Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video Update


julie said...

I was thrilled to see you had a video up!

Old hookers lying on the bed LOL!

Yup, the old class parent thing...just even looking in their direction when asked about being one signs you up.

So what did you end up doing with all of the croissants?

So glad you are home safe and sound!

Mrs Furious said...

the most exploding box I just turned out into a bread pan and baked. It worked fine we could just pull them apart once they were baked. The rest I refroze in their boxes. I should be able to let them rise and bake like normal.... they'll just be a little harder to get out of the box!

Andrea said...

glad your home, so happy to see a video and bummed I missed the oppurtunity to see you while I was visiting my inlaws.I will most likely be your way again in January or March.

julie said...

awesome on the croissants. I half expected to see a post about how damn sick and full you were because you ate 10 boxes of chocolate croissants.

HaleyBird said...

I'm liking the whole eeeeeasing back into shape for the next week idea -- sounds like a smart plan.

I think we could create a little "Let's All Dry Out Together" blogger group. :)

Like AA, but we're not alcoholics...and I guess we're not really anonymous... OK, nothing like AA.

Rah said...

I LOVE your shirt...or is it a dress?? Not sure, but either way it's cute. Looks great on you!

Miss Theresa said...

Yea, a Mrs. F video update! I have missed those so much! So glad that you made it home safe and sane.

I so hate unpacking too. It usually takes me a week to unpack and by then I'm so sick of looking at everything just sitting there (or I run out of clothes)that I just get it done!

Glad you enjoyed the croissants!

wootini said...

Hooray, a video update!! so glad you are back.

These Beverly Lewis books are seriously killing me.... send help!


Mrs Furious said...

Seriously?! I thought I kind of looked pregs in it! It's an old dress... and from... guess where?... Target.

Thank God I didn't eat them all... I'm already 8 pounds up as is!

Definitely let me know when you guys swing back through. I'd love to get together!

Yeah I think the one week ease in is key to my not getting overwhelmed and needing to binge before I "start".

Miss Theresa,
I wake up every morning saying "I will not let myself down... I am going to unpack and get organized!" And then I don't. The car isn't even emptied out yet and THERE IS FOOD IN THERE!

LOL! Enjoy the sickness while you can. I've read them all and I think back on them longingly like an old lover.

Kiki said...

Road tripping to PA as I write this...can't watch video but the comments are teasing me...can't wait to watch when I get to Heather's house!!!! Hope all is well!

Mrs Furious said...

Have a safe drive and a great stay with your sister!

Robin said...

Can't watch the video because my speakers are broken, but I think I get the gist.

My weight is up as well, so I'll be back on the program, too. I'm hoping that since you, KatieO, Heather and Haley are in the same boat it will be extra motivation.

gooddog said...

Yea!! Mrs. F is back! It was scarily (is that a word?) good to see your kitchen. I missed it.

Hilarious #1: "I might need to go lie in for a week." Channeling the Amish huh?

Hilarious #2: "Oh... you guys have the Book of Mormom? Oh, ok."

And finally, the big Q: Did Mr F do his chores??

Mrs Furious said...

he did the main painting of the kitchen... but... the painters tape was faulty and took the paint off AND THE VENEER OFF OUR CABINETS!!! We're crazy pissed about that. It was the ACE brand... don't ever buy it.

He also (hilariously since, of course, it wasn't technically on the list) hooked up the surround sound for the TV. Yes feel free to laugh over that one.

That's about it. He goes to the doc tomorrow for a new script!

Yes I'm oddly excited about the old crew reunited in unwanted fatness! ;)

Robin said...

"Yes I'm oddly excited about the old crew reunited in unwanted fatness!"

Haha!! Me too.

Robin said...

BTW, I'm doing the fat post tomorrow.

julie said...

Don't forget about me and the unwanted fatness club...I will be back on after vacation. We leave tomorrow morning and will be back in 10 days.

There are homemade donuts waiting for me at the farmer's market up in Vermont. I already let the baker know we were coming.

Serioiusly I am already annoyed that I have not been doing the work to lose the weight. Packing for the trip was a real drag since I think I look awful in everything. I am going to hike my ass off in the mountains to counter the homemade ice cream and donuts.

HaleyBird said...


Mrs Furious said...


If only we could all bump our guts together...

Are you going to return to the Food Diary?! Please?!! Angie's there.

katieo said...

It's 9:20 p.m. and this is the first time today that I have had a consecutive 9 minutes and 35 seconds to myself.

Glad you're back- I know that overwhelmed feeling and I didn't go anywhere. ha.

(p.s. Members of unwanted fatness club: No offense anyone, but uh. I'm kind of glad everyone has a little weight to lose. It's a lot more fun to do it together. (Haley, LOL!)

Nutmeg said...

Going to the shore for a week. There will be freshly made donuts for breakfast and ice cream for dessert.

I lost an extra three pounds in preparation so when we arrive I'll have some growing room, but I'm guessing it will be more than three pounds!

Mrs Furious said...

at least you have a legitimate reason for gaining yours!
But I agree. We did it once... it's time for a repeat.

Enjoy yourself! I'll still be trying to lose this 8 when you get back!

Rah said...

i see...well i'm sure i love it because it is from target! target is, ofcourse, where most of my clothes are from. lokks good though, not pregs at all.

Robin said...

Katieo - That's why we all gained weight...we just wanted to support you. You did it for us the first time around. :)

Julie - I didn't mean to leave you out. I thought you were probably on the bandwagon, too, but wasn't sure, so I didn't want to be all, "yeah, that Julie could stand to lose a few, too."

julie said...

yeah, that Julie could stand to lose a few, too." Maybe that would have been the push I need...having someone shout to the blog world that Julie needs to lose the weight! :)

P.O.M. said...

You'll be the best school parent. Whip those folks into shape!

Finished The Betrayal. I had to read a few out of order, but this was a gut one! jah. Got a few more gals hooked on the Amish.

Dinah Soar said...

You may have gained 8#'s but you look great!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks... but I had to unbutton my pants in order to drive today! Thankfully I don't feel to overwhelmed by the gain and I'm ready to take it off.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm always happy to hear that more people are getting sucked in!!
wunderbar gut!

Claire said...

Welcome back!!! Four daughters - the last one I did absolutely nothing in the schools - and she survived - I wish I had homeschooled all of them - they're glad I didn't - but when I see what is available for home schooling I am so jealous - I have one friend that is doing a "classical" homeschooling program and it is fantastic! See how it goes for the first month is my advice and then evaluate.

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