Thursday, November 8, 2012

More House Makeovers

Okay, so I hope you can appreciated that we are real people.

This is our laundry room we are talking about, AND we actually do laundry in it.

We don't have vignettes and accent lamps strewn about.

We have cat litter and underwear strewn about.

Get it?



 This last shot is standing in front of the sink and looking at the back wall.  Like every other room in our house, this one started out a shade of off white... the same shade on the walls, trim, doors, ceiling, etc... it was asylum time all the time when we moved in.  Also, please notice that pathetic light fixture.  I really don't think it was like that when we first saw our house, but it was like that when we moved in. It stayed like that for nearly two years.  Don't worry, you never would have noticed it, all the dirty laundry would have distracted your eye.  I promise you.

Now, note what is most unfortunate:  the laundry room is also the access point between out kitchen on the right and our family room on the left.  The other door leads to the basement/garage.  This is UNFORTUNATE!!!  Every person that comes through our house will at some point go through our laundry room.  No one wants that!  If we had a million dollars we'd put up a wall and enclose the laundry room and form a hallway for connecting the kitchen to the family room.  But we don't.  So...


We painted the room a light green with bright white trim.  Mr F removed the under sink cabinet doors and painted the cabinet and shelves a nice dark grey color.  I made the curtains, the under sink one now hides a cat litter box! I also added that chevron cotton throw rug (for $8! and the pattern makes it look blurry in the pic but it is sharp in real life), which kind of keeps kitty litter from being tracked all over the house.  Mr F hung that vintage chandelier (it's just taller than his head), and added the decorative hooks from World Market to the back wall.  We finished it with the Boston Fern, which I kind of think makes all the difference in the world.  Think about plants, people!  

All in all:  $13 for the hooks, $80 for the chandelier, $15 for fabric & curtain rods, $10 for the plant, $8 for the throw rug, and $60 for paint (I think, that is not my department... you could do it for less but we buy expensive no VOC paint).  Whole room was under $200.  

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