Saturday, September 4, 2010


Time elapsed between these photos?

Two days.

And about 35 degrees.


Jody said...

Welcome back to Michigan. The good news is it will be 85 again on Tuesday.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes... the bad news is Kid has crafted entire new Disney rocker chic Fall wardrobe for school. I think she was really hoping to start right off with her new reincarnation. It'll have to wait. Which will give me time to teach her that wearing white athletic socks pulled up as far as they'll reach on your shins OVER your black leggings with tulle skirt... isn't exactly completing her new look.

Nutmeg said...

No, but if she had TWO different pairs of SLOUCH socks (for maximum height), that she could work over her leggings, OR just one pair of leg warmers... that might work.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh my God YES. I need to get some. She'll love them since it plays into her weird OCD sock issues. a little less old man a little more Madonna.

Bob said...


I told my wife I saw a photo of some really cool curtains on a blog, that were available at World Market, but did not give her anymore description. I came home on Saturday and the exact curtains were hanging in our living room.

I will take a picture in get it to you somehow. The similarities of the couches, furniture and placement is eerily similar to yours.

Mrs Furious said...

She's got a good eye!

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