Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh It's Turkey Time

want to see how things are going?

hmm somethings up with that video (of freaking course) try this one

it's done and it was defuckinglicious

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Bird

Well the only fresh turkey available to me at this short of a notice is a MASSIVE 23 pounds. That's one pound less than Baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breaking News!

Someone from the BBC contacted me today and asked if I'd do a video on roasting and slicing Turkey to be used on a food segment. Apparently I "come across well on camera"... well we've all known that for some time now ;)


Mrs F has been spending way too much time on the computer procrastinating these days instead of actually cleaning the area that surrounds her computer... an area formerly known as "desk".

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Oh The Joys

Baby's drowning on mucus and kept me up all night.

Canine pooped (and peed... highly unusual) all over the house.

Kid stepped in it before school.

Mr F discovered worms... in... um... Canine's you know what.

Things are picking up...

Who cares if we could all have parasitic worms at least I can finally get that purse I've had my eye on!

Monday, September 8, 2008

This Week The Plan

Last week was really a great week. I managed to drop 2 pounds while still enjoying myself (within reason on the weekend). I got in 4 hours of cardio and am finally back to doing more intense hill intervals... so I'm hoping to see some more fat % drop in addition to the weight loss. We also made some MAJOR progress around the house and things are finally over the hump and moving into place. I think that in another 2 weekends we'll have gotten everything into place and all misc stuff stashed where it belongs. I also made several new recipes that worked out to be pretty easy & delicious (go Paula!) and I will definitely be bringing into I'll hook you up with those recipes...
Bobby's Goulash from Paula Dean (so freaking good and it makes about 12 servings so you can freeze half)
Shrimp Creole from Paula Dean (I only used 1/2 T hot sauce)
One Hour Dinner Rolls (I added dried dill to the dough... almost no kneading very easy to make)

Okay this week my plan is just to keep on keepin' on. Last week was really a very successful week so I'm hoping I can keep up the forward motion!


Monday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia & steamed broccoli

Tuesday - Leftover Goulash & green beans (and I'm getting my haircut & having dinner w/ the stylist!)

Wednesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, Chinese Veggie Stirfry, sesame ginger rice (Near East mix)

Thursday - Shrimp Fajitas w/ Guacamole and fresh corn tortillas (some gas station sells 'em)

Friday - Pizza night

Saturday - Roasted Chicken w/ twice baked potatoes & maple roasted butternut squash, Snickerdoodle Pie (Oh I'm looking forward to making this!)

Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup w/ dill rolls

Kid's Lunches:
Kid's got Thursday & Friday off so...

Monday - veggie sandwich (tomato, avocado & mayo), 2 oz smoked salmon, grapes, milk

Tuesday - avocado sushi roll (I buy the sushi people!), hard boiled egg, apple cinnamon & zucchini muffin, milk

Wednesday - pb & j, melon, sliced tomatoes, yogurt, milk

(so glad I only had to think of 3)

Diet & Exercise:
Last week was a success so I'm just going to repeat my goals. I'm going to stick under 1550 during the week and 60 min cardio on Mon-Thurs. I'm going to be a little more flexible with my calories on the weekends and hopefully fit in one long workout on the Saturday. If all goes well I'll be back to a maintenance plan by next week!

Errands, Chores, aka Misc Annoyance:

Monday - meal plan, groceries, put away clothes

Tuesday - clean off desk (MUST HAPPEN), work on organizing deck

Wednesday - laundry, vacuum, clean bathroom

Thursday - school conferences, playdate

that's all I've got so far...

The weekend recap:

Apparently Mr F really needs you to see his closet organization system (all my idea thank you very much... I'd really like to see him actually use it!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Morning Wishes

"You know what I'd really like this morning?" Mrs F asks Mr F

"What?... no... I need to pee" Mr F replies a little gruffly

"Don't get too excited about fulfilling my dreams." Mrs F says then goes for the gold...

"What I'd really like is for you to bring me a hot cup of coffee and pancakes in bed... and the magazines off the living room floor." Mrs F hopefully continues.

Mr F turns and walks away.
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