Sunday, June 13, 2010

On The Road Again

We're headed back to Asheville to tie up some loose ends (register my car, oil change, car inspection, etc.... forward mail, water plants, kill slugs, etc... pack up some valuables, toys, & paperwork... my step!!!!!).

We'll be there this week and then we'll head north to Michigan on Friday. We should be up there in time for Father's Day with Mr F. I'll have driven 3000 miles in two weeks. I am, by now, thoroughly qualified to write a book about how to travel alone with kids. Maybe someday I will.

P.S. Please, someone, buy our house. I'm ready for the madness to end.


HC said...

Good luck on your continuing travels -- just think, the long dark tea-time of your soul in Ashville is coming to a close! Michigan, HO!

G in Berlin said...

y fingers are crossed (and my thumbs pressed) for you.

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