Monday, September 10, 2007

It's A Two For One! You Get "The Week ... In Review" And "This Week The Plan" All In One Nifty Post!

Well here we are Monday again.

Overall the meal planning has been a big success we have much less rotting food in the fridge that is for sure! But I must say the meal planning has not netted any financial savings... If anything we are spending about $20 more per week for groceries than we were. What is up with that? Maybe all the steak ;)

Speaking of steak this weeks sandwiches were not as good as last weeks. And why you ask? Well I got all healthy and decided to try and make the bread with whole wheat flour. I was getting nervous while I was stirring the dough together because the whole wheat flour was just sucking the moisture up and it was a completely different consistency. In the end it turned out fine... I mean perfectly good bread... but it lacked its fantasticness. Kid Furious immediately turned up her nose and said "Eew it's brown!" Yeah it is like every piece of bread you have ever eaten! But in the end she was right it really wasn't as good and I too was slightly disappointed. This made for a lack luster sandwich. The white version (made with bread flour!) had a much more inviting, chewy, glutenous texture. So that was a big freaking disappointment and now I have 2 loaves to eat. I will say that this bread stores better than the white and it did in fact make a (okay two!) perfectly good Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. If you decide to give the whole wheat version a try I started with 2 cups of whole wheat flour and then finished the dough with regular bread flour (mine took 2.75 cups). This sadly didn't really effect the calories since the dough was lighter.. damn!

Other disappointments this week include the fact that I was just not able to follow thru on the pilates workouts. I know it seems like I've got this whole diet and exercise thing down but this proves that it is always hard to change your routine. Whether that means getting off the couch or getting on the pilates reformer... whichever the case may be! I did manage to exceed my cardio goals but I really need to get it together and find away to get the strength training in. Especially as I have excepted the fact that my bat wings are in fact underdeveloped triceps ( I know I didn't want to believe that either!). I did do some triceps dips and push ups while playing with the kids on the floor (oooh doesn't that make me sound like a total bad ass?).... and maybe I need to come up with some type of routine that I can fit into my regular day like that. If I could find my free weights I'd be one step further along... I think I may have remembered seeing them holding open a door somewhere...
Obviously I have high expectations for myself. This week I am going to shoot for one pilates workout and see if I can fit that in and go from there.

Despite deciding I needed more veggies in my diet and going the distance and actually purchasing them with the intention of steaming them all up and having them ready to go for Kid's and my lunches... guess what... I didn't and they are still in the crisper drawer. The upside is I can put off grocery shopping for a few more days and use them up in combination with all of the stuff I put in the freezer a few weeks back.

So here is the menu:

Monday: Cornflake crusted tilapia fish sticks (Frozen Homemade) with Aspargus (leftover from lunches I never made!)

Tuesday: Meatballs (Frozen Homemade) with Spaghetti and Broccoli (can you guess why I still have this!)

Wednesday : Kid F and Mr F date night... I will most likely eat a delicious Kashi Go Lean Bar and cookie dough :)

Thursday: Salmon Noodle Casserole (never got around to this last week)

Friday: Tomato & Meatball Soup (Ikea style meatballs.... think spaghettios for grown ups) & breadsticks

Saturday: Take out

Sunday: Ruby's Chicken Noodle Soup

So in theory this should be a pretty easy cooking week, and cheap... I really only need my sparkling water, chocolate chips (for obvious reasons) and more of those fantastic Kashi Bars!

My number one goal for this week is to get to bed by 11:30 each night!
And despite my better judgment I am going to start letting Kid Furious pick out and *make* a dinner each week. I say against my better judgment because for some reason I have zero patience cooking with kids... it has something to do with my level of perfectionism I suspect.. but I will try and rise above for the sake of a little bonding time.


Michelline said...

And despite my better judgment I am going to start letting Kid Furious pick out and *make* a dinner each week.
You are a better woman than I am. For one thing, you actually cook :) But that you will involve your child? You're a goddess. Of course, our older daughter, Tori, would rather die than attempt to cook something for herself. She's the child that NEVER held her own bottle (she would have died of starvation if we didn't hold it for her) until she was about 10 months old.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh trust me I will regret this. I actually hate cooking with Ruby... and all kids really... and I don't really know why. I'm trying to work on it...

Jessica said...

Theo started holding his own bottle this month - yes, 14 months old folks. He still won't even TRY to use his own spoon. Why doesn't this lack of independence transfer to not opening doorknobs, not playing in the recycling, not easily outwitting almost every form of childproofing we have? I, too, am baffled. We'll see what he thinks of cooking in a few years. Let me know how it goes with Ruby!

Mrs. Furious said...

Funny! It must be a first born thing. Ruby would still prefer you spoon feed her and she's turning 5! Charlotte on the other hand already wants to feed herself!

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