Monday, August 20, 2007

This Week... the plan

So I was up last night lying in bed, filled with anxiety, thinking of this week's menu. My anxiety and sleeplessness might also have been due to the cup of coffee I had, to satisfy a chocolate craving (it works!), right before bed. But either way menu planning, although completely effective and I sing its praises, is still not natural to me.

Here it is...

Monday: spaghetti & meatballs (also make 3 extra batches for freezer... that's what happens when you over think things!)
Tuesday: cornflake crusted tilapia, green beans & oven fries
Wednesday: chicken (in Stubb's...mmmm) & barley salad
Thursday: meatball subs, salad
Fri: take-out
Sat: wedding
Sunday: shrimp & pasta salad

Also I'm making the cookie dough again. I haven't lost any weight since I ran out, and I gave it a full week to really see. At this point I am calling this a plateau and you all know what worked last time... The Magic Cookie Dough... so I am bringing it back.

1 comment:

Mr Furious said...

Looking forward to the barley salad. Been a while...

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