Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh It's Turkey Time

want to see how things are going?

hmm somethings up with that video (of freaking course) try this one

it's done and it was defuckinglicious


Colleen "The Moderator" Sullivan said...

Wow. My mouth is literally watering. So jealous of the excellent smells that must be going on in your house right now!

smellyshelley said...

Good job by you! Your hair looks cute too.

Thanksgiving in September!

Staci said...

Why O why do I keep getting 3 white boxes with no videos?

I'm DYING to watch!!! :P

Mrs Furious said...

go Here... you can watch them all there.

Oh God it was good...

Thanks... I was very intimidated about doing it and carving it on camera... thankfully nothing went wrong!!!

Marie said...

23 lbs?!?! Wow!

Great video...(ahem--Food Network--are you out there?)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I wish!

Marie said...

Oh yeah...first BBC YouTube video, then..."Cooking the Furious Way", or "Furious Cooking..she has a passion about food.."

I'm seeing a 7pm time slot, so the working moms (and dads) can see it too..and of course sprinkled in bits of exercise, shopping, and life advice! Kinda "Semi-home cooking" show type...but with cameo's from Mr F and the girls (kid could do a kid-friendly recipe, baby could eat cookies and be adorable!)

You KNOW you'd rock it!! LOL

Colleen said...

okay, I watched the other videos and you convinced me to make a turkey next Sunday. The fact that it is just my husband and I be damned. We will freeze that brined bird!

Mr Furious said...

Oh, it is fantastic alright. Best turkey I've ever had. Even the leftovers are moist and pre-seasoned when you snag a piece out of the fridge....

Kiki said...

Was anyone else nervous that the dog was about to recreate that scene from "A Christmas Story"?

That turkey looked so did an awesome job of showing each step and explaining what you were doing...I could have used this last year when I roasted my first turkey. It came out very good, but this year I may have to try the brining, I've seen some people brine in a cooler, but I also saw Alton Brown on Food Network use a restaurant grade bucket!!

I wish there was "smell-a-vision" like Emeril always talks about, I imaging all the delicious smells and I'm getting hungrier by the minute!!!

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