Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering...

Since Saturday morning I've been completely grain free. I also haven't had to contend with my usual morning rocket-fuel-enema since then either. Which is a very good thing.

The digestive change was immediate... so... something to ponder. I've done every kind of elimination diet, and I just have never been able to figure out what triggers me. Which left me wondering if maybe it was hot food... sounds crazy... but seemed to be a factor. Cold food didn't bother me to the same level (usually). But eating only cold cereal didn't really change things. So then I thought maybe it's the HOT coffee.... because iced coffee didn't seem to add the rocket fuel to the breakfast clean out ;) But then I'd go off coffee and still have problems. Confused? Yes, I was too. Everything I tried seemed to work, but only under certain conditions.

Well, I've been drinking hot coffee every morning (still with half & half, that & butter are my only dairy), and I've been eating hot breakfast EVERY morning, and I've had no issues.

What is most interesting about this digestive change is that I'd actually been wheat free for 3 full years in the past (and for a period, completely gluten free) and been tested for celiac (negative) and I was still having digestive issues. They were improved, but not in any way cured, so eventually I went back to a regular diet. The whole thing has been confounding, and I've really tried to get answers. That's why, hitting my head against the wall I thought, could it really be hot fucking coffee? But here I am drinking coffee. And it's hot. And I'm not having my weird panicky hot flashes, shakes, and urgent bathroom visits. Imagine that EVERY morning for 20 years. It got to the point where, despite Mr F's extreme love of restaurant breakfasts, that we'd never go because I knew it would be like I'd been food poisoned for several hours afterward.

TMI, I know, but I also know that there are a lot of people out there that can relate.

What is most interesting is that it didn't take 14 days for the toxin to leave my body, the change was immediate. Also, my energy throughout the day is MUCH improved, I've been able to get back to my after dinner workouts and I'm not dragging myself down there. I should note that I've removed all white sugar (still have stevia & coconut sugar in my coffee & my muffins), so I know that helps, but since I'm not totally sugar free I haven't had any hard time adjusting. I also don't wake up famished, and don't need to snack all night (helps that there is nothing really to snack on!). I've also grown a long silky mane and a sparkly horn (just kidding). Not sure about weight loss, I didn't weigh myself first (d'oh!), but I do feel lighter. I'm not joking, I'd have thought I had lost 5 pounds... the truth is that I've, maybe, lost a pound or two (again can't be sure, but definitely not more than that). I'll know better from this point forward.

I really didn't need to ease into this. I think it helps that I'm not a dairy person to begin with (I don't drink milk, eat cheese, like yogurt or ice cream... believe it), and I've already done wheat free eating for a long time, so I kind of knew what to expect & that I could tolerate it. It also, certainly, helps that I have the ability to cook 3 meals a day. But I haven't been cranky, or hungry, or having withdrawal headaches... as I have had when doing other elimination diets.

Things are going so well that Mr F went to Whole Foods for lunch and bought himself a rotisserie chicken and a bag of carrots. He really cracks me up, sometimes. He's going Paleo starting today. Seeing before & after pictures of men's guts proved to be very influential ;)

Unfortunately, I've also already had 2 migraines... so... it's not a miracle cure.
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