Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Would Not Have Been Possible A Year Ago

Hell, lets be real. This wouldn't have been possible even a month ago.

No, not the quilting.
Although I have had the fabric and all the tools for... oh... well over 2 years.
So, yes, maybe the quilting too now that I think about it.

What I mean more specifically is this:

See Mr F standing over my fabric. My most favorite fabric... which I have coveted for over 2 years?

He's about to cut it.

And I'm letting him.

Seeing how long it was taking me to cut out the squares... and how sore it was making my hands... he offered to take over.

Sweet... yes?


But for a controlling perfectionist... let's just say... there would typically be no chance in hell that I would take him up on that offer.

Maybe that's why he offered in the first place? (just kidding)

But I've been working hard at letting things go lately.

So instead of saying "No" I took a minute. I stressed a bit. Thought about how many hours it would take me to cut it all myself. Then said "Yes" and walked away.

He cut them out.

I didn't obsess over how he was doing it. I gave him my tips and didn't look back.

And they came out beautifully.

And that's the lesson. I might have to take a risk that things won't be done exactly how I would do them when I accept help. But things will get done.

The kids might actually have matching bed spreads before they leave for college.

And that is the goal. Not having perfectly pristine fabric hanging up in my closet for the next 10 years because I'm too afraid to cut it.

So now, hopefully, I will take this and applying it to EVERYTHING else.


Deb said...

Why doesn't this shock me? Mr. F strikes me as a visual perfectionist. You know, except for that whole packrat thing.

I like the new look of the blog. (God, it's probably a month old, isn't it, and I'm just now seeing it.)

Mrs Furious said...

"Mr. F strikes me as a visual perfectionist. "
I was trying to tell myself that... he did a good job. But with the whole fabric thing there is no room for error... you can't practice on a some I needed it all. And Mr F is kind of a practicer.

Mr Furious said...

See, Mrs F forgets I am so old I was a graphic designer BEFORE the advent of the Mac. That meant pasting up layouts with T-squares and X-acto knives...

Piece of cake.


The visual perfectionist in me is NOT totally satisfied with the new blog banner however...

Little Chickpea said...

That's awesome. Not only that he offered to cut them but also that you let him. As a fellow quilter, I know that fear. :)

Miss Theresa said...

As long as he didn't mess it up...Yea! Now, THAT is trust!

Mrs Furious said...

Miss Thereas,
this whole trust thing could transform my marriage ;)

Little Chickpea,
"I know that fear."
It's paralyzing isn't it?! I can't believe I've just been sitting on this project for so long... well I can... because I have about 10 more I'm also sitting on.

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