Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Clear

We went to the hospital for Baby's cardiology appointment. She packed her new preschool backpack full of everything she could possibly stuff in there... just in case.

Which was smart, since she was able to wait for her tests in relative comfort.

(FYI Mr F was crying in this pic)

She was a total trooper. As always.

It really highlights the differences between Kid and Baby.

Kid has had an unfortunate amount of medical issues, but even the most basic appointment is really hard on her.

Baby just does what needs to be done.

And WHOA does that make it so much easier to get through.

(although I guess not on Mr F... )

Before the appointment she asked if she would have to get shots.

I explained to her that they would just listen to her and take some pictures.

"Oh good, I don't think I could be brave as a knight for THREE shots!" she said.

She's so cute.

And thankfully she's also perfectly healthy.

She does have two different murmurs, yes TWO, but they are both innocent and are in no way a health concern.


I even let her get one of those nasty Monster High dolls she's been begging me for in congratulations.

I already regret it.

It's really, really creepy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Update

Mr F spent every day of this long weekend either at work or taking what was a two brick repair into a full fledge 3 day project...
(let's call this Hyperfocus Exhibit A)

Since Mr F was preoccupied all day anyway, I decided to bump up our 1st day of school and started on Sunday...

Kid was thrilled. Getting back to the grind proved to be a bit of a rude awakening after 3 months off. There was some blowback. Thankfully our 2nd day (today) went off without a hitch.

Baby actually was thrilled, since I bought her some workbooks of her own. She starts at the community preschool in two weeks... she already has her backpack packed.

Favorite picture of the weekend...

Baby's "Chicago" street scene set up. I just loved this.

Least favorite picture of the weekend...
We did manage to pull Mr F away for a couple of hours to visit the zoo with us on Monday. Here is Kid actually crying about the animal she ended up with on the carousel... for real, and yes, I expressed my displeasure (then fixed it for her... don't worry). But this also happens to be the exact same face she was giving me all through our first day of homeschooling... in case you needed help envisioning it. It was a pleasure.

OH and good news... I called the cardiologist today to check for cancelations and got our appointment bumped up to TOMORROW. Whew. I really couldn't imagine waiting another 3 weeks for answers (especially since I'm now getting up every couple of hours to make sure she's still alive in her bed).
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