Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For Shame

Welp, I'm up a half pound from last week.

Disappointing... for sure... but honestly, I'm not too discouraged and am just continuing on as if nothing happened.

#1 I have been very sick since Saturday and I just haven't had the energy to get as many workouts in. So I only worked out 4 times instead of 6.

#2 My usually dead, dead, dead social life was in an upswing last weekend. I had a party (one of those product ones... but still... I'm desperate for any kind of social life, so it counts), a crazy full day of shopping out with the family (and 2 restaurant meals), and Mr F and I finally had a babysitter and really lived it up on one of our only dates out in the last 8.5 years (seriously people... I think we've had a babysitter less than 8 times the entire time we've had kids). So that ended up being 3 nights I went over my calorie limit.

Lesson learned... 6 days of cardio and sticking to my 1450 limit worked... working out 4 times and overeating (within reason... but ... still a couple hundred over several times)... does not.

I'm human.

Forgive me.

The good news is outside of Easter dinner, I really have no more social events (or chances for sabotage) in the near future. Also, after our date we decided we'd much rather use that time to go out to a movie next time than eat anyway.

And, despite my hiccup, I'm still down 2.5 in 2 weeks... which is still good! My goal is 10 pounds in 10 weeks (4/6-6/15) and in the big picture I'm right on track.

And, yes, if I can gather the courage I will take progress photos.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In an effort to make up for all of our recent pet loss, I let the kids bring home a pair of goldfish the other day.

(And, yes, I know what you are thinking... are goldfish... a pet with a 10 day warranty... really the best pet for grief stricken children? I know. But our last set of goldfish I kept alive for over 3 years, so I was maybe misguidedly hopeful. And having spent close to $1000 on pets, pet medical treatment, cremation, pet adoption, pet return... fish are cheap)

4 weeks later...

Thankfully, this time it was Baby's pet that bit the dust.

She has a much rosier outlook on death...

"It's great when your fish dies! When it is Your... Own... Fish.... you can dig the hole!" Baby shouts jubilantly.
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