Monday, September 23, 2013


They are creating a spot for Kid.

She's visiting today.

(And having a nervous breakdown tonight)

I'm hoping we can convince her to give this a shot.

It is never too soon (or too late!) to learn that our instinct...

To stay in the relative safety of a known (even if we KNOW we don't like it)

Rather than risking that security on an unknown (even if we KNOW it will be better)

Often holds us back from true fulfillment and happiness.

So while, I don't negate how hard leaving friends and routine behind can be...

Nor how hard transitioning to a new routine and new friends will undoubtably be...

I hope I can raise my girls to take the risks in life.

To be optimistic about new horizons...

And not to walk away from opportunity when it comes knocking.

When you are given a choice, don't hand it back, or push it down, or ignore it...

Actively choose.

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