Saturday, January 12, 2008

After A Wash... The Haircut Revisited

I actually was so disturbed by the fluffiness that I washed it and air dried it before I went to meet Heather.
Here is how the cut will look on a normal day:

I like it better curly but take issue with the left side and thinks it needs a little more face shaping or a layer... I will attempt to rectify this tomorrow.

Don't LOVE It

Alright. First let me say that once again I feel that the cut might be good... the styling not so much. I don't love it but I don't hate it either.

And the slight puffiness is not entirely the fault of the stylist... as I have some major postpartum hair growth going on causing me to look like I have a long haired wig sitting slightly askew on top of a short hair cut.

Saturday Morning Post

Okay I'm off to go get my hair cut. I'll be back with some "After" shots soon!
Until then enjoy:

Catch you later!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dinner Is Served

Tuesday night I made soup for dinner. Nothing is easier and more satisfying than a good bowl of potato soup. You can have this on the table in about 30 minutes start to finish! This is a fairly traditional and straight forward recipe that relies on both leeks and cream to add to both the depth of flavor and texture of the soup. All you dieters out there can follow my modifications but should note that in the overall scheme of the whole recipe the fat content is not mind blowing and the flavors really are enhanced by the cream.

Potato Leek Soup
1 Qt Chicken Broth (I like to use an Organic Boxed Broth) may need 1 c more (can use water)
2 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes (4 large), peeled and given a large dice
1 Bunch Leeks( 3 stalks), slice the white ends and then wash in a bowl of water to remove sand
2 T Butter
2 t Olive Oil
1/4 c Heavy Cream (optional... but worth it)
salt (about 1 t)
pepper (about 1/2 t)

Place butter and oil in the bottom of a soup pot***. Melt over medium heat. Add leeks and saute until leeks have wilted. Add potatoes and pour Chicken Broth just to tops of potatoes (about 3 cups). Bring mixture to a simmer and season with 1/2 t of salt. Simmer until potato chunks are fork tender (this will depend on size... but about 15-20 mins). Turn off heat and blend soup until smooth with an immersion blender.** Thin soup to desired consistency with remaining/additional chicken stock (approx 1 cup). Return soup to a low simmer correct seasoning with approximately 1/2 t additional salt and 1/4-1/2 t ground pepper. Stir in !/4 c heavy cream (this adds both a richness of flavor but also a smoothness to the texture of the soup)* and serve.

This makes 6 hearty servings (1.5-2 c) at 276 calories and 8 g of fat in each.

Cooking Notes:

*You could also add in 1/4 c of milk (not skim) or a tablespoon or two of butter if you'd like to lower the fat and calories. If you are being really diet conscious you can leave out all additions and just serve it as is... still good!

**If you don't have an immersion blender fear not. You can blend this soup in a traditional blender (this will probably need to be done in two batches). Remember when blending hot liquid that you must keep the hole in the lid OPEN (cover with a dish cloth) to let the heat escape!!! Return soup to pot and continue with recipe.

***Butter has a low smoking point. If you want to saute something in butter (for the flavor) without having your butter brown on you add a little oil (canola or olive) with a higher smoking point.

Uh Oh Baby-O

Go HERE if that is still not loading.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby Steps

You all know I struggle with organization and general house cleanliness. Partly it is the chaos of having small children and partly it is my own inherent laziness.
But I have an idea.
I am going to maintain ONE problem area for ONE week (I would like to say for one month but that scares me).
You have all seen my desk and my mountain of mail & crap documented on many occasions. You may recall it more often than not looks like this:
Not anymore people. I cleaned it on Sunday night and got it to this state:
Today is Wednesday and it still looks like this:
Now here is the thing. I'm not stupid. I do get that keeping things clean and cleared off requires near constant yet minimal effort on a DAILY basis. The problem is that I am a perfectionist and for those of you who don't suffer from this debilitating disease it is in fact debilitating. It doesn't mean you are a clean organized person. It means if you can't do it perfectly than it isn't worth doing at all. It means that cleaning off the desk is meaningless if you can't also clean up this:
or this:
or this:

Because what is the point in having just ONE clean surface?!? My instinct is to wallow around in self pity and give into the tidal wave of junk mail because working so hard CONSTANTLY to only have ONE 4x2 surface to show for it seems like a waste. I know that is the perfectionism talking. I know that when you walk in my house the FIRST thing you see is my desk. I know that when I sit at my computer the clutter and chaos makes me want to go somewhere else. So this is a test. First I will tackle this one area for one week. Then I will see if I can add another sore spot to my list for next week. And then another.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For

You know what they say about best laid plans...

well 6 freaking hours later I have my video post for you:

Today was insane in the membrane and I was really really hoping that doing a video post was going to work. Ah well... better luck next time.

Time Management Mrs F Style

Okay I am STILL waiting for my YouTube video to upload. But trust me people it will be worth the wait... hopefully. In the meantime I am going to give you the blow by blow of my day.

9:00 got up with Baby and head downstairs.
change Baby (or rather take off her diaper and leave her PJs on... this will come into play later)
start my coffee
put toys in the bathroom and jump in the shower
get dressed
start boiling water for instant oatmeal (all we have left)
call the Dr for an app't for Baby
get Baby dressed... oh YUCK just stuck my hand right into a pile of poop that she had pooped down the leg of her pjs!!!
clean up poop and sanitize
get Baby dressed
Kid comes down
give Kid meds
get Kid dressed
nurse Baby... phone rings Dr's office, carry nursing Baby with one hand over to grab phone set appointment for 11
everyone eats breakfast
Baby eats 1/2 of my breakfast (secret to weight maintenance revealed!)
start water for Kid's noodles(lunch)
check blog and try to return comments
pack Kid's backpack
reheat coffee
make Kid's lunch for school
Oh shit it is 10:50!!! Forgot the appt was at 11
send Kid to car
pack up stuff for the day and Kid's snacks
pack Kid's lunch
put Baby and bags in car
go to Doctor... nothings wrong with Baby
drive to school
forgot my coffee in the microwave
drive by home and get coffee
drop Kid off at school go in and set up her lunch and pay tuition
go to the grocery store
drive home and eat half the muffin I bought myself
unload groceries while Baby sleeps in car
return comments on the blog
call Mr F re: doctor's appt
Baby wakes up 15 minutes later
take Baby upstairs and nurse her back to sleep
finish muffin while returning comments
Canine pukes on living room floor
clean dog vomit
start sorting laundry while filming video post
Baby wakes up
feed baby lunch
quickly finish stain treating the lights
change Baby
shove laundry in the machine just in time to leave for Kid
get Kid at school
drive home while Kid eats snack in car
make coffee and eat a chocolate
get mail and sort
write email to Sephora customer service re:lost gift!
check video... STILL uploading
return comments
make and english muffin w/pb
chop leeks and wash
video still uploading... stress about lack of post
push Baby around in play stroller
return comments
take Baby upstairs to nurse to sleep
chop potatoes
make soup
finish stain treating laundry
Mr F comes home
Baby wakes up
Mrs F gets Baby
Mrs F quickly finishes stain treating and take laundry to basement
Mrs F runs up to finish dinner
Mrs F goes back down to load laundry in dryer and washer
Mrs F finishes and plates dinner
Mrs F runs back to kitchen to make Baby's food
Mrs F feeds Baby while her soup goes cold
Mrs F decides to photograph her soup for blog
Mrs F writes dumb post
video post still uploading....
7:24 I am going to go workout now

Because I'm Crazy

I don't have time to do a traditional post today.

So today is a video post.... ENJOY!

(Video Upload didn't go as planned... watch it Here or HERE )

I'll be back at 4 PM (PT) when I may address one of these fascinating topics:
-Gap Kid's Plus Sizes... I can't go for that no... no... no can do.
-Mrs F's rules for carb portion control (and no these don't apply to my grocery store muffin)
-Mrs F's Potato and Leek Soup recipe
-Mrs F's crazy new workout plans
-What kind of haircut Mrs F is getting on Saturday
-Paranormal State.... hello, this show ROCKS

I Have The Power!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Surgery Shmurgery

Okay we're back from Kid's appointment at the Eye Doctor.

I just scheduled Kid's next eye surgery for February 7th.

Go HERE and HERE to read what Mr Furious wrote about Kid's eyes and her surgery from this past summer.

I'll be back to update this in a bit.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This Week The Plan

With Christmas and nervous breakdowns this has been a long time coming! I am going to try my best to post my weekly plan on Sunday nights... at... um... the actual start of the week. New year... new idea.

Here we go...


Monday - Flank Steak w/ curried rice pilaf and steamed broccoli

Tuesday - Potato Leek Soup

Wednesday - Kid and Mr F's Date Night

Thursday - Steak Sandwiches and salad

Friday - Pizza Night

Saturday - Take out

Sunday - Spaghetti & Meatballs with steamed veggies


Monday - Eye Doctor for Kid in AM (this often takes 4-5 hours!)
pay bills

Tuesday - grocery shopping

Wednesday - vacuum
bake bread

Thursday - clean bathroom & kitchen


Okay I'm planning to really kick it up a notch. I'm not going to increase my fitness or muscle mass just doing what I am doing. So my currently plan is to alternate crazy insane weeks with a somewhat less insane week.
This week is a crazy insane week:

Monday - 60 min cardio intervals

Tuesday - 30 min HIIT, 30 min pilates

Wednesday - rest

Thursday - 60 min cardio intervals

Friday - 30 min HIIT, 30 min pilates

Saturday - 60 min cardio intervals

Sunday - 30 min HIIT, 30 min pilates

Just in case anyone is wondering... as a testament to my improved mental health I have cleaned up all my clean laundry piles that were spilled all over my bedroom. Finally put away all my Disney clothes. Sorted and bagged all clothes that are too big (89% of them) for Salvation Army. Vacuumed the stairs and hallway (least favorite chore... hands down!) and cleared off my desk. I did 60 minutes of cardio and even made dinner. And last but not least finished my first Norwegian lesson!

Thank You

I just wanted to formally thank everyone who has been reading and commenting and thinking of me during these last few miserable days. I'm sorry if I didn't comment back to you directly. I did get everyone's comments and REALLY they all have helped me tremendously. I don't know what I did to get such a great group of readers but I am so thankful for you all... on a good day... let alone how supportive and wonderful you have all been this weekend. I have a very hard time being vulnerable and asking for help (which is clearly how I got in this mess to being with) and so it is not very often that I allow myself the opportunity to be supported or even trust that I will be. As many days as I question how much time I spend blogging... and try to justify or rationalize how much better I feel about myself for doing so versus how many times I tell Kid to "hold on just a minute I need to answer these questions"... I never could have imagined how powerful and real the connections I have made here would really be. Friday night was literally one of my lowest points. Had I been dealing with that alone I can only imagine it might have become unbearably low. But thanks to all of you I wasn't. I may have been locked in my bathroom screaming my lungs out... but I was not alone in there. So I thank you. Really, really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am doing much better and will hopefully be posting some video of me doing something completely asinine to prove it.
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