Monday, March 9, 2009

Video Update

And yeah... I'm changing our bank accounts ASAP


Kiki said...

1. Lifelock, look into it, you guys might need that service.
2. Bat House, they eat the mosquitoes(sp?) and its cool at night to see them flying around. Just don't put it against your house, their poo(guano)(sp?) is you need that.

I swear on the bat house, when Ken and I would go to Austin,TX there were no mosquitos and every night a bajillion bats would fly out from under this bridge there and I swear they ate all the bugs in that was completely bug free.

Thank goodness you caught all that badness before anything awful happened...way to pay attention the your inner alarm!!!

Andrea said...

hey I can tesify to the bats Im from Austin and they absolutely eat up them damn mosquitos. and geez the hits keep coming with ya'll glad you caught it early!

Me, Myself and I said...

Glad you are enjoying the weather!. We have pouring rain (which IS better than snow) and tornados here.

Can't wait for summer!

Torey said...

Yikes. You guys can't win. Sorry.

Glad you got some good weather. We're stuck with pouring rain and flooding. Joy.

Your hair looks AWESOME!

julie said...

Mrs F, definitely talk with the bank about all of this and get different bank account numbers.

This predatory insurance co/agent pressured you at a time when you feel vulnerable. Can you imagine all of those old folks without internet and who are so trusting? They get totally scammed.

I am feeling very grateful for the health insurance we have. It is something I take for granted since we really don't need it in the same way as you do. Yet, I know I don't have to worry about it. I want that for you guys. I will keep thinking of you and hope that something pans out.

On a different note, I am such an emotional eater that if I were going through all that you have been the last last 6 months, I would have gained 20 pounds. I think you look fantastic.


Mrs Furious said...

I'd never heard of lifelock... I'm all over it.

And YES we saw those bats in Austin... and I was just saying to Mr F that we need a bat house (preferably on our neighbor's house ;)

Despite my rodent phobia... I am going to look into the bats.

Me, Myself & I,
Aw I actually miss the ran and tornados. There is something about it that makes the natural world seem more alive.

Thanks! :)

I have combo stress eating/forgetting to eat issues. If I'm really under the gun and have to get stuff done I don't eat... but then eat lots of dessert at the end of the day to make up for my missed calories. In the end I don't lose any weight... and just get back into bad night time habits.

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