Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pirate Booty

Guess what our hotel is next to?
I spent a good hour hunting on the other side of ponds and sand traps.
I then spent a half hour lying on my stomach, at the 17th hole, trying to roll the balls in.
Unfortunately, my travel dress now has sap all over the front, and I look like I went a little crazy with a syrup dispenser.
Thankfully the good people at the McDonalds drive thru don't seem to be so judgey-judgey on the appearance front.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The other day we drove up the road a bit to see (and hear) the Ringing Rocks.

It's this huge field of boulders, which is somewhat awe inspiring in and of itself.

But the crazy thing is that they ring in different tones when you strike them like bells, or dinner plates, or something else of that sort.
You can see the light colored hollows where many a hammer have gone before us.

We came armed with hammers and wrenches. (FYI hammers work best)

Right before we left, I realized that the pictures would be meaningless without an audio to go with it:
Sadly not the best ring to capture but you get the gist.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

No wishes necessary.

I already got to pick a deer tick off of Baby's ass... and that was all the excitement I needed to feel fulfilled.

It's good to be here. My Dad is a very kind and loving grandfather. We've been swimming and hot tubbing and... apparently... ticking. I hope to post pictures of their amazing house (converted 1700s barn) and crazy bamboo forest (over 150 varieties) and exotic gardens and koi ponds and whatnot. A botanist used to own this house and it has a mysterious secret garden sort of feel. It's also psychotically dangerous as the entire property is steeper than a 45 degree angle and practically vertical with stone steps to climb and crack your head open on. Barn stairs are highly polished wood and only 5 inches deep and almost completely vertical. It's a horrific death trap. The kids love it. Baby is a *do- it-yourself-er* and so my dad, his wife, and I are pretty much on verge of cardiac arrest at all times.

That's all.

I don't have to clean or cook.

What more could I want?
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