Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things You've Missed...

Mr F looking like this:

 Baby throwing a fashion show with required judging.  She wrote out score cards and set them up on the piano bench.  Mr F joined in with a more techno savvy approach.

On May Day it was unseasonably hot out and Baby and I had our first picnic.  She is as into picnics as she is into tea parties.  I think it had actually snowed here just 4 days before this picture:
 Then we walked downtown for our first Dairy Queen of the season:

 A week later our yard was in full bloom. This has to have been the most breathtakingly beautiful spring I can ever remember.  Maybe the long winter helped, because everything bloomed at once.  Forsynthia, apples, cherries, red bud, crabs, lilacs, viburnum.  Our yard is spectacular and smells heavenly:

(this is the hill where the tornado hit and took out several big trees, 
one year later, 4 new crabs in full bloom to go with our big old one)

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