Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey Ho

We've got another showing this morning, so there's hope.... right? Right.

The house is spic and span.

I said to Mr F last night "It's no joke how clean this house is. People don't get it... it's as clean as humanly possible."

And it is.

I've got to take some pride in the only things I can control these days.

I haven't worked out in 3 weeks. It's always amazing to me how quickly you can lose your will to carry on when you've had a break like that. It's as if I NEVER did it. You know?

I'll get back on that when we go North and I have more time, or at least have more time that isn't constantly interrupted by crises (knock on wood).

I've never wanted to have an RV more than I do know. It feels like some sort of an answer. Too bad that isn't going to happen right now. I'd like to have a space of my own that I could obsessively organize with cute little cubbies and whatnot.

It's hard being here now. Our house feels less and less like home, and more and more like a place to sleep and eat strange concoctions of non perishables from our pantry.... and a job. A serious, exhausting, never ending job.

We kind of shuttle around from one chunk of time to another, in the house between showings, driving around to random errands or time killers during them, not fully living. Not really cooking, not really playing.... just treading water, watching whatever crappy DVDs we can get from the library (the kids), and cleaning the bathroom AGAIN (me). It's been ridiculously hot and humid and the mosquitos are out in full force... so the kids are stuck in that awful summer trap of not wanting to be out but being bored to tears (or fights) by staying in.

This part will end soon at least.

We're heading up to Michigan on Monday (we think). Still haven't heard from the fence guy... but I can't wait here forever. Maybe our realtor will step up and actually help me with something... like... meeting the fence guy and showing him where to move it?

Or, maybe, the showing today will end with an offer?

Pretty please?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chin Up?

It's not.

I'm starting to really feel the pressure of 3+ months of separation, trying to sell a house in a down market without losing the kids college funds, and overall loneliness (for real peeps... it can be a bit much at times).

All in all, things are not going well for me. I need something to change soon.

I've got a good plan for the property/finance situation. We're moving the fence (as soon as the guy calls me back!!!). Then as of August 1st we're selling the lot, and refinancing the house (for less obviously, lower rates now too... bonus). That way I can pull out a majority of the equity we have locked up in the house & lot (unnecessarily at this point) and we will still have a lower mortgage on the house than we do now. I'll feel a whole lot better when we have real cash back in our hands and not trapped under this roof. Then we can move forward in Ann Arbor, put money down on the new house, and still reserve some to cover the carrying costs we'll have here until it sells. Again, hopefully it all sells before August 1st... but if not, I have a good solid plan.

I do have a lawn guy, and we came back from our trip, in part, to check and make sure he showed up and did what he said. He did.

On the tedium front, I've got the car inspected and renewed... also had to come back for that before the end of June. And on Friday I've got the car going to the shop for maintenance before we head out AGAIN. I've also got calls in to the fence guy (please call me back) and movers who are coming on Friday to give me some estimates (just in case). Then I'll feel like I can close up and head north until our house is in contract, and or we need to sell the lot and refinance, whichever comes first.

Assuming the fence guy can bump us up (please) we'll stay until the fence is moved. If that isn't going to happen in the next week then the girls and I will leave on Sunday or Monday and just trust the guy to do it right (we do-ish). Mr F is coming down to help me tie everything up and leave the house good for awhile (which involves a million small annoying tasks like replacing our porch flowers with drought tolerant ones, etc... the list is endless). I had to give him my old "Thundercats Ho!" call.... aka... crying into the phone completely overwhelmed by having to manage everything on my own. So plans were changed and he's coming down to help me load up and haul out the nasty rotting apples before we go (seriously... it's an overwhelming task), rather than having me drive up for Father's Day after pushing myself to the brink of my emotional/physical capabilities. It's just not worth the risk on that front, peeps.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Disappointed To Even Get Into It

Bad offer.
Not just low... obnoxiously low. 70% of asking price... which by the way is priced fairly and 30K less than our neighbors house which was just put on the market yesterday. We're looking at selling the lot since that seems to be the major hiccup... everyone wants the house and lot as one deal at house price. Sadly that ain't happenin' seeing as the lot is worth 60K and that's what we paid and that's what it's worth today. I'm looking at moving the fence to just enclose the house & it's parcel so the lot is clearly A SEPARATE LOT... not just a big bonus yard.
I'm crazy disappointed since these people came 3 freaking times and seemed serious... even their realtor apologized today for the bogus offer. Kind of wish I hadn't gone to Cost Plus World Market and window shopped for our new house yesterday. That just made it hurt more.
Oh and no word or movement on the Ann Arbor house either.
Oh and all the apple trees that line our property dropped their apples while I was gone and it smells you're swimming in a barrel of apple cider vinegar at our house now (not good).

Who knows when I'll be back.

Kind of wish I hadn't shut off our internet & tv.

Seriously, what was I thinking?!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just A Quick Note

To say....

Tomorrow (Monday) at 1 PM (Eastern... so set your clocks accordingly)

We are having a, as of yet elusive, but highly coveted, SECOND SHOWING!!!

Send all your mojo this way. We need it.

I'll return the favor.

I promise.

(1-2 PM tomorrow!, people... don't forget... we need you and your magic powers)

On The Road Again

We're headed back to Asheville to tie up some loose ends (register my car, oil change, car inspection, etc.... forward mail, water plants, kill slugs, etc... pack up some valuables, toys, & paperwork... my step!!!!!).

We'll be there this week and then we'll head north to Michigan on Friday. We should be up there in time for Father's Day with Mr F. I'll have driven 3000 miles in two weeks. I am, by now, thoroughly qualified to write a book about how to travel alone with kids. Maybe someday I will.

P.S. Please, someone, buy our house. I'm ready for the madness to end.
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