Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner Is Served

This is what the Furious Household had for dinner tonight. This might be my best semi-homemade dinner concoction yet!
Tortellini With Bacon and Peas

Place Tortellini in salted boiling water.
Place 2 strips thick cut Hickory Smoked Bacon in a cold pan and turn to medium high heat.
At seven minutes remaining on the pasta pour into the pasta water 1/2 c frozen peas.
When the bacon is crisp remove it from the pan and cut into small pieces.
Drain pasta and peas and add to the bacon pan.
Return bacon to pasta mixture, toss to coat, season with salt and pepper, and heat over low until ready to serve.

This makes 3 servings at 300 calories a piece.

I used Buitoni Portabello Mushroom & Cheese Tortelloni. Mr F hates mushrooms and he still liked these. I think these had the best flavor of all the flavors I have tried.

I have a pasta pot with a pasta insert and a steamer basket on top of that. Outside of boiling the water I can make this whole dinner in 11 minutes. I prep my vegetables once the pasta goes in the pot and at about 4-5 minutes remaining I put the steamer basket on top of the cooking pasta. Everything is done at once.. couldn't be simpler.


Tina said...

Sounds yummy, except for the shroom part, blech!

We tried the chicken & cheese variety of that pasta and weren't too happy with it. I guess we need to try another kind.

Mrs. Furious said...

seriously.. both my mom & Mr F didn't know they were mushroom.

I might just try the 4 cheese flavor instead. Of course any brand would do...

soap box girl said...

Looks yummy. I'm definitely going to try this recipe! thanks

Mrs. Furious said...

Do it! For 300 calories?!? Come on... this kicks ass on a Lean Cuisine! :)

Mr Furious said...


I don't hate mushrooms in ALL forms, mushroom-flavored things can be delicious (see: gravy, chicken marsala, and these fantastic tortelinis...).

I have a bigger problem with 'shrooms as a texture when in their natural state.

Now, the bacon probably plays a huge role in this particular case, but when pressed to identify the flavor of the pasta, I was stumped.

I COULD eat this every goddamn day.

Preppy Mama said...

That looks delicious. I just went to the doctor today and she suggested a 500 calorie dinner, this would totally rock!! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Preppy Mama,

If you go to my left hand sidebar.. a fair ways down... you will find my recipes section. I have the calorie counts for all of them. They are all under 500 calories.

Katy and Joseph said...

That looks amazing. It is very similar to what we ate at this schmancy Italian restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. It was cheese tortellini with peas, mushrooms, procioutto (butchered that spelling) all in a cream sauce. I will be making your version FOR SURE!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

Hi Katy & Joseph!

yeah that sound a tad bit fancier.. but this really was so fast and delish!

Preppy Mama said...

Thanks so much!! You are making my life so much easier!!

Mrs. Furious said...

My pleasure :)

Deb said...

I'm kind of gagging.

Mrs. Furious said...

a little bacon doesn't go a long way for you...?

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