Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure You Didn't Have To Be There....

"When I grow up I might want to study cats." Kid announces this morning while playing with Tiger.

"In particular male and female cats." She adds.

"Especially males because I find their penises extremely interesting." She clarifies.

"In fact, I find all penises extremely interesting." She concludes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things You Missed

And just because blue is her color (and because she deserves a mention too for surviving a day full of honoring her younger sister...ahh the torture!)...

Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Her Birthday, Yo!

The absolute first thing she did this morning was tear off her PJs and put on something a bit more fitting for the occasion...

Last night, after Baby was in bed, Kid and I worked our decorating magic...
We put streamers and balloons all over the house, starting with Baby's doorway and leading all the way to the table.

We bought this monkey cupcake fabric to top our table and some cute reusable plates and cups for the table.

She seemed to enjoy it...

First gift of the day...

And now we're off to see Tangled!

Oh and this is what happens when you let your 4 year old design their own cake...

It wasn't easy to incorporate the requested angel, bride, roses and Kit Kats... but I did it.

Oh, and it's strawberry cake inside... so... high potential for nasty I'm guessing.

First thing she said when she saw it?...

"Where is the teddy bear?"

I'm sorry, folks, but I pretended not to hear the "teddy bear" request the first time round.

I mean... angel, bride, roses, and Kit Kats posed enough of challenge without the bear.

So I said "Oh...I'm sorry... I'll have to put that on your next cake."

Thankfully, she is easily distracted.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joy Giveaway Part 3

aka.... At Long Last... SUCCESS!

Things have definitely gotten off to a rocky start with this whole project. I have spent more than a little time questioning my mission and whether or not giving $5 away every week is actually going to accomplish it.

We're supposed to be more joyful.

Not annoyed and slightly pissed off.

Which I 100% was after the first giveaway.

And just frustrated after the 2nd.

Well, you know what they say...

Third time is the charm?

I still had another $5 Target card I had purchased when I gave Mariah Carey hers (or tried to). Kid and I had to go to Target today for some b'day goods for Baby anyway, and I thought no time like the present. But, truth be told, after 2 failed Target missions I was feeling pretty leery about it.

We stopped into Famous Footwear, in the same plaza, since my boots are leaking water now. And it was empty.

And I'm figuring... Famous Footwear girl... you make minimum wage. You are nice and friendly... and there is no one here to tell you you can't keep a gift card. Plus Target is next door... and you can definitely spend this. I'm sure you go over to get your snack at break anyway. (Yes all that was said in my head).

And so, after a failed try of boots, I gave it to her. This time NO envelope. Just the card on it's little card stock where I wrote in the amount and on the To/From lines I just wrote "Happy Happy". I asked her if she could keep it, and she said "Yep!". She was really excited and happy. She thanked us several times. I could tell it totally made her day.

So that was great.

Finally a successful transaction!

I'm still one week behind... but I'm taking care of that tonight.

I've got an idea.

Stay tuned.

Oh and while brushing her teeth, Baby leaned her head into the hallway and yelled...

"Tomorrow's my birthday, Yo!"
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