Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Would Not Have Been Possible A Year Ago

Hell, lets be real. This wouldn't have been possible even a month ago.

No, not the quilting.
Although I have had the fabric and all the tools for... oh... well over 2 years.
So, yes, maybe the quilting too now that I think about it.

What I mean more specifically is this:

See Mr F standing over my fabric. My most favorite fabric... which I have coveted for over 2 years?

He's about to cut it.

And I'm letting him.

Seeing how long it was taking me to cut out the squares... and how sore it was making my hands... he offered to take over.

Sweet... yes?


But for a controlling perfectionist... let's just say... there would typically be no chance in hell that I would take him up on that offer.

Maybe that's why he offered in the first place? (just kidding)

But I've been working hard at letting things go lately.

So instead of saying "No" I took a minute. I stressed a bit. Thought about how many hours it would take me to cut it all myself. Then said "Yes" and walked away.

He cut them out.

I didn't obsess over how he was doing it. I gave him my tips and didn't look back.

And they came out beautifully.

And that's the lesson. I might have to take a risk that things won't be done exactly how I would do them when I accept help. But things will get done.

The kids might actually have matching bed spreads before they leave for college.

And that is the goal. Not having perfectly pristine fabric hanging up in my closet for the next 10 years because I'm too afraid to cut it.

So now, hopefully, I will take this and applying it to EVERYTHING else.

Drum Roll Please

Check out the new digs.

Vast improvement... No?

Don't Freak Out

I'm finally trying to figure out how to change things up around here.
You'd think with an Art Director for a freaking husband I'd have some kind of professional look by now.

Well you know what they say about cobbler's children.

No shoes.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Sure It Just Came Out Wrong

Last night while Mr F and I were watching The Bachelorette I thought I'd ask him some DEEP and pressing questions.

"So if we had been killed in a horrific car accident would you update the blog?" I ask.

"Probably. Probably before I told my parents." Mr F replies.

"Well, what if some of them wanted to attend my funeral?" I suggest.

"Oh... yeah... okay I'll get right on it." Mr F agrees.

"Plus you might really need the support." I offer.

"This has happened to other bloggers and they ended up getting a lot of support... hey you might even get remarried!" I continue.

"I could have a "Who wants to marry Mr F?" Bachelor kind of contest." Mr F adds.

Okay. That's not exactly where I was going with it.... but... whatever.

I guess Mr F has his grief plan.

It would be worse if I didn't already have my own.

Let's review them together shall we?

Mrs F's Grief Plan

To sell our house and our belongings (they'd just stir up painful memories) and buy an RV. Travel the country with the girls for a year while processing our grief and writing about our experience in my soon to be published book "Grief Tour" (which will of course be made into a movie).

Mr F's Grief Plan

To date all my eligible readers.

Notice the notable lack of grief in Mr F's plan?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack

I have a lot to say.

I could write a book about everything that has happened over the past 33 days.

But, first, I'll start with a letter:

Dear Mr Truck Driver,

While I completely understand the need/urge to pee in a bottle... and... believe me... if I could have peed in a bottle (I have) while driving (I haven't) I would have on multiple occasions during this trip. However, may I suggest you find a little nook or cranny inside your cab where you could stash it until you can find a good place to throw it away?!! I mean... instead of tossing it out of your passenger window where it will bounce 3 times before striking my front fender?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Until we meet again...

Yours truly,

Mrs F

This Trip Has Been Made Possible By

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Just Like Being There

"Now you can see how stupid you look when you're singing." Kid says.

"I think I look awesome." Mrs F retorts.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things You Should Know Before You Start A 2800 Mile Summer Driving Trip

When you ask your kids if they have to go potty they will invariably say "No".


That doesn't mean they won't poop in their pants 5 minutes after you pass the Rest Area.
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