Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little (Miss)construed

"Pick your shoes up and put them away." Mr F directs the kids as they kick their shoes off in the kitchen.

"I'm not your slave!" Baby responds, more than a little put off by the suggestion.

"They are your shoes, you'll put them away." Mr F responds.

Baby begrudgingly complies, than marches back into the kitchen...

"Dad wants me to be my own SLAVE!" A very disgruntled Baby informs me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Up

Well like all great weight loss plans, mine was working I just up and stopped following it a week and a half ago.

Sound familiar?

I hate when I can be so predictable.

Subsequently, I have... NOT... lost any more weight.

What can I say? These psychological injuries run deep.

Back with the program TODAY. TODAY. I SWEAR.

On other fronts....

I am profoundly happy, people.

Believe it.

This year has really been about reclaiming my happiness.

Taking risks.

And reaping their rewards.

Follow your dreams, peeps.

I made lots of major decisions in this past year... and they were HARD, hard decisions.

And we bucked the trends and did things that just weren't *normal* and that had major chances for complete failure...


It all worked out.

And we are ALL happier than ever.


Take that crazy low paying job half way cross the country... risk losing the equity in your home... your situation can't change if you don't change it.

Take your kid out of school... take a step into the unknown... risk other people's judgements.... follow your gut... you know what is right and you know what is wrong.

Take your ego out of your marriage... risk your sacrifice not being met.... put everything out there... find what you lost.

So really, it's kind of hard for me to care too much about vanity weight.

I'm actually living my dream life.

Oh and I'm turning tablecloths into curtains.

What's next?! Maybe soon I'll have an actual social life?

PS if you think the marriage plan won't work for you... that your problems are too far gone... that you need more than a phone alarm... TRY IT! Try it, please. Really, I would never have thought that it would have this profound of a difference. But it has. It is just like daily affirmations, or morning meditation, or whatever else you might do for some other part of your life. Starting everyday on the right foot really does change the direction of your day. Think about it.... no.... do it. Then see.
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