Monday, April 28, 2008

This Week The Plan

Well it appears that without even noticing the passage of time it is nearly May. WTF?! I feel like I have barely been kept afloat and all the "projects" that we intended to get down have just been left stagnating.
Once you have kids time passes at warp speed. I just looked at the calendar and practically had a panic attack. May?!? How can that be? Mr F's 40th is in 2 weeks! Mr F's parents are coming in 10 short days! Mr F is headed to North Carolina on Thursday! Needless to say the basement is not purged, guest quarters have not been arranged, and our house has been taken over by ants (and I'm not bug squeamish but it is out of control even by my standards).

Okay I'm getting anxious just thinking about all that stuff...
Onto this week:


Monday - Salmon Caesar Salad

Tuesday - Chicken Parm Cutlets w/Spaghetti & Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday - Kid F & Mr F date night

Mr F Out of Town Thru Sunday:

Thursday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia fishsticks & Asparagus

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Pasta Salad

Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Errands & Chores

Monday - vacuum, laundry & grocery shopping

Tuesday - pay bills, grocery shopping

Thursday - Target returns!, fold & put away laundry

Friday - vacuum upstairs & clean bathtub

Saturday & Sunday - try not to kill myself

Diet & Exercise:
Well I spent last week sucessfully eating all the treats up in the house. Now they are gone and I can move forward. I am going to try and stay really focused on making "healthy" choices during the week and then relax on the weekends. I'm not trying to lose weight but I would like to break the bad habits that might keep me from maintaining if I'm not careful. I'd also really like to stop modeling the need for a dessert after every meal... Baby is catching on!
As for exercise I'm not excelling... lets just leave it at that. I'm going to try harder (although with Mr F out of town that may prove more difficult). I'm going to pump out 3 really good workouts before he leaves and then shoot for some long stroller walks on the weekend.

Stress & Anxiety:
Is Mr F getting a job in Asheville?!?! Sweet Jesus... I cannot even begin to wrap my ahead around all the work we'll have to get done around here if we're moving! Yowza!!
Not to mention the in-laws are coming....


Deb said...

Good luck to Mr. F.

My favorite part of moving is the purging that MUST happen. Suddenly, things become so much less important to you when you have to pay for a box to pack them in and watch them take up space in a moving van.

angie said...

Bad luck to Mr. F. (sorry, i am a selfish bitch).

Piece of advice, get knocked up and then the months drag on and on and on and on. ;-)

Good luck this week. If you need any entertainment, call us. We now live at the parks and love long walks in the stroller.

P.O.M. said...

Agh I'm feelin' your anxiety. Or maybe it's just my own. ha ha.

Danielle said...

Yikes! Sounds like you may have some big changes coming up! Like a previous blogger noted, the best thing about moving is the purging! I'm in the process of getting ready to move and (most likely) downsizing, so there's been some purging here...emotional AND physical.

Margo said...

Good luck (to you and Mr. F)! I threw out all the bad stuff this morning that we shouldn't have purchased and now aren't going to eat while we do the initial phase of South Beach. Now to get back to the exercise program too...

Julie said...

Bad luck to Mr. F. (sorry, i am a selfish bitch).

Angie, LOL!!

Hang in there this weekend:)

Jenny O. said...

Oh, I love Asheville. We live about two hours away and my sister and family lives there. We visit as often as possible. If you are interested in hearing about some must-visit spots, let me know. It's a wonderful place, full of culture and amazing people.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, if there is a move we are both extremely excited about the purge potential!
Moving van?!? We are way past the self-move at this point in our lives ;)
Paying mover's to come in and pack the stuff up was the best money I've ever spent in my life!! Once you do that you can never go back.
Not one dish was broken.... I still love you crazy packing man!

"Piece of advice, get knocked up and then the months drag on and on and on and on."
I've been there and done that.... and it is never happening again!

Oops... sorry about that. Anxiety is absolutely contagious.

I'm happy to hear from you.
It sounds like you're heading in the right direction. Good luck.

I just went grocery shopping and it was all I could do not to repurchase my snack stash!!! But I prevailed. (I did get a bakery muffin... but whatever that is just one snack not a week's worth!)

I almost bought alcohol for the weekend.. but then I thought that if I was the only adult in the house I best stay sober just in case.

Mrs Furious said...

Jenny O,
I haven't heard one bad thing about Asheville yet!
I'll let you know. They've got him all booked up with different events and whatnot for this weekend. If he gets it then I'll want some info for when we all go down.

Mr Furious said...

Quit jinxing me/us!

Deb said...

LOL... silly girl... I made no mention of self-moving. In fact, this last move to Minneapolis from St. Paul was the first time I'd even packed us in years! Corporate moves ROCK.

Let me know if you need my handy-dandy moving to-do list. It's quite thorough and time-tested.

Kiki said...

Deb, I'll need that list...I'm moving to the eagle house in October, which is only 15 min, from my current home...but still a list, I can't pass that up!!!

Mrs.F, Asheville is freaking close...I'm just saying, back on the East coast as far as I'm concerned!!! Come on Mr.F, turn on the charm!!!!! Oh, and if it reduces the stress, I've moved 27 times in my life, I'll meet you in Asheville and help you move in if you want!!! Weird to offer?? I hope not!!

Mrs Furious said...

"Let me know if you need my handy-dandy moving to-do list."
I'm scared...

You're blogging early tonight ;)

I'm so glad you bought the eagle house.

As for the job I really hope it works out... I have a really good feeling that this would be a good move for us.

And no, not weird to offer! I would love to have you come up (but I would not ever make you move anything!).

Torey said...

We love Asheville. It's the A2 of the south. But maybe even a little bit cooler! I love it there.

I would be sad to see y'all leave, but I wish the best for the Furious Family. As long as you still blog from NC!

Mrs Furious said...

As I said to my therapist... "thank God I can take the blog with me!"

I'm excited to find out what happens this weekend. We really have no idea if he'll come home knowing what's going on or not.

Cara said...

Good luck getting through this! I hope if you do move, it will be a good move for you :-)

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