Thursday, March 12, 2009

Light Bulb Moment

I've taken a serious hit to my life force the last couple of days. I can do what I have to but other than that I am dragging.

I go through this every once and awhile and I think I've finally made the connection.

During stressful times I thrive. Not that I enjoy it... but I deliver. I pull it together and get the stuff done. I don't need sleep, I don't necessarily remember to eat... or eat well. I am hyper focused on the situation at hand and problem solving.

I remember reading about migraine sufferers and how the alleviation of stress triggers migraines. That made sense to me but I didn't really project that onto my autoimmune issues. Until now.

I cleaned up the whole health insurance nightmare and settled on a plan on Tuesday. Dealing with this has been immensely stressful and consuming. I spent a full week focused on it.

The day after I finalized my decision I could barely get out of bed. I only managed to drag myself to the couch turn on the TV for Baby and promptly fell back to sleep. And I've been like that ever since. I feel like I'm pregnant (NOT) or have the flu. Remember a couple of months ago when I said I thought something was actually wrong with me? It's like that all over again.

And then I got it. It's like the migraines. While obviously it's well known that stress triggers autoimmune flare ups it never really occurred to me that it would show itself following the alleviation of stress.

I feel a little less crazy now. It's amazing what a difference it makes to have a *reason* for how you are feeling.

But still tired.


Slick Willie said...

a little work out may help

Ms. Flusterate said...

I understand completely and experience the SAME thing. When my schedule is insane and kids are crazy, I go into combat mode but when things ease up and there is time, I feel like I'm falling apart--needing a nap, dragging, headachy, un-involved mom....
I always thought it was just me that thrived on chaos! I don't like it but luckily my life is crazy so most of the time I feel pretty good!
Good luck...a workout definitely helps!

Renee said...

Love those light bulb moments..what you are experiencing really makes complete sense to me...hope you feel better soon and glad to hear that you got the insurance stuff figured out. Let's hope that even if it does make you more tired that the stress overload is behind you for a while-you DEFINITELY deserve a little less chaos and stress in your life!!!

Haley said...

Ugh, the post-stress migraine is the's like, "Ha! You thought the worst was over! Fool!" Makes total sense to me that your autoimmune issue would work along the same lines. Take care of yourself -- hope the little one lets you rest today.

PS. Keep your eye on the mailbox -- an itsy bitsy thing from me is on the way. Don't get overly excited -- it's super itsy bitsy. :)

Mrs Furious said...

seriously?! I'm excited.

Slick Willie,
you are probably right

Ms Flusterate,
you are NOT the only one... I thought I was ;)

thanks :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh! I get the same kind of thing... during Tech weeks I work 60+ hours, I'm tired a bit and grumpy, but totally pull it out "Work till 7? Shit, if we have to I"ll be here till 9" But the week after? All I do is sleep and drag through work... crazy.

I actually get my migraines generally BECAUSE of stress. Much less convenient.

Very interesting thinking about how all this stuff works isn't it?

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