Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perfect Delivery

"Are you farting" Mr F asked Kid.

"No." Kid replied incredulously.

"It's okay if you are I just want to be sure she isn't going to poop in her pants." Mr F explained holding a diaper-less Baby in his lap.

Kid looked him in the eye and replied...

"The one who smelt it is the one who dealt it."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Believe It

She didn't show up to pay me.

At 3:30 I sent this email...

Dear &%*$&,

In order for me to keep your daughter’s spot, you need to pay me in full Monday morning and thereafter pay me the full rate. From now on I will expect to be paid in full at the end of each day. I am committed to providing excellent care, with a low ratio of children, at a very reasonable rate. Because of that I currently have a waiting list of children who are looking for a spot in my home. It is impossible for me to hold a low rate spot for someone who hasn't committed to paying me promptly.

Mrs F

She called me one minute later and said she'd rush to the bank. Over and hour later she came with the money and said "I wish you had just called me earlier, I had it all along." What the fuck? It is my responsibility to call you and remind you that you said you'd pay me today? That's after you said you'd pay me yesterday and forgot. I do not think so. I just stood there with a quizzical look on my face. Then she said "So are we at $7 and hour now?" And I said "Yep." And she said "Just for one mistake? I'm not usually like this, this week has just been crazy." And I said "I have a waiting list of people who can pay me the full rate. I don't know you and within the first week of watching your child you failed to pay me twice." She had a pissed look on her face. Oh did I fail to mention that she is about 6 feet tall and I'm the size of a twelve year old (a short one at that)? I hate that dynamic when trying to stand up for myself. I should have pulled a chair over and stood on it first. So that's that. She left and I'm now getting my full rate and due to an awesome stroke of luck she messed up and I was able to raise the rate legitimately based on her own negligence. And I'm pretty sure she won't be sticking around for long... anyone who fails to pay twice and then blames me is probably going to fuck up again real soon. I'll take her money for now but I won't be too sorry to see her go.

Bitch Fest Friday

Have at it my friends.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small Triumphs

It's only 9:30 and I feel like I've put in a full day's work already. Putting two babies down (multiples parents know this well) is kinda tricky. But I did it. Hopefully things will get easier as this new baby gets used to being here. I found out this morning that both babies are ALWAYS going to be here on the same days (previously I thought they'd only overlap one day a week). That's going to be a little rough for me. They are 5 months apart but both crawling/scooting/cruising. So they are both into EVERYTHING. I can't turn around without finding one of them in the recycling, bathroom, craft cabinet, etc. It's time to wash off the Supergate and bring it in and corral these babies!

On other fronts I wanted to say... hang in there readers...I know things are boring around here in their honest report of my daily life... what can I do?... it's literally all I've got. Soon I'm going to start getting this year's Christmas boxes ready... so maybe you can look forward to that. I've been thinking about what to include and will be sharing those thoughts as I finalize them. I'll also try and get a giveaway going for a box or two... but... no promises... things are a little hectic around here right now.

Oh I also wanted to say, to those of you who need encouragement... I'm still working out. I'm also still making 21 meals a week but that's another issue entirely. I think if I can do it and find the time to workout every day then anyone can. I know what it's like to think you don't have enough time or energy left... or if you can find an hour (or half) it's not how you want to spend it... or that you deserve a rest. I know. Believe me. But I also know that it's possible to push through it. And if you don't and you give in... you'll feel just as tired (if not more) AND badly about yourself to boot. My current goal is 45-65 minutes a day (2/3 cardio, 1/3 strength) EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm not beating myself up when I can't get down there but I average 5-6 days a week. I actually find I workout more when I don't put a limit like "5 days" on myself. For some reason just saying "I'm going to try to do this daily" I find less stressful than a specific amount. I don't sabotage at all anymore, I just accept that sometimes life gets in the way, and I don't feel like I failed to meet an arbitrary goal and then let that disappointment spiral like I used to. (It's entirely possible I'm just too tired to sabotage too). I'm not trying to change my body right now and this amount allows me to maintain without worrying about my food intake... which is my preferred scenario (especially over the holidays).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taking The Day

Things seem to be sorting themselves out. I now have 4 kids that I am officially watching. 2 infants and 2 two year olds. Somedays (like Friday) I'll be working from 8 AM until 9 PM (I'm trying not to think about that too much). The good news is that it appears that I'll actually end up having Wednesdays free (mostly)... which is a huge mental health saver. Not just the break itself... but the knowing that I'll have a break. It's making me feel like I can make it through. I can handle anything for 2 days in a row (6 kids?!! hopefully I really can handle it!).

So, today, I really focused on Baby and took her to the library story time, and had a living room tea party, and read books, and played doctor, and snuggled. It made me feel better.

I really need to make sure I'm meeting my own personal goals... of being present for my kids, working out, and enjoying the small moments of my life... if the sitting gets in the way of those goals then I don't think it is worth the financial gain. You know? It only negates the financial stress if it doesn't cause even more stress in more life areas. So I'm going to take this one day at a time and reevaluate in January.

On other fronts I've become increasingly aware that Kid has some new issues (or progressed issues) and that we need to start getting her some help. This is another reason I wish we were not here but in a place with better pediatric specialists... and that we had better insurance. It's not something I'm totally ready to talk about but it's stressful and disappointing (not the exact right word but close) and I'm sad. Maybe that's the right word. I'm sad that she has not been able to have a *normal* life and that she might not ever have a *normal* life. And I'm sorry that she just got a bad deal when it came to genetics and brain development. I'm trying to focus on the fact that she is doing well and is happy. But I also know that it's my responsibility to get her the treatment she needs and that ignoring her symptoms doesn't make them go away.

So that's all. I'm not sure what's going to happen with the blog. We'll see.

Tomorrow I've got two babies coming... that should be interesting.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not So Patiently Waiting

I got this advent calendar at Starbucks 2 years ago for about $9 (It was marked down from $16 even though it wasn't after the 1st... weird). This year I spent $9 bucks on 3 bags of Christmas candy and was able to fill them all up and still have ample provisions stashed away for an emergency... like the one I'm having right now... that only 5 9 candy cane kisses can fix.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Promised...

I used the random number generator site... and out of 8 (that's it??!!! what the heck people?... we're talking about FREE iTunes here!) the winner is...

Number 1

Smoochiefrog send me your snail mail and I'll get it out to you!

P.S. We're back.

Last Chance

If you want a $10 iTunes card you better start spilling...

The drawing will be at 8.
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