Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bat Wings

What's that you ask? Oh that, that hanging down fat sack? And where the hell did it come from?!?! I swear to god I didn't have those before I was pregnant... and yes I said those... I have a matching set of BAT WINGS!!! Now I'm not exactly sporting a flabby Oprah arm... YET!... but she's got 20 years on me. At this rate I could take flight by then! What the hell!?! And how do I get rid of them?!? Dude this is so not cool...


Chris Howard said...

I think this shows that the closer one gets to some ideal, the bigger these small things look. My wife, who is probably 80 lbs overweight, would kill for arms like yours. I don't say this to mock your discomfort, just as an observation.

We have a friend who is quite attractive and slender, but she's obsessed with her little pooch (invisible under clothes), to the point she was seriously considering surgery. Now this wasn't some deformity, just the little pooch that all non-supermodels have, especially women who have had children. She was already at a point that many women would consider ideal, but it was not good enough.

Anyway, don't stress, your arms are fine.

Mrs. Furious said...

Valid point. It is the double edge sword of effective dieting and exercise... you have to really do it and pay attention for it to work... and there you are paying more, and more, attention to your body. For every positive you find it seems virtually impossible not to find something else you need to work on. It is completely possible I had bat wings before... I just wasn't actually checking my arms out as much ;)

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