Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life Lessons

If you accept less than you are worth... People will start to treat you like that is all you are worth.

Don't work 60- 80 hours a week for people who promise you things... work 60- 80 hours a week for people who actually deliver.

Better yet, don't except a job at a temporary title and pay demotion... pretty soon it's 2 years later and you are being told you haven't *earned* a promotion by your supervisor (to the title you were originally hired for and preform the duties of) despite never having a poor performance review and being told repeatedly that you are "irreplaceable".

If your boss calls you at home and says they are giving you a substantial raise... Don't get mad when 8 weeks later you still haven't received it and then are told there really wasn't a raise to offer... that will only get you blacklisted for any further promotions or raises.  In fact you'll be told that all promotions and raises will now go through your direct supervisor (see above).

Also if you find out that very same supervisor is stealing your creative content for his own personal gain... Despite the fact that it is both illegal and an ethical violation of your supervisory relationship, don't expect HR to back you on that.  

The End.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Moment You Realize...

Those aren't muddy paw prints all over your house.
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