Monday, March 9, 2009

This Week The Plan

Oh Good Fucking Grief... the insurance nightmare continues. This morning we got pressured into (read we are total spineless wimps) a whacky (read fraudulent) policy. I have since spent the day putting stops on our checks and debating whether or not I need to shut our account down since they have our social security numbers and a check with our routing & account numbers AND our freaking signatures. The *independent* agent was... um... lying and was actually a representative of Mega Life. An insurance policy that pays you a cash stipend every time you go to the hospital... sounded a little fishy... so I looked into it after he left. A simple google search will net you tons of horrifying info. Awesome.

So my insurance woes are not over... they have only gotten all the more dramatic and exhausting.

Onto this week... let's hope it goes better than last week...


Sunday - Quesadillas w/ avocado & salsa

Monday - Chinese Food (frozen)

Tuesday - Honey Orange Glazed Salmon w/ Green Beans & Sesame Rice

Wednesday - Salmon Noodle Casserole

Thursday - Ginger & Scallion Shrimp w/ Noodles

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Sunday - Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Diet & Exercise:
Well last week derailed my 7 days a week game plan. I'm back on it. Also my calorie range hasn't resulted in any weight loss so I'm thinking about lowering it a bit. But seeing as I'm probably not out of the woods, stress eating wise, I'm just going to give it another week where I'm at.

Errands & Chores:

Last week I started a 15 minute clean up before I made dinner with a 15 minute reading reward for Kid afterward. This made a huge difference so I'm sticking with that. My goal is to get my desk back in a place where I can maintain it everyday in 5 minutes. It'll take a fair amount of work to get it to that condition.

Sunday - grocery shopping

Monday - laundry, 30 min desk

Tuesday - put away laundry, 30 min desk

Wednesday - bathrooms, 30 min desk

Thursday - vacuum, 30 min desk

Saturday - finish desk & organize medical bills & tax papers


Renee said...

Oh my god, Mrs. F...I can't believe the string of bad luck you've had and I wish I had some words of wisdom but all I can muster is I'm so sorry.

The insurance stuff is indeed wacky and sounds like a least you figured it out for the scam it was....see my email regarding an ins. referral that may or may not be helpful. I'm sure you've already thought of this but can you not carry on w/ the same insurance Matt has had thru his company and just have the company take it out of his paycheck or is it too expensive?

Youngs Life said...

Mrs. F ...I am so sorry to hear about your luck. As a commercial banker I would probably recommend you compromising your account. I deal with a lot of fraud dealing with clients like your story, it may seem like a pain now but could save you in the long run.

wootini said...

How horrifying... but thank god for Google!!

Mrs Furious said...

Tell me about it! I'm trying to get a plan with the best possible coverage for Kid ($200/month with 1K deductible no co-insurance... the premium is due to her health stuff or it would normally be cheaper) and then something for the rest of us that covers Mr F's meds and isn't ridiculous. I'm trying to come in under what his company is offering. I can do it but JUST. His plan has been pretty awful anyway so I'd like to get out of it.

Youngs Life,
I was afraid of that. Thanks for letting me know. I'll work on changing that tomorrow.

Seriously! I wouldn't have had anyway to know otherwise.

Amy said...

We had mega for a long time. Lots of people in Maine do. High deductible, but not a scam (at least in my experience). They covered every single thing they said they would cover for us.

Amy said...

But we never had any kind of stipened or anything...just a straight up deductible.

Supermom said...


I hope that all is okay!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Well that is a relief. That makes me feel less like they are going to screw with me (hopefully)... although it wasn't a Mega Life policy... his card just said he was a ML rep. It was Midwest National. Maybe that's why it was so weird. Did you have to buy a weird assoc package for a whole bunch of discounts?

Amy said...

Oh, I don't know anything about Midwest National.
No, we didn't have to buy anything else. They'll try to sell you a membership to the National Association for the Self Employed, but we just said no and bought the insurance.
It always covered everything just the way they said it would (we had the rider for 2 apts a quater, vision, etc). But it was a high deductible, so it didn't help at all when I had that huge hospital bill from my miscarriage...but I knew I had the high deductible, so that was my fault, not theirs.
We cancelled the policy recently and they didn't give us any troube about it at all--stopped the auto deductions with no complications.
The agent did call us to see if we want to sign up again, but at this point, we don't.
From my experience they're a reputable company and I hope it works out for you..

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