Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hippity Hoppity

Of all the gift bearing mammals

I have the pleasure of impersonating...

I have to say, The Bunny

Is the most fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Just Like Being There (you are so welcome)

#1 Woke up to a fresh couple inches of snow:

Which made my earlier procrastination of putting away the winter stuff totally justified!  Snow pants by the door is right where we needed them this morning.  (Self, you are welcome!)

#2 I've been really struggling to get back into any sort of normal routine since... Mexico...and then being sick... and then the road trip.  My internal clock is totally messed up,  I keep waking up ALL NIGHT.  It is the worst.

#3  I finally got in a good workout, today.  I've really only managed a handful since Mexico (curse you, Mexico!).  I hate how quickly I can fall out of a routine that I put some many months into creating.  I have to keep reminding myself that this hump (of self sabotage, masked as "justifiable exhaustion" or "urgent paperwork filing") is short lived and I have to just "fake it till I make it" and in a week I'll be back  on top of things.

#4  I did this today:

Yep, I tore a million pieces of decorative tape to tape up an old Easter project of Kid's to the window (See #3).  I finally snapped out of it, was able to call a spade a spade, and forced myself on the treadmill (also, See #3).  So... success on the sabotage front.  Plus, bonus, I know have a trifecta of holiday decorations up all at once.

#5  At the dentist today, I found out that Baby will have a gap between her adult front teeth. I figured Baby's fans would want to know this urgent dental update.  She is all set to be the next Lauren Hutton.  Phew.

#6  Tonight at bedtime, Baby was relating something to Mr F & I and said:
"That's just because I hypermelonated because I was crying."  We didn't correct her.  We're on the losing end with funny kid mispronunciations and we'll miss them when they are gone.

#7 I'm reading August: Osage County by Tracy Letts.  I've laughed pretty hard.  I'll be interested to see the movie, now.  Although Mr F hates Dermot Mulroney more than he hates Jessica Fletcher...

#8  I made this soup for dinner.  With these rolls.  I make the rolls in the mixer with a dough hook.  After I divide the dough into rolls I leave 8 out for dinner to rise & pop the rest in the freezer.  These are the girls' absolute favorite rolls.  They're good.

#9 Oh, also, I obsessed A LOT today about why the parent at school I talked to about carpooling has not responded to my return email.  (P.S. they probably hate me/think I'm crazy, etc... right?!?)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Mr F heaves himself onto the couch and queries aloud:

"What new show are we going to watch?"

"I've been thinking of watching...

 Murder She Wrote"  I reply deadpan.

"What is that bullshit??  Jesus Christ.  No, I don't want to watch that."  Mr F spews.

"Give me something else. Give me something else." He continues, muttering to himself,

clearly shaken by old Jessica Fletcher memories.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Long Story Short: I Did Stuff

I opened the windows today. (High of 77)

I tried to read this... and then after a bit wondered why I was still reading it and stopped.

I cleaned all the spiderwebs out of our front screened in porch, wiped off all the dust from the window ledges and vacuumed the furniture.

I took the change in weather as a sign I should take down our large wreath which has been hanging on the side of our house since before the snow in December.

And the Christmas lights left on a bush Mr F missed last week.

I picked up all the sleds and snowball makers, ski poles, and igloo flags that have found themselves deposited from the mouths of snow caves onto our lawn.

The girls played outside for 6 hours, making fairy houses and working on their "island".

I taught Baby two lessons from the math curriculum I just ordered, since she is having trouble with the one her school is using.

I brushed off our outdoor table and pulled it from the eaves so that tonight's impending thunderstorm might help wash off the cemented dust and grime of the last 7 months.

I half heartedly raked out one of our garden beds, during which time I thought about how I'd like less structured garden beds at my next house.

I went to the grocery store.

I made pizza.

I changed out Baby's duvet for a lighter one, since she was too hot last night.

I read this article.

I paid Kid's tuition and realized I only have one more payment to go... Europe you are getting closer.

I made oatmeal-banana-scotchies muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.  (they're good)

And I'm even showing up, here.  (which is still taking concerted effort)

I have to say, I started my day feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to be done around here.  We are still not fully unpacked from our trip to Mexico.  I did do our taxes but we went out of town again before I could process all the papers from this year.  Our piano is still festively dressed in both Christmas and Valentine's Day decorations.  There are piles of snowsuits by our front door....

But now, at the end of the day... just writing down what I did accomplish... despite the glaringly obvious fact that I didn't do any of the things I said I needed to (whatever)... I do feel a lot better... at least I didn't just cave and watch Survivorman on Netflix all day.

Which considering I just got home from a grueling two day drive with the kids... is saying something.

Particularly since Baby has misinterpreted her classroom's free play rule of "everybody is in charge of themselves" to mean that she doesn't have to listen to me anymore.

Which resulted in more than a few tense moments on the road...

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