Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back On The Road

Kind of want to kill myself.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

"You're my special special." I whisper to Baby as I snuggle her to sleep.

"You're my mommy mommy." She whispers back.

"But, Sissy says you're her mommy." She continues indignantly.

"I have two little girls." I reply.

"Yeah... but... one of them is YUCKY." Baby concedes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holy Addiction Batman

I want to be sure you don't skip this post because you think I am being disingenuous!! As usual (ALWAYS!!!!) I do not "do" reviews. I do not get paid or compensated IN ANY WAY. I only tell you what things I happen to independently love. So I am being completely serious. This whole ancestry site rocks my old school American genes. Do it!! I'd love to hear what you all find out. I think you can get it all done in the 14 days and then print it out ... that's my plan anyway.

I've been watching both the PBS and the ABC geneology shows that have been on this month. Have you been watching them? I am totally into them... love it!

I've got really old American families on all sides of my family and I've always kind of wondered what my BIG tree would look like. These shows have only sparked that interest even more.

Both shows have constant commercials for and I was curious about it. So, when my nieces were here we checked it out and I was delighted to find the 2 week free trial. After that (you have to cancel it) it's actually pretty expensive. I put a email reminder in my google calendar so I don't forget to cancel.

It is crazy addictive and fun. This would be a great thing to do with your older kids. With every new connection made (amazingly I could get all the way back to the 1400s) you can see the real documents (census, Revolutionary War enrollment, etc). It is really cool!

For example:

#1... inbreeding!!!... crazy. Turns out there weren't a whole lot of different families in New Haven, CT in 1700.

#2... Belgium... who knew?! No wonder I love chocolate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Alive

Mr F surely has some good pics of Easter... I'll put them up soon.

I spent yesterday looking at houses... duds... all of them. Surprisingly depressing. The houses were FILTHY. And you know how I feel about keeping a house clean for showings. And this just proves the point. I'm kind of rethinking location at this point. And appreciating how nice our house and yard are in Asheville. We didn't see anything even close to what we have now. Not even close.

The kids are out of sorts. Sleeping is off. Eating is off. They are bored. Baby really needs her routine and space. I haven't worked out, I've been eating jelly beans by the fistful and I have been drinking soda. In short...I've been breaking out like a teenager before the prom.

We went to the zoo on a hot day. After the long walk back to the car Kid yelled "I don't want to move here, I HATE MICHIGAN!!!!" Then I reminded her we wouldn't actually be living at the Detroit Zoo (FYI The Toldeo Zoo is 1000x better... just sayin'... it's not even close to the same experience... plus the Amish are always at the Toldeo Zoo... bonus!!).

Some people are loving our house (jaw dropper they said) but can't afford it... still waiting to see if they love it enough to make an offer (PLEASE!!!!)

I'm really into these Detroit, here, and here. I know you thought you could buy whole blocks of houses in Detroit for $100... well... you are kind of right and kind of wrong. Did you see that kitchen!!! I need a mansion!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

That's What You Think

The kids spent Saturday holding mock egg hunts with my mother, using some decorative eggs she had on hand.

Last night, as Mr F was putting Kid to bed, Kid reflected on the day's activities:

"It will probably be a lot harder to find the eggs tomorrow." Kid contemplated.

"They're being hidden by a PROFESSIONAL." She added seriously.
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