Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr F Calls It

"This is going to be a disaster" he said after hearing my tirade last night.

Word to that Mr F.



HaleyBird said...

That's so upsetting that she didn't listen to you about Kid's health issues. I wonder if you can raise the concern again at the next meeting in some new way so that it might get into her skull this time?

Maybe it could even be like "I know we BRIEFLY discussed this before, but I realized I may not have impressed upon you how serious this is, and I wanted to make sure you weren't caught off guard" -- kind of make it about her...?

I don't know. But I can see why you're considering homeschooling again.

Mrs Furious said...

Maybe it could even be like "I know we BRIEFLY discussed this before, but I realized I may not have impressed upon you how serious this is, and I wanted to make sure you weren't caught off guard"
I like it... good phrasing I'm going to use that!

Yes. Mr F and I talked it over last night. We're going to send her and see what happens. Maybe she's a great teacher?! Maybe not. We are not paying this much if she's not. Kid is super sensitive so she gives up a serious positive or negative energy when I pick her up from school. We'll see.

P.O.M. said...

The food emergency WAS a gem!!

Here's an idea... can you create a blog or website for the classroom? And include a calendar on it with updates, etc? Then again, half of the parents (I know mine) just wouldn't check it. They needed to be beat over the head with reminders and still always forgot stuff. I can't even count how many field trips I went on with no lunch money.

Try to fix the system. You CAN fix everyone. ha ha. (joking)

The health concerns issues is big. I would readdress it - maybe in an email if you're more comfortable that way.

Rah said...

Okay, I am a teacher in a private school and it was literally like pulling teeth to get a room parent last year and we did them quarterly so it was not even a full year commitment. I would be ECSTATIC if I had a parent who was as wiling as you are already.

Last year, I had an incident happen with a child and we had to call the ambulance-had no idea the child had any medical issues AT ALL. So, I am thinking this is a first time incident for the child. Well after the parent came in that evening to let me know how the child was doing, I began to ask some questions. I kid you not, her exact words were, "Yeah, he has a little heart condition and this has happened before". DUDE, WHAT THE HECK?? Your child has a heart condition, and you freaking did not tell me-I am with him 8 hours of everyday!! I made her aware that she must meet with me before he returned to school and I needed to know every sign, symptom, precaution, etc. about his "little heart condition". Craziness!!! Anyway, all that to say, I would definitely go with Haley's wording and get back to her. Any teacher would be crazy to put it off. Ummm, hopefully, she was just overwhelmed??

So, I need to a great room parent this year...want to move about 2 1/2 hours from Asheville and be in my classroom? haha

Good Luck!

Kelly said...

I know how you feel. I have very high levels of social anxiety as well, and my oldest had a teacher last year which (I feel) played favorites with students and parents. I thought about homeschooling as well because in SC you can do it through the state and receive free materials. However, because I have 3 going on 4 kids, I don't think I have the patience or time. Good luck with your situation.

Robin said...

I think giving the class a try is a great idea. If its not working later, you can pull her.

The whole "not listening to the health issues" would really piss me off. And social anxiety? yes. Which is why I won't be volunteering for class parent.

gooddog said...

I agree about talking with her again. If it were me, I would ask to set up a brief meeting without kid or baby (like maybe Mr F could meet you there at lunchtime and watch them play on the playground one day?) and with BOTH the teacher and assistant. Maybe the assistant will get it more and it will rub off on Ms. fresh-face that this is FOR REAL. I would bring up how attentive the teacher was last year that time that she called you about kid's tummy hurting because it CAN be a precurser to more... (am I remembering that right?)

That's just what I would do though...after all, I second P.O.M. "we CAN fix everyone". haha.

And good for Mr F on getting the surround system set up! (wink and nod). You know I'm living that life, girl.

Mrs Furious said...

"You CAN fix everyone"

Don't twist my arm... you know I'd happily move!

Well, I'm happy for your input because I wasn't sure if she was the freak or if it was me! I think, unfortunately, I'm just teamed up with the wrong teacher.
I am absolutely going to readdress the health conversation and bring in my written instructions.

You are remember it right... and I think that's what I'll do. I can just say I want to make sure the assistant understands as well and that should justify a 2nd meeting. It only takes a couple minutes for crying out loud!

free curiculuum?! I had no idea. Hmm...
I'm not excited about the teacher but I'll give her a shot... see how it turns out... and try not to get to anxious about it before school even starts.

"And social anxiety? yes. Which is why I won't be volunteering for class parent."
Good point. I really should try and consider this more! In the moment I guess my need to control takes over... then the reality sinks in and I'm running for the bathroom ;)

Kelly said...

Mrs F- I dont know if NC has the same thing but check out connections academy online. If they do have a charter in your state, they will provide you with a computer for Kid's school work, teacher support(online), all curriculum materials, and they have school clubs and field trips.

katieo said...

AAAAAH! the green polka dots!


Mr. F calling from the grocery store - classic.

New teacher - UGH. If she doesn't get it the second time around about kid's health (whether or not you pull Kid out) I would talk to the principal or whoever is above her. She needs to get it. Be that annoying parent. Every child's health is one million times more important than any lesson plan she needs to teach.

An email reminder system is gold. GOLD. She's an idiot for turning that one down. I freaking hate remembering it was "bring your favorite Dr. Suess book to school and wear a red shirt" day from a tiny slip of paper 3 weeks ago. Uuuugh.

Kniki said...

Teacher POV incoming!

I always prefer it if any medical issues are written down in a letter so that I can refer back to it later. At the start of a new year, there are so many new faces to get to know and new routines to get into that it is easy to get muddled. I would write down the issues and an action plan of what you would like to happen in certain situations - much better than telling her in person, then the letter goes in the file and she can refer back to it. Does Kid have a care plan from the nurse/doctor? Those are always useful too.

Secondly, with the email thing, the problem may be with school policies. I am not allowed to send anything out to parents unless it has been vetted by the school management, even short notes or newsletters, so could be she does not feel comfortable with a parent sending out email notices that she doesn't get to check through first. Also, some people who are not as comfortable with computers just don't "get" these things. I tried to persuade my headteacher that I need to do a class blog to keep parents informed about what's going on in school, and as he doesn't really understand it all he gets really worried about privacy etc.

Just putting the other side across! Don't let a quick meeting with the new teacher put you off. Some teachers who have never worked outside a school do get a condescending attitude and seem to treat parents like kids but it is not usually meant to offend, I know its annoying but I think they don't realise they're doing it!

I just get the feeling that Baby is very demanding from what you have said before and I don't know if homeschooling would be very easy for you or for Kid, I feel like Baby would be wanting to get in on the action. I'd give it a bit of time because it sounded like Kid is really enjoying school and your relationship with the teacher shouldn't be the basis of any decisions about her schooling.

My son's teacher last year did my head in and I found her the most patronising person ever, but he had a fantastic year and loved her! :o)

Mrs Furious said...

Good point re:administrative email vetting.... I have noticed that. Maybe this will get addressed at the parent council meeting.
And, yes, I have thorough written instructions for the school and classroom. There is no on sight nurse, etc. I'm still hoping to go over them again with her. Seems like I could reintroduce it with the written instructions and have her "read through" and acknowledge that she understands.
I'm not going to take her out (yet). And it isn't so much about this teacher I've wanted to do it all along. There is also the cost issues of the school. We'll just see how things go... I'm just feeling that I want to be happier (overall) with a school we are sacrificing so much to send her to. Still hoping we eventually get a spot in the charter school down the block!
Thanks for your POV.

What's funny is that I didn't even know the dots were green! I've hated having a basic stupid template all this time... always embarrassing when I'd get new traffic from something. I got mentioned on the evening news and was just like "ENOUGH!" I need this to look more serious!

I'm readdressing the email at Orientation night. If all the parents say that's preferred I think we can get the ball rolling.

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