Friday, March 13, 2009

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Turns out there is a very good reason Ma had Laura & Mary wear their hair in long braids at night.

If they threw up their hair wouldn't sweep rancid chunks of nastiness back up on their neck and back where they can't be seen... until... you search for the cause of the continuing odor.

Let's just say it was DISGUSTING.


P.O.M. said...

OMG. What is wrong???? Are you feeling better?

I just blogged that I was DECLINED for health insurance? WTF? I am thinking I have to do something like Kaiser now. What are you guys diong???

Mrs Furious said...

It's funny you wrote this... I'm online researching plans RIGHT NOW. We are in the underwriting process with United Healthcare. But they have called about 5 times to clarify our stuff and I'm not going to be surprised if we are denied or if they raise our quote price through the roof.

We can continue at Mr F's work with their plan if we pay for it. Healthy people should be able to beat their price but I'm starting to think we might not qualify.

Kid threw up not me. I have no idea what is wrong with her. She throws up WAY more than a normal kid.

Kiki said...

Oh. No. Is she staying home today?? What's going on? Maybe she has a "funny tummy", not in a "ha ha" way!!

I braid my hair at night because it keeps the tangles at bay..

{{hugs}} to Kid, good luck with the insurance, I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!!

Haley said...

Poor little peanut -- hope she's feeling better soon!

Robin said...

Ewwww, sorry about that.

"I have no idea what is wrong with her. She throws up WAY more than a normal kid." I was like this. I threw up all the time. I just had (have) a sensitive tummy. To this day if I stay up too late, my tummy hurts. I have no idea why. Fortunately, I have outgrown the throwing up part, but it's not unusual for me to be nauseous for no good reason. Emetrol is a lifesaver!! It's an anti-nausea medicine. You can get it OTC at the pharmacy. Cherry flavor is the best. It works and tastes better than Pepto. Pepto always made me throw up.

Hope she's feeling better.

Renee said...

Oh G-R-O-S-S! I can handle the other end but cleaning up vomit makes me do the same-ugh-so sorry Kid isn't feeling well. You definitely had it worst than me...husband is traveling for the entire month and I've had both kids sleeping with me and woke up at 3am to a wet bed-son had an accident-FUN (I can't be but so upset because these episodes are few and far between but of course it would happen when he's in my bed!)

I have a whole new respect for single parents!!!!

julie said...

oh boy.

what a way to start the day.

wootini said...

Ick... My son also threw up at the drop of a hat for what seemed like an eternity. He's a lot better now that he's 8.

Loved the reference to Ma Ingalls!

I have a funny little story for you - we're making Furious Family Pizza tonight, and so I had the directions from your post printed out & on the counter. My daughter (age 5) saw the photo of Baby and said "oh look, a little girl helping. Who is she?". To which I replied, "Baby Furious, she is Mrs. Furious' little girl."

Lydia then said: "Is Mrs. Furious famous? She sure does have a lot of videos!"

Hope Kid is feeling ok now!

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! You can tell her I'm only famous in my own mind ;)

she's in fine spirits but running a fever... which is actually a relief to me since it means it's just a virus.

word to that.

and 1 month?!! Yowza.

I'm writing it down right now! I think she is just prone to puke like you say. Poor kid she's got bad luck in the digestive dept.


Nutmeg said...

POM, Mrs. F.... this is totally freaking me out right now. I doubt we'll ever have to apply for private health insurance (assuming mark can always get a job, medical practices tend to think insurance isn't a luxury.) But looking at people who are getting declined we have NO CHANCE at being insured.

Mark has MS, I have a neuropathic pain syndrome and three of us have severe asthma requiring multiple daily medicines (mark's ms medicine is 2K a month)! I'm pretty sure even *I* wouldn't insure us.

We have insurance, but it is pretty crappy for people who have to go to specialists a lot because specialists co-pays are HIGH... they are barely lower than what just paying for a visit yourself would cost you.

Mrs. F.... hope things work out. I hope things work out for everyone.

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah it has been a nightmare. I can get us insured but not for a lower price than the companies premium rates.
Mr F's meds made his a higher rate and Kid's history made her a higher rate. Oh and my butt... didn't help since it's an *active* injury.
Like you said... I wouldn't insure Kid... she has a pretty good chance of incurring serious costs. Which is of course why I was trying to get her her own policy with the lowest deductible.
But in the end I came in just under Mr F's work premiums... and since those are pretax... they are actually cheaper.
When Kid was healthy and Mr F wasn't on meds we had insurance for our family for $350/month. It would be double that now for a much higher deductible.
Mr F's policy sucks at work BUT it's pretax, and I've already been contributing to the deductibles this year. Our specialist co-pay is $60.

Robin said...

Mrs. F -
You may realize this, but just in case...You can itemize medical expenses on your income tax. Anything you pay over 7.5% (or something like that) of your income is tax dedcutible. I know we'll be going over that this year with my dental crap, so I have started a spread sheet to track my expenses. You can count copays, prescriptions, mileage, tolls, glasses. It really adds up.

The year we did my first round of crazy expensive dental stuff, we got a huge tax return.

Elizabeth said...

You are TOTALLY famous on the internet!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you. We do save everything and add it up... this year... we are a frustrating $300 below our 7.5%!! Arrgh!! I'm actually done with the taxes but holding off on submitting until I've gone through everything with a fine tooth comb because I will find that $300+ if it kills me! ;)


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