Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Case For Cookie Dough

I've been thinking about why it is that the cookie dough has been such a weight loss revelation for me. Just the other day a friend was asking me about it and wondering if it is just the fat, or the sickening aspect, or what. Here is the deal, and tonight is a perfect example, I'm out of cookie dough balls but I need my dessert. Well what to have?... what to have?... I decide to have 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream, but because I don't really like ice cream I need to put something on it... I find some butterscotch chips and some chocolate chips and stir those in... mmm that'll be good... except it's not! Apparently when they make chocolate chip ice cream they use a different kind of chip that doesn't freeze into a hard tasteless nugget. But I eat it anyway. Well that was 240 completely unsatisfying calories and I want something else. This never happens with the cookie dough. Maybe for you cookie dough isn't the answer, but the point is having a treat on hand that is satisfying. And when I mean satisfying I mean you only need one or two and you are good. Two things fall in this category for me the cookie dough balls and dark chocolate caramels. Both are extremely rich and I really don't need to go overboard. The cookie dough is 105 calories each (now that I've switched to whole wheat flour)... not bad for something so rich... and the caramels are only 80 calories a piece. Upon occasion one is not enough of either of these but I have never had more than two. Find your "cookie dough". It needs to be something can't expect yourself to just eat one handful of something! It needs to be something extremely satisfying to your particular craving sensibilities. And you need to be fully knowledgeable of its calorie count... and it should be under 150 calories. If you don't know what this would be for you try the cookie dough... it is so fucking delicious... just be sure you measure them accurately so you don't sabotage yourself!


Cheryl said...

maybe I'll try it.
Silly question about recipe, but.. the big T is tablespoon and little t is teaspoon, right?

Mrs. Furious said...


Chris Howard said...

I agree with your point, but "but because I don't really like ice cream"? I'm having trouble processing that. This is the same ice cream we have in Florida, right? Rich, delicious, creamy (insert mental picture of Homer drooling here.)

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm more of a cake & cookies type dessert eater. Plus I'm not big on the dairy in any form... don't eat the milk from my cereal bowl, don't like cheese except on pizza and the like.... I do love a good Blizzard however... go figure.. but I maybe it is because I get cookies mixed in?

Mr Furious said...

The worse it is for me the more I like it!

Splaneyo said...

Okay, I'll hop on that bandwagon - the eat cookie dough loose weight one. You should have told me about your diet because I have a freezer full of frozen cookie dough balls. They are Mrs. Meadow's recipe though.
If you are looking for a dairy dessert with the cookie dough (this is my new favorite ice cream - we have 3 gallons in the freezer at this very moment), try Homemade Chocolate Chip cookie Dough. I have conducted my own taste tests and the cookie dough balls in this are far superior to anything else.
Okay, well, maybe I am already on the bandwagon.
Nice seeing you today.

Mrs. Furious said...

If those are the same cookie dough balls you gave us when we had Charlotte they were fantastic and that is actually what got me started on this whole thing!

Splaneyo said...

Oh, ummm - well maybe. Sorry.

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