are totally impractical. Here are my "must-have's:"
-one or two fantastic pair of jeans that fit REALLY well. I'll splurge a bit here -as in not target or Old Navy (where I buy everything else).
-a t-shirt that fits really really well. I'm in love with a certain one from the gap. long enough, fitted, but not too fitted, soft, etc. I own 5 of them
-cute pair of shoes that can easily be put on
-a good bra. (and I mean GOOD BRA) I am more than willing to shell out the money for this one. Money well-spent.
-I also like a good jean skirt. I can wear it with my tshirts but don't feel so frumpalicious.

I can always throw on a cute jacket (blazer, jean jacket, hoodie, etc...Although I own none of these things at the moment)
Or have a cute bag. I like the idea of a couple of cute leather bags to choose from (also not currently in my possesion). They don't have to "fit" either.
Then whatever other shirts or pants I buy, I can kind of work them in. My wardrobe has to be as SIMPLE as possible. And widely interchangeable.

Anway, hope I didn't come off sounding like an expert. Because I really don't know what the crap I'm doing, and don't really know what's in these days. A couple of years ago I went through my closet and get rid of 80% of my clothes. I brought over a trusted friend (and I really like the way she dressed) who was able to tell me totally honestly. "Um. That went out of style like 8 years ago Katie."
Ouch. But it was one of the best things I've done. I'm trying to build up slowly things that will last really long.

I also have a couple of girls who live around me who are really stylish. I just try to copy them. lame. But it nice to kind of have an idea of what to work from.
Ok, lol, 20 minutes later.... I'll STOP NOW!
Great post. :)

Splaneyo said...

I am with you on this, except for the part about just going to the GAP and buying an outfit. I have short legs, a long torso, big hips and a small waist. Ridiculous. Talk about an Oompa loompa! It is impossible to find clothes that fit properly.

I have thought about this style topic quite a bit and I like Tim Gunn, but mom's don't and can't wear a high waisted skirt and heels every day. There has to be a middle ground between comfort/practicality and style.


Mrs. Furious said...

Alright girls... I just got back from a shopping trip to Target with my 14 year old neice and her girlfriend. They tell it like it is! I have got some great new tops and accesories, ballet flats, bag. I mean I look like 500x better. I still need a pair of khakis and apparently according to them some new jeans and brown boots. I will post photos of new looks shortly!

katieo.. are those tees currently at the Gap? It looks like I might be heading there tomorrow for pants. And no you didn't sound like a know it all!

heather... I hear you on the short, it is so hard for me to by pants of the rack and have them look great. By the way I always think you look good in your jeans :)

etbroderick said...

I know your point, but I still must say--I totally WISH I had your problem right now. Baggy pants. What if I look like a sausage in all of my clothes? My clothes too, are cheap and boring but they're also TIGHT--and, really, that's so much worse. My weight started to creep up slowly after getting married but obviously the big change came from having Finn. I totally took for granted that'd I'd be able to get back in shape b/c I was one of those lucky people who, until my late 20's really didn't gain weight or have to work hard. NO LONGER THE F*CKIN' CASE! I am at my heaviest (other than during pregnancy) and my son will be 3 on Christmas! Okay--enough complaining. I have started taking care of business, albeit a bit slowly. I did okay on food this week--some days better than others, and just mediocre on exercise. But at least I'm doing something. I am doing the "slow and steady" approach and figure every little bit is something but I am very anxious for something to change--like a good few pounds or to see/feel some difference. I think I mentioned this in a long-ago post. I once in a while turn up in a wedding shot of Jenny's and am always blown away by my size. Because even though I know my weight, constantly "put away" clothes are too tight for me (that used to be my "fat pants") and I see myself in the mirror everyday, some part of me does not know or believe what I look like until I see myself in a picture. The one I spotted today is hilarious. A little tiny pinhead and these 2 giant THIGHS coming out of my shirt's sleeves! Yes--my arms are as big as my thighs used to be. At least that helps me force my butt down to the basement and on to the treadmill! What I planned to write when I started this was that since I always think "Oh, I'll lose weight..." I don't like to buy bigger sizes and when forced, I always pick cheap b/c the idea is I will not need them for long. Ha. So I have dressed in plain, cheap clothes for the last several years and recycle the same few outfits over and over b/c I do not want to spend money on clothes I don't even want to fit!!! So sad. If I lose 10 pounds it will be like having a new wardrobe in that I will fit back into some clothes I haven't been able to wear for awhile, but most of these, too, are boring and cheap b/c 10 pounds ago I thought I was losing 10 pounds!!! Oy.

Mrs. Furious said...

10 pounds ago I thought I was losing 10 pounds
That is classic! And LOL about the thighs coming out of your shirt. Honestly though you don't look that bad! I swear you girls carry weight way better than I do... I would never guess you needed to lose that much! But I hear you... of course I just went and bought Target clothes again! Partly because I get so used to the cheap prices that I have a hard time paying more that 8.99 for anything!

katieo said...

I thought I'd be all cool and link you to the exact shirt on the gap site but I can't find it. :(
Maybe because the ones I have are spring summer colors. Anyway, another reason I love these T's is can actually wear a SMALL!! Yes, that's right. breastfeeding boobs, tummy fat and all, and I can wear a small. They're not SUPER fitted and they're really soft and just a little bit longer than normal which is exactly what I need.
Good luck!
(Oh and thank goodness for nieces and their friends! lol!)

etbroderick said...

By the way--I almost fainted to read that your niece is 14. That makes me feel old! I cant believe she's 14! I can only picture her the way I saw her many years ago, but I imagine she is beautiful. She certainly was then (they all were..) Oh--up late again working on pictures and noted a troublesome behavior of mine. Teling myself I was hngry, I ate 3 pretzel rods as I worked on my photos. Not that satisfying as far as taste goes and now I still feel hungry. But how much of that is just boredom, too? Eating b/c I'm up late. Well-good night. Chubs is going to bed!

Mrs. Furious said...

Kateio... thanks for checking for me. I really need some basic long sleeved tees, they might have those in now, if I get an hour without the kids I'll go to the mall today.

The depressing thing is that some of the things I have that are actually nice and fit are just slightly outdated. I need some kind of cute short jacket. And are people yay or nay on the leggings? I just got a whole bunch of tunic length tops which technically I can wear with my jeans...

Eileen... Jasmine is 15 the end of February... she is GORGEOUS. Yeah while I was driving them around in the back of the 'ol mini van I was kind of freaked out... I feel like I was in highschool yesterday! Yeah my brother is your age... talk about a reality check! By the time he is Mr F's age his girls will all be in highschool and COLLEGE!

Toast said...

MOM™ Jeans!

Jessica said...

I just checked in after a long-ish hiatus and I have to put in a vote for "The Ultimate Tee" at Target. Yes, $9.99 and I am really in love. They are slightly heavier than most long sleeve tees and come with a round collar (too high for my taste) or a high V neck (my preference). They hit me just at the hip even though I'm short :) The weight gives the shirt a heft that is comfy and resists the oompa loompa tugging etc. The shirts are a bit fitted (gives you a nice shapely line), but not at all clingy. I'm wearing one now and I'm going to go buy several more next week. A great layer.

Also, I just saw some cute short jackets at Old Navy. They won't be in a couple years from now, so why spend a lot on them :)

I'm kind of nay on leggings - I really think it hasn't been long enough since the 80s for them to be back :) Have you thought about some fitted micro-wale cords?

Good luck with your new look!

Mrs. Furious said...

MOM™ Jeans!

"So this Mother's Day, don't give Mom tht bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, "I'm not a woman any more. I'm a Mom.""

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