Friday, June 1, 2012

Updates of All Kinds... (possibly of zero interest)

#1  It's June 1st and I turned the heat on.  

#2 This cat is too big for this box.

#3  I think, despite my fears that I may have scared them off with my unbridled zaniness, that I may have made a new friend.  Like a potential real friend.  

#4 Eustace Conway... he's a maniac.  Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert was a good read.  I felt like she managed to really give a good full scope portrayal of his personality.  If you are interested in biographies check it out.  Also I think there is a History Channel show featuring him coming out soon.  

#5  Mr F and I have started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  It's no Lost, but there are 76 episodes, so that's something.  I'm into the young qb's storyline and the coach & wife, we're also into despising the sponsor/car dealer guy, but unfortunately Minka Kelly is not a good actress and her plot lines are unbelievable... plus it disturbs me when grown ups play teenagers.  So the jury's still out.  

#6 Here are the girls "Fighting for Jesus!" in their new school uniforms.  Kid has a very tongue in cheek sense of humor about attending a religious school. She can be really, really funny.  She gets it.... understands what we believe and don't believe, and is comfortable with the compromise.  She is also super comfortable playing the role of a religious kid, much to her own amusement.  (Did I mention she had me buy her a personalized Bible?) 

#7 Baby is less subtle with her opinions.  While we were out to eat the other night she yelled out "Lutherans are losers!" Later she explained, "Well, they are losers, they don't believe that gay people can get married."  (proudest parenting moment around here, FYI) We're also working on the frequency with which she takes the Lord's name in vain.  For all of her cuteness she has a bit of rebel in her.  Hopefully she won't start smoking on the playground.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weather Report

"Here in Michigan,

there is extreme cold in winter

and extreme hot in summer,

which is a perfect combination of...

 Hell "

 Kid remarks.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sneak Peek

Sometime last weekend, when we were driving out of town, the thought occurred to me.

Blue, it said.

Yeah, why not? Why do we have to stick with the somewhat predictable moss green (or taupes, browns) that so many with these 60s ranches with tan ORANGE brick use.

Sure, it's a reliably good, updated look.

But it isn't interesting.

At first Mr F was a bit skeptical.

No, no, it has to be the right kind of a dark kind of grayish blue, I assured him.

One of the greatest ironies in our relationship is that I'm always better at colors.

But we were scared.

So we still thought maybe moss green.

Then we saw the chip.

Gale Force

I didn't even notice the name or take in it's significance until we were home.

But sweet baby jesus, it's perfect.

It looks great with the brick, but doesn't sell out.  It's a real color.

It's bold.

Our house is set way back up a hill, and it is barely noticeable at the street...

so it can stand a little bold paint choice.

We're framing it off with a dark taupe-y brown (not red brown ya know).

So all the trim, gutters, soffits, window trim, walkway railings, etc will be in the brown.

People, it's going to be a real facelift.

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