Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We haven't seen much progress here in the past couple of days.

It's getting messy and I'm working through my usual resentment that I have to actually pick this stuff up.

You know.

Not the moving...

the whole "this is my job?!" feelings that are maybe universal among adults.

Or maybe just among lazy ones.

I thought I'd share pictures of Kid's room.

It's the only other room that has been *decorated* but it's not 100% done.

And I don't want to spoil the *after* by giving it away too soon.

It's pretty awesome though.

In other fronts we took Kid to her school Open House last night.

I don't know who was more nervous... it must have been hard to out do me... but I think Kid managed, and I thought at one point she was actually just going to collapse to the floor.

It was really overwhelming for her.

It is very different from her old school.

In EVERY way.

Her class has twice as many kids and half as many teachers.

There is a cafeteria (the thought of this unknown has been keeping her up at night, despite my constant reassurance that she'll be packing a lunch).

Mr F and I had been worried about lots of things.

Mr F more about her not fitting in or getting made fun of.

I worried she would be behind in academics.

Um... I guess you know which things were our fears in elementary school now don't you?

Kid made a new friend, a nice outgoing, especially huggy, friend (and lockermate) before the evening was out.

So that was one fear we could cross off.

The second... the academics?

yeah... not a problem.

This is a great school.

But it really emphasized how much more restricted the public school curriculum is going to be.

Not only am I now confident that she is 100% on target for reading and math (which is what I was primarily worried about... that and Kid just not being used to the type of desk work they'll be doing)...

But the *extras* ... the science, social studies, Spanish?

She's way ahead. The first unit study is the very same first unit study she did in Kindergarten.

And then I came home and thought...

Is that a relief?

Kind of not...

I was really hoping to be impressed.

So, this will be a very interesting year. I'm happy that I don't think it will be stressful for her academically, since I think the social and logistical changes will be challenging enough. But seeing as this is a top public school system, a system that has figured out how to excel within the government imposed standards... I'll be interested to see how it compares with a small private school that, frankly, I didn't think was that impressive academically.

As for Kid making a friend was all the confidence she needed.

She is now counting down the days until she gets to go back to school.

I, of course, am not.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey!

And by now I'm sure you all know that I would not EVER really say that.

I have NEVER intentionally called Mr F "honey".

Yes, it has slipped out a handful of times in the last decade or so.

But it was an accident EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Just something that came out when I was in the panic of trying to give out an imperative instruction or something.

And I promise you it shocked the hell out of both of us each time.

And I very well my have vomited in my mouth a little too.

To put it in perspective I've accidentally called Mr F "Mom" more times.

And that only happens when we're fighting (Oh, Freud!).

No, our relationship is founded on the principle of humor first.

Profanity second.

And let's face it... it's pretty funny to nonchalantly mix as much unexpected profanity and insult into your endearments.

And that's why when Mr F gets home from work I don't say

"Hi Honey, how was your day?"

I say

"Oh. Hey Asshole." In as deadpan of a delivery as one can muster while draining spaghetti.

It makes us laugh every single time.

Except for the few times when I meant it...

It turns out without the implied irony it is just awkward.

Let's hope tonight is not one of those nights (aka BE ON TIME FOR THE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE YOU JACKASS... 4:30 PROMPT)

Oh, and, Happy Anniversary.

Maybe next year we'll actually remember in time to get cards and gifts on our anniversary... and not just sometime in the year of our anniversary?

Or not get cards on time but forget to give them and just leave them in a bag on the top of our fridge until they are found when we're packing up to move?

Remember when we thought we'd go back HERE for our 10th anniversary?

It doesn't look like that is going to happen.

But who knew then that going to Ikea on "Ribs Night" would prove to be just as exciting?

P.S. "Ribs Night" is tonight. And I do have some returns to make. Let's take the kids. It'll be super romantic.

P.P.S I should clarify that it is actually our 9 year anniversary. It just feels like 10. thousand.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Promise Not To Do This Every Day...

But please...

they've been sleeping like this for half an hour.

I Forgot How Much Better...

My old hair stylist in Ann Arbor was.

I can give her a picture of what I want...

And actually get that cut...

And not a cut that takes a couple of weeks to not look like I just walked into a barber shop and got a military special.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Step One To Not Killing Myself

Somewhat of a Before (after hanging the rod and curtains... but before painting and clearing out all the shit):
note Mr F's pants... just sayin'

Somewhat of an After (still waiting on carpet, hanging pictures, dealing with the bookcase, installing our sconces, and getting my mother's piano in here):

note that the paint stops just past the curtains on that long wall... that shall be blue soon...
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