Monday, May 28, 2012

Weather Report

"Here in Michigan,

there is extreme cold in winter

and extreme hot in summer,

which is a perfect combination of...

 Hell "

 Kid remarks.


Kelly said...

Bahahaha! That Kid is a genius. Her observation made my morning :)

Smitty said...

Mrs F:

WAY off-topic, I know, but I told you I'd report at the end of Insanity.

I have completed the Insanity workout. I have lost 24 pounds, starting at 219 and ending at 195. I have 5 more pounds to reach my target weight of 190; my goal was to hit that by August. I think I'll make it. My Day 63 "fit test" results were at least double my results in each exercise/category than they were Day 1.

My gods, I fit in clothes that haven't fit me in a year or two. I have now *doubled* my collection of suits for work!

I am abut to talk Mrs Smitty into start 10 Minute Trainer, from the same company that does P90X and Insanity. It appears to be scaled-back P90/Insanity that you can do in 10-minute increments, exercising different muscle groups/exercises (i.e. 10 min/day, or 2x0 mi, 3x10 min, etc...they are "stackable").

I took yesterday off. Back to the gym today, back to Crossfit training. I still gots 5 pounds to shed!

Mrs Furious said...

awesome. Let me know if you do convince Mrs Smitty to do it, then report back! 10 mins? Maybe Mr F would even consider that...

-amy said...

Personally, I have a hard time appreciating Tony Horton. He was so annoying on P90X to the point that I (who love every form of exercise except 'dancercize') hated working out. He was too long-winded and boring, also the workouts had too many breaks and weren't challenging.

If you love your wife, you many not want to inflict Tony Horton on her unless you want to see her cursing under her breath at the poor production value and lack of real, challenging exercise.

(I did hear that Insanity is better than P90X in that it is more cardio focused, but after spending so much on P90X, I'll stay with Jillian Gilad and Cathe.

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