Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wherein My Favorite Child Is Revealed

"If someone said

their mom was

just a stay-at-home mom

 I would say

'My mom

is not


a stay-at-home mom.'"

Kid announced at dinner.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Had Quite A Run Going

For a minute I thought I had figured out how to fit blogging back into my daily(ish) life.

I guess not.

#1  We are right in the midst of peak fall foliage around here.  It makes my commute so much more bearable.

#2  This week Mr F got some kind of a stomach bug.  He's been sleeping in Kid's guest bed all week to try and keep it to himself.  Let's be real, the last thing I need during my commute 2 hours a day is to have diarrhea.  So far my plan has worked.

#3  So, when Baby had a nightmare sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday, I just pulled back the covers and she got in.

Well, no, first I said "Do you have to go potty?"
She said "No."
We went to sleep.
I woke up to a cold wet bed.  :(

Baby has only had one other accident in her life and it was Mr F's fault because he forgot to take her to the bathroom before bed.  It's weird that I even asked her, I've never done that before... it must have been a psychic premonition.  I should have obviously listened to myself more.

It's been 3 days and my mattress isn't completely dry.

I can't believe after all the years of co-sleeping and nursing babies and toddlers that this is THE FIRST TIME anyone has wet my bed!  Of course, on a normal night she would have been snuggled back to sleep in her own bed, which has a pee protector pad (not for pee mind you but for the inevitable stomach flu).  So, anyway, I've been dealing with that nightmare all week.  Including the use of the shopvac... which did seem to help dry deeper into the pillowtop.

Baby's secret plan worked because I've been bunking with her all week.

#4  Mr F has also had closing week at his new job.  There have been late nights (not as late as before, but after bedtime)... so the honeymoon is over.  He also ran into the old douche supervisor at Potbelly's.  I wish I could have been there to experience that awkward meet up.  Or not because I still want to maim him.

#5 Kid has had mostly good days at school but one ultra rough night.  I think it's the 2 steps forward one gigantic step back syndrome.  Things are definitely going better and I think, right now, the plan is to stick it out the entire year.  I don't think we'll return next year, but I do think it will be easiest for her emotionally not to leave mid-year.  Sticking it out through the whole year will allow us to make the best most informed decision about what to do next year.  I'm definitely more at ease knowing she is doing so well academically.  Did I tell you that their GPA is calculated DAILY?  Yes.  She's got 6 As and 2 B+s (as of today)... so, you know, it could be a hell of a lot worse.  And I have to say it really validates my teaching over the last two years!   We brought her up from the bottom of her class academically in 2nd grade public school (and 1st and K to be honest) to the top of her class at a very academically rigorous school.  It's a kind of ironic twist that it took sending her to school to validate the homeschooling.  But there you have it.  Seeing how well she can do, even under extraordinary stress, is eye opening.  We originally took her out of school because she was falling so behind that the teacher didn't believe she was capable... and we weren't sure what we'd find at home.  We knew she was smart but were open to academics being a road that might not demonstrate that intelligence in a direct way.  At home, I quickly saw her progress but had nothing to compare it to.  Now, I am extremely encouraged.  She was just a late academic bloomer (you know sometimes Steiner is right) and if I hadn't taken her out she would have never had the chance to skip ahead the way she has.  And if I hadn't put her in this school I might never have recognized how much she can handle and what she might be able to achieve academically.  So there's that.

#6  Baby started gymnastics this week.

She is IN LOVE.  This is a sport made for her.  Even more than dance.  Did I tell you she was asked to join the competitive dance team?  We had decided to wait until next year. Now I'm really glad we did because this might be where it is at.  And Lord knows you can't be doing competitive dance and gymnastics.  Unless you are homeschooling ;)

#7  Those of you not on Facebook missed this beauty:

Kid's covert spy notes taken during our Monday night dinner out.

#8 Halloween Sneak Peak:
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