Thursday, September 2, 2010


We haven't seen much progress here in the past couple of days.

It's getting messy and I'm working through my usual resentment that I have to actually pick this stuff up.

You know.

Not the moving...

the whole "this is my job?!" feelings that are maybe universal among adults.

Or maybe just among lazy ones.

I thought I'd share pictures of Kid's room.

It's the only other room that has been *decorated* but it's not 100% done.

And I don't want to spoil the *after* by giving it away too soon.

It's pretty awesome though.

In other fronts we took Kid to her school Open House last night.

I don't know who was more nervous... it must have been hard to out do me... but I think Kid managed, and I thought at one point she was actually just going to collapse to the floor.

It was really overwhelming for her.

It is very different from her old school.

In EVERY way.

Her class has twice as many kids and half as many teachers.

There is a cafeteria (the thought of this unknown has been keeping her up at night, despite my constant reassurance that she'll be packing a lunch).

Mr F and I had been worried about lots of things.

Mr F more about her not fitting in or getting made fun of.

I worried she would be behind in academics.

Um... I guess you know which things were our fears in elementary school now don't you?

Kid made a new friend, a nice outgoing, especially huggy, friend (and lockermate) before the evening was out.

So that was one fear we could cross off.

The second... the academics?

yeah... not a problem.

This is a great school.

But it really emphasized how much more restricted the public school curriculum is going to be.

Not only am I now confident that she is 100% on target for reading and math (which is what I was primarily worried about... that and Kid just not being used to the type of desk work they'll be doing)...

But the *extras* ... the science, social studies, Spanish?

She's way ahead. The first unit study is the very same first unit study she did in Kindergarten.

And then I came home and thought...

Is that a relief?

Kind of not...

I was really hoping to be impressed.

So, this will be a very interesting year. I'm happy that I don't think it will be stressful for her academically, since I think the social and logistical changes will be challenging enough. But seeing as this is a top public school system, a system that has figured out how to excel within the government imposed standards... I'll be interested to see how it compares with a small private school that, frankly, I didn't think was that impressive academically.

As for Kid making a friend was all the confidence she needed.

She is now counting down the days until she gets to go back to school.

I, of course, am not.


Heather said...

I would look at it as something removed from the table. With the academics off the table she/Mr. F can just take her time to find where she fits in. As far as that goes, I tell my quirky kids the only thing everyone likes is water and thats boring. I'm not water and they aren't either. NOt everyone is going to like us. Happy that you are on to a new stage of things, oh, and happy anniversary!

julie said...

You will see that the teachers will make the school great. And you can always supplement the curriculum with cool stuff/activities...especially now that school is 'free'.

That's so funny that Mr F is so concerned about fitting in and being teased, etc. Tom is always concerned about that. I guess that really does say a lot about their experience. Not even that they were necessarily teased, etc, but that it weighed heavily on them.

I will be thinking of you all. Oh momma, I truly know how you feel. Kid is resilient and she will make her way.

Kellie said...

I can SO relate to the school thing. My daughter has been in private school her entire life until this year. During the Summer she asked if she could try public school. She was going into 6th grade and wanted to try out the Middle School near us. After much thought and discussion we decided we could always go back to our previous school if she hated it so we said yes. I was a nervous wreck!!! She went from a total class size of 15 to 222!! But, she hasn't skipped a wouldn't know she had ever been anywhere else. Kid will be fine...she will probably have a much better first day than you! ;)

Andrea said...

I dread my kids starting school I have no experience in public schools after fourth grade because of being homeschooled. I have a ton of fears and thoughts and what ifs and these will all begin next year since she will be 5. Im already a nervous wreck and think about homeschooling all the time.Im torn I loved homeschooling but want my kids to have the availablitiy of athletics and schlarships. This parent job is hard. Im sure kid will be great and she is excited now so thats a bonus.

Gigs said...

There is absolutely no way to describe the worries we carry for our children. We just don't want them to hurt or be short-changed. This school will be a transition for all of you and I can relate. When we had our kids in private school my youngest had 5 in his class. Five!! Now he has 25, and with all his learning issues...ugh. But he amazes me every day. Kid will do the same for you. They are so much stronger than we give them credit for. And kids that make fun of other kids? Kev tells me, "they're just tools." :)

Claire said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you as you go through these days.

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