Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Great Picture Hanging Adventure

And for everyone's amusement I stumbled upon this little gem:

Guess who.

And how about this baby pic of Mr F which left me inquiring "Ooh did you know you were a freak?" (look closely) :

Last but not least, this one's for you, Deb...
The classic and always classy hibaci shot (you know you've all got one... or wish you did):

sorry about the quality... we don't have a scanner anymore.

A Love Story



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Organizational Genius Strikes The Furious House



So for those of you who don't watch the video... I'll break it down:
Dress up has long been the bane of our existence. I want to encourage them to play with their costumes but our hoarding and inability to weed things out has lead to a large and unwiedly collection. When kept in a bin the kids would make a huge unmanageable mess digging through it all looking for that other high heel... and the Furiouses being the Furiouses that mess would sit around and attract other mess until Mr & Mrs F wanted to shoot themselves in the head. Anyone with kids knows two things...
#1 Out of sight out of mind... if toys, dress up, etc aren't easy to see and easy to access they won't play with it... and it is just more clutter.
#2 If every item doesn't have a clear and consistent "home" your kids will not be able to pick them up... which of course will quickly lead back to #1.

As I've been trying to decorate the girls' room, which is small and shared, I've been stymied by all the "useless" space in the room. The area behind the doors to the room and to the closet, the space in front of the radiator, etc. I want to make the room an inviting space, a place with a purpose for them BUT also a room that is organized and beautiful. It has been challenging to fit it all in and balance the differing interests of a toddler and a 6 year old. What one thing unites them both? Dress up. While wistfully looking at the 4 feet of useless wall that is completely blocked by the girls' open door and edged in by their shelving unit the genius stuck. I could hang a good majority of their dress up costumes on kid height hooks on the wall and on the back of the door... which would keep everything close at hand... and (the genius part) completely out of sight with the door open. This might be the best organizational idea I've ever come up with. I'm just a little in love with myself right now.

Looking For Something?

May I suggest you explore THIS for a bit.


Oh Sweet Jesus... as if that weren't enough... it turns out they now live full time in a biodiesel fueled RV. While I'm slowly introducing solids (aka letting the kids watch unlimited TV on a towel covered couch surrounded by plastic tubs) I'll surely be obsessively reading this family's accounts of their journey and life on an RV. I'm loving it.
If you thought what they did with a 300 sq ft apartment was amazing... look at what they did to their RV.

Mr F... be afraid be very very afraid... I might have bought an RV by the time you come home tonight.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laying Low

Not feeling up to blogging today. Maybe I'll make it a video post week ;)

Check back later to see if I was able to muster up the energy to shoot one.

You knew I would...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Out Of The Office

Today we head off to meet with Kid's new neurologist. I am very anxious about this appointment and I ain't gonna lie to you about it. I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised... but leaving such a renowned hospital, where I was fairly confident that we were getting the best medical treatment possible, for a regional hospital (without a Children's hospital I might add) is not exactly leaving me too hopeful. Our previous neurologist said he'd never heard of the local guy but that Kid's situation was "pretty much straight forward" at this point... hmm... we'll see I guess. I'm more than willing to drive to one of the bigger medical centers if I have any qualms about this guy AT ALL.

Don't know what in the hell I'm talking about? Read THIS.

I'll probably get into all this in more detail in the next few days... BUT... put your fears aside, Dr Popalowski was freaking fantastic. Hands down the best bedside manner I have ever seen... almost legendary like a Dr Doolittle of the neurology world. He even had an old fashioned doctor kit filled with finger puppets... people... finger puppets!
Mr F and were both really happy with his manner and his treatment plans. He did a great job of explaining his rational (which is saying something since he is not a native English speaker). We're doing another EEG in 2 weeks and then we'll proceed from there.
I am relieved beyond words.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tea For Two

You know those pictures you come across... pictures of other people's children? The pictures of kids happily doing something so classic and iconic it makes you long for your own childhood. I, usually, secretly question the validity of such pictures thinking they must be set up... how else could I explain the fact that my own kids are typically drawing on their own eyeballs or getting themselves stuck under the shopping cart?

Until today folks! This morning I walked around the corner and spied the kids enjoying a perfectly set tea party... and surprisingly Baby was even invited...

It didn't last long. A few moments later Kid came hobbling into the kitchen with china tea cups stashed in her dress like a sack... she called back to Baby "Just grab the rest Chars!". I questioned the order thinking that perhaps having a 20 month old "grab the rest" of your china tea set was misguided but I didn't interfere. I did manage to grab her up and buckle her in for the "real" tea party... with milk and cookies... that Kid was preparing (no spills!) since it was obvious that Kid had not thought about Baby's lack of fine motor skills when she set her a place at the table.

Kid looked like this:

Baby looked like this:

Kid thoughtfully reflected ... "Well, I guess I learned it's not such a good idea to invite a baby to a tea party."

True enough.
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