Friday, May 2, 2008

Please Leave A Message....

Are you enjoying yourself?
I'm not.
It's 9:30 Friday night.
Call me back."

Problems And Solutions

It rained today. Can you tell?

How else do you think I can walk the dog?

Don't worry I'm only walking him a few hundred feet!


Okay apparently the thing I'm finding a hard time fitting in while Mr F is gone is blogging. Who knew? I'm not really sure why... except that I usually use my down time to think of things to blog about... and without that apparently my mind is an empty void.

Here are some things to ponder as you see fit:

#1 While at Target I discovered that one of the aisles is partly a "Natural Beauty Products" aisle. Now I've noticed that before but now they have a huge sign saying that they pledge these products to be Paraben free, Phthalate free, and SLS free. So check it out next time you're there.

#2 Trash. We need to reduce our trash output. It's ridiculous. I'm looking into composting... but I'm not exactly excited about it. Not into the worm variety (although oddly I do love worms). I saw a show featuring the "Tumbleweed" composter.

#3 Mr F thinks Jon from Jon & Kate plus 8 is ugly. I don't see it.... but he's adamant about it.

#4 Mr F is not calling me. WTF?

Mr F finally called. Things seem to be going well. Is it just me or is it weird that he'll be sleeping at the publisher/owner's Asheville apartment tonight... with the owner.... ??!?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's Goin' On

Because It's Almost Mother's Day

Yesterday my best friend sent me a link to one of the funniest sites I've been to in awhile.
It's called Postcards From Yo Momma...
And yes it is just as funny as you imagine it will be.

Here's one of the humorous gems I stumbled upon last night....

nasal irrigator

In other news, your father asked me this morning if he could borrow my nasal irrigator. I got very excited, thinking he was being pro-active in fighting the cold that’s got him sniffling non-stop already. Turns out he just wanted to use the irrigator to inject jelly into the croissants he was baking. I could write a fucking book.

I’ve got to buckle down now and read this new script.


Sounds like something I would write to Kid in a few years....

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

So last night I was running downstairs after dealing with Baby and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing my "Shrinking Woman" uniform of old nursing sports bra and capris. I haven't actually worn this in awhile because... um... the bra is no longer "supportive".

I know I've said it before lately... but... I was really taken aback by how thin I looked. What a striking comparison to my original "before" picture!

Just out of curiosity I pulled up the last progression shot I took back in December when I first reached the 110 zone. Allegedly, according, to my fancy scale I not only weigh about the same but also have similar body fat %.
I kind of doubt it...
Me in December:

Me Now:

Come on Tanita... give me my props!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Regrets... Part Two

Because A Promise Is A Promise

Remember... oh... one week ago when I wrote this:
"If you say something that is rude or disrespectful I'm going to post it. Period."

Well it didn't take long for another opportunity to present itself.
I share this with you not just because it fits in the "rude and disrespectful" category but because it fits in the "stupid" category as well.

Today I received this comment in regards to yesterday's Canine post:

"Any dog would do this . . .it's just the way they are. If it ticks you off then you shouldn't have a dog. Stop being so immature, buck up and deal with it!!"

Here is my thoughtful response for your perusal:

"Any dog would do this . . .it's just the way they are."
Yeah... I get that.

It's called humor.... it's kind of what I'm known for.


Want to know one of my biggest regrets?

The thing I think about when I wake in the night?

Tripping Steve Higgs in 12th grade.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Guess Who I Hate Most Right Now

The Evidence:

New Day.... New Goddamn Offender:

This Week The Plan

Well it appears that without even noticing the passage of time it is nearly May. WTF?! I feel like I have barely been kept afloat and all the "projects" that we intended to get down have just been left stagnating.
Once you have kids time passes at warp speed. I just looked at the calendar and practically had a panic attack. May?!? How can that be? Mr F's 40th is in 2 weeks! Mr F's parents are coming in 10 short days! Mr F is headed to North Carolina on Thursday! Needless to say the basement is not purged, guest quarters have not been arranged, and our house has been taken over by ants (and I'm not bug squeamish but it is out of control even by my standards).

Okay I'm getting anxious just thinking about all that stuff...
Onto this week:


Monday - Salmon Caesar Salad

Tuesday - Chicken Parm Cutlets w/Spaghetti & Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday - Kid F & Mr F date night

Mr F Out of Town Thru Sunday:

Thursday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia fishsticks & Asparagus

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Pasta Salad

Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Errands & Chores

Monday - vacuum, laundry & grocery shopping

Tuesday - pay bills, grocery shopping

Thursday - Target returns!, fold & put away laundry

Friday - vacuum upstairs & clean bathtub

Saturday & Sunday - try not to kill myself

Diet & Exercise:
Well I spent last week sucessfully eating all the treats up in the house. Now they are gone and I can move forward. I am going to try and stay really focused on making "healthy" choices during the week and then relax on the weekends. I'm not trying to lose weight but I would like to break the bad habits that might keep me from maintaining if I'm not careful. I'd also really like to stop modeling the need for a dessert after every meal... Baby is catching on!
As for exercise I'm not excelling... lets just leave it at that. I'm going to try harder (although with Mr F out of town that may prove more difficult). I'm going to pump out 3 really good workouts before he leaves and then shoot for some long stroller walks on the weekend.

Stress & Anxiety:
Is Mr F getting a job in Asheville?!?! Sweet Jesus... I cannot even begin to wrap my ahead around all the work we'll have to get done around here if we're moving! Yowza!!
Not to mention the in-laws are coming....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earth Day Snafu... Updated For Your Enjoyment

I'm back with more:

With all the hubbub this year surrounding "Earth Day" and all the "Earth Week" shows and promotions that fact that Tuesday was in fact "Earth Day" kind of came and went unnoticed. Thank God I have Oprah on Tivo or I might have missed it all together.
Oprah actually had a pretty good informative show on. If you missed it you can catch up at her SITE. They did a really good job of explaining the importance of Organic food in your efforts to go Green. And they reminded me of something I keep forgetting to pass along... the importance of skincare. Did you know that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body? Ever noticed all those long unpronounceable words on the back of your lotions and shampoo? My video cuts out just as I was getting to the good stuff (of course) but they did a great job of breaking it down for you on the Oprah show... you can read it HERE. Skin care is still a relatively new area of change for us. We've gotten the kids' products switched over but there are a few things we're still set in our ways about and a bevy of products left to use up.
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