Friday, August 17, 2007


So last night after my workout, still potentially high on endorphins, I decided to walk to the park and meet up with Mr Furious and the girls. I say high on endorphins, because I decided to go to the park in my exercise clothes. I decided to do this on purpose. I even climbed onto the toilet to check myself out in the medicine cabinet before I left to confirm that "yes, yes, I do look like a post-workout bad ass" and decided all my peeps in the hood needed to see this for themselves. The whole way around the block I was quite impressed with my own self and thinking "oh I wish Marc & Marj (neighbors) were eating by their window so they could behold my transformation from postpartum frump to elite fitness bad ass.." Then I meet up with Family Furious. And the reason Mr. Furious and I are married becomes evident when I explain to him what a goddamn bad ass I am, he of course agrees, and offers that passersby will be thinking to themselves ..."ohhh she just got back from a run!" Exactly! So I thought I'd describe my bad ass ensemble to you all: 11 year old blue lycra blend capris, grey nursing sports bra... cause nothing says "bad ass" like a nursing sports bra... and a black maternity t-shirt. Yes I said it... MATERNITY! So since I'm not pregnant that means the amble front hangs down in the front. Oh and there were some cobwebby things on my left hand shoulder, I knew they were there.. they were there when I was working out the day before.. and I just left it. Now if that doesn't say "Future Olympian" I don't know what does!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

2... It's the Magic Number

Okay so I have barely lost any weight this week... we all knew that was going to happen. And so I feel I should cheer you all up with this little Mrs Furious weight loss stat: I may be down only 0.2 pounds since last week but get this people... I am down another freaking 2" off my waist!!! That's right I am fast approaching normal waist circumference! I can actually zip and button all my size 6 pants. Slight muffin top, yes, but ZIP and BUTTON! Even my slim fit jeans! So all is well. I am resigned to the fact, and anticipated it all along, that reaching 118 may take a while longer. But we all need goals. Dreams even. Lofty weight loss dreams...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful summer day here in Ann Arbor. So instead of heading downstairs to the treadmill and my nightly Tivo-fest I thought I'd mix it up and go for a bike ride. Even better I'd take Kid Furious so we could have some quality time. Well keep in mind I was pregs last summer so that means it had been nearly 2 years since I rode my bike... and 2 years since I rode it with 40+ lbs of lead strapped into a bike seat suspended over my rear wheel. Also keep in mind that the child seat has a weight limit of 40 lbs... which might be a safety warning due to the actual engineering of said child seat or it might be a safety warning of a more cardiovascular nature! Okay so I head down the driveway cautiously so as not to wipe out on all the goddamn hickory nuts all over the place and embarrass myself in front of Mr. "I commute to work" Furious. Then I tackle my first hill thinking "my god... I thought I was reasonably fit.. I'm going to die and it has only been 3 minutes!!!" But I made it, over hill and dale for 30 minutes. My legs were jelly by the time we got home. And despite stretching for 20 minutes afterward and then doing a half hour of pilates I still felt like I had been hit by a truck this morning... and then run over a few more times before it was through with me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blah, Blah, blah....

So I made the menu, did my shopping, at 2 stores, because I am: anal, picky, brand loyal, and organics obsessed. This of course means that it takes me a couple hours (with 4 year old and 6 month old in tow) to do my essential shopping. I think that is a big part of my resistance to meal planning, etc. Honestly I usually do whatever I can to postpone going. Which often means a little more takeout and "miracles from my pantry" style meals. This usually allows me to shop every week and a half, instead of every week... with Mr. Furious heading out on midnight runs for milk & bread :)
And truth be told I HATE to shop. I mean it. I don't like to shop for groceries, I don't like to shop for shoes, I don't like to shop period. It kills me that as a "stay at home mom" shopping is part of my job description. I know you are all rolling your eyes in disbelief... but it is true. There is a reason all my clothes are from Target.... it is a one stop shop... sponges? check. Kid Furious's meds? check. New spring skirt? check. Frappuccino? check. Huge cart so whiny 4 year old doesn't have to walk? check. What more could I ever want?
Okay, okay, back to the matters at hand. Despite my shopping phobia I am being won over by the meal planning. It is such a huge relief to start my day knowing what I'm making and being able to prep earlier in the day when I get a chance... which is rare since I spend literally 4 hours a day wearing Baby Furious in a sling and bouncing on an exercise ball! Baby wearing pretty much negates my ability to clean or organize during the day! Thank god I can still type ;) So I will give it an honest go. I'm also going to plan a weekly treat to have on hand. I'm looking for something in the 120 calorie range(or 120 for half)... it needs to be rich and sickening. Send me your suggestions. I need to mix it up... 3 straight weeks of cookie dough has gotten old.


For anyone who wonders when I have time to do all this blogging... I'm *multitasking* marsupial style!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This Week The Plan

Alright I sucked it up and made a menu...

Monday: Shrimp & Orzo w/ Fresh Tomato Sauce
Tuesday: Leftover Pulled Pork & Coleslaw (and no the root beer pulled pork is not better)
Wednesday: Flank Steak, Potatoes & Corn on the Cob (clear Furious household favorite)
Thusday: Frittata & Salad
Friday: Take-out
Saturday: Chicken Fajitas
Sunday: Sliced Flank Steak w/ thai cucumber salad & store bought spring rolls

And my first ever readers poll:

Should I make more Chocolate Cookie Dough?

I finished 'em off tonight. Do I make more and stick with what has been working? Or has it been a big coincidence anyway?

Recipe of the Day

Carrot Salad

4 medium carrots, peeled
2 small apples (I used pink lady), peeled and cored
1 T fresh lemon juice
1 T honey
1/3 c mayo (I used lite)
1/3 c raisins
1/3 c hot water

In food processor with shredding attachment, shred carrots and apples. In serving bowl whisk mayo, honey, and lemon juice. In separate bowl soak raisins in hot water for a few minutes (3-5 not 20!). Drain raisins and add with the carrots and apples to serving bowl. Toss to coat (I use my hands). This is not heavily dressed so do not be alarmed, there is just enough to coat.

4 servings... 165 each

The Week... In Review

Okay here's how it all went down. I did in fact cook all my scheduled meals, with one deviation... okay two... I made peanut noodles with the steak and salad on Thursday... Steak and salad just didn't seem that filling. Friday I just couldn't get worked up to cook so we had take out and then I pulled it together and made the salmon on Saturday and I am currently slow cooking the pulled pork as I write this. In root beer... I'll let you all know how that turns out. So did it save me money? I'm not sure but it was probably one of the least stressful cooking weeks I've had in a long time, and I didn't end up throwing stuff out that I didn't get around to using. I'm kind of stuck now trying to think of a new menu for this coming week... I can't just repeat, can I?
I also have been kicking ass on the cleaning. Yes I know most of you probably already do things like wipe off your stove, but we Furious' tend to be a wee bit lazy... So after my massive pantry overhaul and floor cleaning.. I vacuumed on Friday (I know shocking! I even vacuumed the stairs!) I cleaned the stove, bathroom and stainless appliances. I've also been trying to keep things picked up as I go. And Yes it is easier but it does take some getting used to. I mean my natural tendency is to see something on the floor and think "I'll get it later" Unfortunately that is everyone is the Furious household's natural tendency so our floors, counters, tables can become quite cluttered. I do think maybe there is something to feeling more in control of my body and that freeing up more psychic energy that I can devote to organizing my environment. We'll see. It is hard to stick to stuff if I don't have the whole family on board. Being organized is great, but if in so doing you become homicidal than maybe it isn't worth it....
So over all a pretty good week. I have accepted that fact that in order to get stuff done I have to actually do it. Sounds a lot like dieting ;)

I've updated my "Weight loss Story" at the bottom of the page. I'm getting more traffic than I had anticipated, and realize that you might not all know how this all began. The new version is quite long winded.... but thorough!

The Evidence

While Family Furious enjoys our "white trash" pool...

Mrs. Furious is indoors tackling "Project Organization 2007" mission: paperwork
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