Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Just Like Being There (you are so welcome)

#1 Woke up to a fresh couple inches of snow:

Which made my earlier procrastination of putting away the winter stuff totally justified!  Snow pants by the door is right where we needed them this morning.  (Self, you are welcome!)

#2 I've been really struggling to get back into any sort of normal routine since... Mexico...and then being sick... and then the road trip.  My internal clock is totally messed up,  I keep waking up ALL NIGHT.  It is the worst.

#3  I finally got in a good workout, today.  I've really only managed a handful since Mexico (curse you, Mexico!).  I hate how quickly I can fall out of a routine that I put some many months into creating.  I have to keep reminding myself that this hump (of self sabotage, masked as "justifiable exhaustion" or "urgent paperwork filing") is short lived and I have to just "fake it till I make it" and in a week I'll be back  on top of things.

#4  I did this today:

Yep, I tore a million pieces of decorative tape to tape up an old Easter project of Kid's to the window (See #3).  I finally snapped out of it, was able to call a spade a spade, and forced myself on the treadmill (also, See #3).  So... success on the sabotage front.  Plus, bonus, I know have a trifecta of holiday decorations up all at once.

#5  At the dentist today, I found out that Baby will have a gap between her adult front teeth. I figured Baby's fans would want to know this urgent dental update.  She is all set to be the next Lauren Hutton.  Phew.

#6  Tonight at bedtime, Baby was relating something to Mr F & I and said:
"That's just because I hypermelonated because I was crying."  We didn't correct her.  We're on the losing end with funny kid mispronunciations and we'll miss them when they are gone.

#7 I'm reading August: Osage County by Tracy Letts.  I've laughed pretty hard.  I'll be interested to see the movie, now.  Although Mr F hates Dermot Mulroney more than he hates Jessica Fletcher...

#8  I made this soup for dinner.  With these rolls.  I make the rolls in the mixer with a dough hook.  After I divide the dough into rolls I leave 8 out for dinner to rise & pop the rest in the freezer.  These are the girls' absolute favorite rolls.  They're good.

#9 Oh, also, I obsessed A LOT today about why the parent at school I talked to about carpooling has not responded to my return email.  (P.S. they probably hate me/think I'm crazy, etc... right?!?)

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