Friday, May 2, 2008

Problems And Solutions

It rained today. Can you tell?

How else do you think I can walk the dog?

Don't worry I'm only walking him a few hundred feet!


Kiki said...

Still in PA, but had to check in and see how the Furious clan is making usual, you are keeping me smiling!!! I hope all is well there and that Mr.F feels good about the job opportunity.

Thinking of you though and wanted to check in since I know you have big things going on there!!!

Take care!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for checking in! :)

You'll be happy to know I got Mr F some fabulous Gap Straight fit pants (kind of a khaki pinstripe) for his business casual look this weekend. Fantastic... and only $16.99!!! I've been really lucking out there lately.

His interviews seem to be going really well. If they like him we'll probably be moving out in about a month or so.... Yikes!

Deb said...

Well, it's not like there were open flames around them or anything like that, and when the dog's gotta go, the dog's gotta go.

I'm actually jealous that I've never thought of this.

Deb said...

BTW, still loving the hair. It even works with the rain.

Robin said...

Hmmmm, I wonder if Kent would hang out in the pack-n-play. Great idea.

I wouldn't dream of calling CPS. Christmas eve, after Kara went to bed, we went walking around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. We had Kent with us, and since she was only 1 year, she couldn't get out of bed if she woke up. :) We were only gone about 20 mintutes, but I felt really guilty about it.

Mrs Furious said...

it might only work because KId is so removed from being confined that she thinks she's doing something cool...

In fact I just had to take it down because she's driving me crazy climbing in and pretending to be a "baby".

20 mins huh? That makes me feel much better. I also left them in the car while I got pizza (I parked in front of the store people!)... but still I was a little nervous (I locked the car people!).

"It even works with the rain."
you think?
I feel like Bozo the Clown....

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