Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due (to Me)

Alright. Things are getting better.
I'm almost ready to return to normal blogging.
(I know that is a huge weight off your shoulders!)

#1 The insurance nightmare is OVER. Want to know what plan we ended up with? Mr F's fucking work plan!!!! After debating 4 plans (6 if you count Kid's individual plans), and signing up (and canceling) 2 separate plans... in the end... I just couldn't beat his work premiums. Damn it! Also since we are on month 3 of his insurance cycle switching now would mean even more money out of pocket for a new set of deductibles. It was really close but due to our collective health history, and needs, his current policy is most likely our best bet. Plus at the end of the day we know exactly what we're getting... these other plans not so much.
I'm disappointed and somewhat pissed about wasting a week and half on all of this (and really folks it was like a full time job negotiating all these policies) but it is a huge relief to just be done with it.
Moving on!

#2 I finished our taxes last night. I can't believe it. The Feds owe us 2500 buckaroos. That is a landmark development in the Furious Kingdom. I have only our failed business and a ridiculous amount of stock losses to thank for it. WE LOVE YOU FAILING ECONOMY. We did end up still owing Michigan $33 dollars and I will NOT owe them money... last year they screwed us with a $500 fine for failure to pay our estimated taxes. If we don't owe them anything that can't happen. So I paid an additional estimated tax payment to cover that and put it in the mail TODAY. I gave them a little something extra just in case (now who owes who money?!!... that's right... screw you Michigan!!) Once they've cashed it I'll file. Until then I'm going back through Mr F's wacky drawer of receipts and all our medical bills to be sure I got EVERY SINGLE possible deduction.
Also, I once again want to recommend Taxact. Dude... if I can do it with all our total craziness... stock sales, business, business use of home, moving expenses... complete itemized deductions... ANYONE can (okay I can only vouch for those of you with genius level IQs).

#3 Due to the aforementioned accomplishments I can finally clean off my desk... er... the desk area and a three foot radius of piles. I could make out with all that shit now... and scream with joy "I'm done with you... you are no longer a potential deduction... you are not my cross to bear!!!" Let me tell you having my laptop perched on the precipice of a teetering pile of papers has been a serious hinderance to my blogging. Now I'm free. Well. Except for all those medical bills.

At the end of all this I just have this to say...



Oh I almost forgot

#4 Mr F is selling his car this week. And if I have my way (and honestly when do I not?) we will NOT be replacing it right away. Every month we don't have a 2nd car is cash money we aren't putting out for insurance. Plus didn't Mr F buy a fancy bike and day glow yellow jacket... and weird leg strap... with the sole purpose of riding his bike to work? Yeah... that's what I thought.

#5 Today I treated myself to two Burger King "Burger Shots" and let me tell you... HOT. DIGGITY. DOG.
Burger King, I think I love you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Turns out there is a very good reason Ma had Laura & Mary wear their hair in long braids at night.

If they threw up their hair wouldn't sweep rancid chunks of nastiness back up on their neck and back where they can't be seen... until... you search for the cause of the continuing odor.

Let's just say it was DISGUSTING.

Conversation With Kid

"When you grow up will you let Sissy live with you?" Mrs F asks Kid.

"Yes." Kid replies with a big grin.

"But when I'm grown up I can hit her." She continued.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Money Saving With Mrs F

Okay I really am exhausted but I've been sitting on some new finds that I wanted to pass around to the rest of you.

Through my frugal blog reading I have discovered a site that lists Redbox codes. So far we haven't had to pay for a rental yet.

Also in the last month or so I've snagged free magazine subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living, Body + Soul, Woman's Day, Metropolitan Home, and Family Fun. I'm actually turning down free magazines now since I don't want more than I can read. I have found out about these offers at Money Saving Mom. Some of these offers come through Mercury Magazines, right now they are offering a free subscription to Automobile Magazine. The other offers came from Reward's Gold, right now they are giving away Women's Day. You need to fill out a short survey to qualify but all the magazines are completely free with no strings attached. Once you sign up for a magazine at either of these sites they will email you more offers... again... totally free. The best thing about this is that I LOVE magazines when I have the time to go through them... but...I hate when they pile up and take over the place. Since they're free I don't feel compelled to keep them around. If the new issues come I just put the old ones out at the curb... guilt free.

Also, did you know you can get the Sunday paper (with coupons) at the dollar store... for... a dollar? I saw ours at a Dollar General and have since googled it and it seems this is a fairly common dollar store occurrence. If you are a coupon clipper this might be worth checking into.

Finally, last night I was working out to yesterday's Oprah. She did a show with 3 top chefs and had them come up with budget friendly family meals for a full week (each). Go HERE to see the menu plans & recipes.

Light Bulb Moment

I've taken a serious hit to my life force the last couple of days. I can do what I have to but other than that I am dragging.

I go through this every once and awhile and I think I've finally made the connection.

During stressful times I thrive. Not that I enjoy it... but I deliver. I pull it together and get the stuff done. I don't need sleep, I don't necessarily remember to eat... or eat well. I am hyper focused on the situation at hand and problem solving.

I remember reading about migraine sufferers and how the alleviation of stress triggers migraines. That made sense to me but I didn't really project that onto my autoimmune issues. Until now.

I cleaned up the whole health insurance nightmare and settled on a plan on Tuesday. Dealing with this has been immensely stressful and consuming. I spent a full week focused on it.

The day after I finalized my decision I could barely get out of bed. I only managed to drag myself to the couch turn on the TV for Baby and promptly fell back to sleep. And I've been like that ever since. I feel like I'm pregnant (NOT) or have the flu. Remember a couple of months ago when I said I thought something was actually wrong with me? It's like that all over again.

And then I got it. It's like the migraines. While obviously it's well known that stress triggers autoimmune flare ups it never really occurred to me that it would show itself following the alleviation of stress.

I feel a little less crazy now. It's amazing what a difference it makes to have a *reason* for how you are feeling.

But still tired.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Sorts Of Random Goodies

Things are all spring like except for one thing... thunderstorms. I love a good thunderstorm. Sadly, Asheville doesn't seem to get a lot of severe weather, so I don't think I'm going to get to enjoy one anytime soon.

I am so ready for Ron to go home on Biggest Loser. I'm not down with his group control. Not one little bit. And Bob?!! WTF? Stop coddling Philippe. He can't take Bob home with him... it's time for a little less co-dependency.

The other day I bought a big 24 pack of toilet paper. Kid thought is was hilarious to unpack every single roll. I have to admit... I think it is too. There are pyramids and towers of toilet paper ALL over both bathrooms.

Pretend you don't hear me...

Shh... Don't tell anyone... but I LOVE The Millionaire Matchmaker. I workout to it almost every night. 60 minutes never went by more enjoyably.

More things you didn't hear from me: PGHH2VZ just might work for a free movie rental at your local rouge movie kiosk.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Video Update

And yeah... I'm changing our bank accounts ASAP

This Week The Plan

Oh Good Fucking Grief... the insurance nightmare continues. This morning we got pressured into (read we are total spineless wimps) a whacky (read fraudulent) policy. I have since spent the day putting stops on our checks and debating whether or not I need to shut our account down since they have our social security numbers and a check with our routing & account numbers AND our freaking signatures. The *independent* agent was... um... lying and was actually a representative of Mega Life. An insurance policy that pays you a cash stipend every time you go to the hospital... sounded a little fishy... so I looked into it after he left. A simple google search will net you tons of horrifying info. Awesome.

So my insurance woes are not over... they have only gotten all the more dramatic and exhausting.

Onto this week... let's hope it goes better than last week...


Sunday - Quesadillas w/ avocado & salsa

Monday - Chinese Food (frozen)

Tuesday - Honey Orange Glazed Salmon w/ Green Beans & Sesame Rice

Wednesday - Salmon Noodle Casserole

Thursday - Ginger & Scallion Shrimp w/ Noodles

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Sunday - Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Diet & Exercise:
Well last week derailed my 7 days a week game plan. I'm back on it. Also my calorie range hasn't resulted in any weight loss so I'm thinking about lowering it a bit. But seeing as I'm probably not out of the woods, stress eating wise, I'm just going to give it another week where I'm at.

Errands & Chores:

Last week I started a 15 minute clean up before I made dinner with a 15 minute reading reward for Kid afterward. This made a huge difference so I'm sticking with that. My goal is to get my desk back in a place where I can maintain it everyday in 5 minutes. It'll take a fair amount of work to get it to that condition.

Sunday - grocery shopping

Monday - laundry, 30 min desk

Tuesday - put away laundry, 30 min desk

Wednesday - bathrooms, 30 min desk

Thursday - vacuum, 30 min desk

Saturday - finish desk & organize medical bills & tax papers

Spring Forward... What A Cruel, Cruel, Joke


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